The crown chakra or Sahasrara is the seventh chakra of our system and is located at the top of the head. Due to its location, Sahasrara is often associated with the functions of the brain and the nervous system.

In the Hindu tradition, it is represented by a lotus flower with 1,000 petals, which is why it is also described as the Crown Chakra.

The crown chakra coordinates all other energy centers and is the ruler of all chakras and meridians. Therefore, the color associated with Sahasrara is a glossy white, silver and gold, often represented on a purple background. The attitudes and feelings related to this energy are dignity, healing, self-esteem, spirituality and high consciousness.

When the crown chakra opens, we gain the ability to see polarities and the reality beyond them (e.g. good/bad, right/wrong, etc.), and recognize the potential of everything that surrounds us.

As Sahasrara opens up more and more, we become more reflective, spiritual and connected to the needs of our souls. Moreover, we are more receptive to other people’s emotions and will approach situations with a superior degree of understanding. This way, we reach in a short time the wisdom that comes from the challenges experienced throughout life.

How Does the Crown Chakra Manifest When It Is Closed?

From a physiological point of view, a blocked Sahasrara manifests through headaches, migraines, weak memory, nervous system imbalances, poor coordination, fatigue, low vision and sore throat or ear tingling. However, it is important to remember that in some cases, these symptoms may be caused by other factors and are not always the effect of a dysfunctional crown chakra. For this reason, it is recommendable to seek medical advice.

On the other hand, the emotional aspect of one’s life is also profoundly affected by a flawed crown chakra. The common symptoms are sadness or anxiety episodes without any obvious reason, lack of desire to communicate and stubborn rejection of the ideas of others.

Moreover, one does not get involved in the lives of loved ones and often feels s/he is a spectator of their own life where things are done without control and direction. These often lead to isolation and a sense of spiritual disconnection.

What Blocks the Crown Chakra?

1. Shallow Relationships

The fear of being socially isolated drives many of us to accept people in our lives that may not be beneficial to our spiritual growth. Thus, we lower our standards and change our perspectives on life. As a result, we tolerate behaviors that do not match our personality in order to maintain a connection with the people around us.

This should change. If you are surrounded by selfish and toxic people who seem to leave you emotionally drained, then it is more likely that they are an obstacle to your spiritual growth.

2. Fear of Change

Change equals challenge and a step out of the comfort zone. It challenges our barriers and promotes our growth, even though the process may cause discomfort or fear.

Whatever may worry you, you should discover ways that will help you evolve and overcome fear.

3. Repressed Emotions

The modern society continues motivating us to adopt a positive thinking and approach when facing challenges or dealing with people of a different character. Although this is highly essential in keeping a balanced spiritual energy, we often forget that sadness and anger are normal feelings too.

We often tend to think that being overly critical or making negative remarks are signs of a problematic soul with limited understanding. In reality, repressing emotions can have severe effects on your emotional and mental well-being, leaving you depressed, angry and unhappy.

4. Ego

Our spirit is in continuous search for fulfillment, wishing to serve its purpose and give love, care and kindness.

On the other hand, our ego strives for earthly conditions and rewards, such as luxury, social affirmation, personal style, or attention. A life filled with these materialistic and selfish matters give us only a temporary relief. We ignore and block our soul’s desire of expressing its needs or fulfill its purpose.

How to Heal the Crown Chakra?

We now know what obstacles may prevent a proper functioning of the crown chakra. Let’s explore the steps we should take to heal our spiritual energy:

1. Reconnect with Yourself

Define what you need in your life, listen to your soul’s needs and your intuition will guide you. But in order to hear your inner voice clearer, you should remove all the negativity around you. It may be coming from toxic relationships, stressful career, unspoken thoughts or repressed emotions.

Another option would be to focus on your hobbies as they can be great healing methods.

2. Surround Yourself with Beauty

Whether it is music, nature or art, you should nurture your soul with objects that do not reflect the materialistic world we live in today.

Have longer walks in nature or listen to classical music that brings you tranquility and helps you reconnect with yourself.

3. Do Kind Acts

Scientifically speaking, researchers found that 95% of people who do random acts of kindness feel happier with themselves and more optimistic about life. Moreover, they also have a lower blood pressure and less anxiety!

Why is that? We are created to care for one another and the unhappiness of others becomes our unhappiness.

4. Pray & Meditate

Since we are talking about a spiritual chakra, perhaps the most effective way to equilibrate its energy is to pray or meditate (depending on your spiritual beliefs).

In the end, our spirit’s goal is to remain connected to the Higher Energy. We can make that happen through prayers, reflective thinking and meditation such as yoga or reiki.

Have you previously experienced or are experiencing a blocked crown chakra? Please share with us your journey and what options support you in the healing process!



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