Emotional sensitivity can be hard to bear, however, used wisely, it can be a superpower that can change your life in amazing ways.

Sensitivity can make life feel difficult. Emotionally sensitive people feel others’ emotions, can be compulsive people-pleasers, are easily hurt and can be manipulated into putting others’ needs before their own. They sometimes fail to fulfill their own dreams because they fear that if they do anything for themselves they will let those that rely on them down.

However, with a change in viewpoint, some healthy boundaries and good self-care, it is possible to be emotionally sensitive and live a fulfilling and happy life. Emotionally sensitive people can enjoy great relationships, satisfying work and health and vitality.

Here’s how to turn your emotional sensitivity into a superpower:

1. Make space in your life for you

You only get one chance with your life. Therefore, it is essential to make sure you use your time for your own needs, dreams, and desires. This doesn’t mean you never help others but that you value your own potential and use it to make a difference. The added advantage of doing this is that you will actually be better able to help others when you are happy, enthusiastic and fulfilled.

2. Surround yourself with those who share your values

Emotionally sensitive people are very open to the energy of other people. This can be bad if you allow others negativity or sadness to bring you down. But on the plus side, if you trust your intuition about others, you can eliminate damaging people from your life and surround yourself with those who lift you up and encourage you instead.

Keeping your vibration high, by being careful who you spend time with will bring great things into your life.

3. Protect your energy

Being emotionally sensitive means you can read others well. If you follow your intuition, you can work out who is using you and means you harm. You can then eliminate these people from your life without guilt.

You must also ensure that you don’t use all your energy to help others. This is not always what is best for them – they need to learn to fix their own lives. Of course, there will be people in your life who value your insights. It is worth sharing your time with these people instead of wasting it on those who will use you and never move towards growth.

4. Be a creator instead of a victim

When we refuse to take responsibility for our own lives, we give up our power to change. When we accept responsibility change becomes possible. Everything in existence started with a thought – change your thoughts and you will change your life. Use your emotional depth and creativity to visualize the life you want to live every day.

5. Learn from your emotions

Our emotions can guide us to where we need to be in life. While being emotionally sensitive is sometimes painful, it can become a superpower when we let those emotions teach and guide us. Good emotions point to what you want more of and negative emotions help guide you away from things that are not right for you.

Rather than repressing emotions, or drowning them out with alcohol and TV, investigate them and see what they have to teach you.

6. Relish good feelings

Emotionally sensitive people feel pleasure deeply as well as pain. Make time to fully savor pleasurable feelings, such as enjoying time in nature, spent with a loved one or a delicious meal.

Negative experiences and feelings stick in our minds more easily than positive ones. To balance this, write, draw or photograph these good experiences to fix them in your memory.

Consider starting a gratitude journal and writing down three things each day you are grateful for to help you focus on the positive in your life.

7. Use your emotional gifts

Emotionally sensitive people understand other really well. This makes them great in all caring professions as long as they make time for themselves and have good boundaries. Sensitive people also make great artists. They can distil human experience into a piece of work that speaks to others.

In addition, sensitive people often have great attention to detail. This can make them really useful members of a team. Make the most of these superpowers, in your work, a side hustle, volunteering, hobbies and relationships.

So, when you feel your emotional sensitivity is making life hard, remember to use it as a superpower. Make time for you and your dreams, surround yourself with those who share your values and put your gifts to use in creating the life of your dreams while helping others along the way.

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