You probably never thought quotes would actually have the ability to make you feel better when you’re feeling sad. Surprisingly, like dark music, they help quite a bit!

Have you noticed how your mind gravitates toward melancholic music when you’re sad? It’s strange, isn’t it? Well, the same thing happens with feeling sad quotes and other catchy, yet dark, statements. Believe or not, “drowning your sorrows” proves to be quite a useful medication in times of sorrow. For some, positive vibes work, for others the dark side works much better! It’s true.

Well, let’s slow down for a moment and analyze this further. Maybe sad quotes aren’t so much evil and dark. They just seem to act as a friend who understands, a friend who just listens without judgment. If the sad little quote was human it could relate to our sorrow, right? That’s right!

Quotes you can relate to when feeling sad 

Millions of people struggle and encounter heartbreak and loss every day, and even though some rather grow stronger through more positive influence, there’s nothing wrong with facing your darkness. Without a further inspection, I want to share a few quotes and my own interpretation of these statements. I hope these can show you that you’re not alone in your sadness.

“Nothing is sadder than the death of an illusion”

-Arthur Koestler

Can you imagine, better yet, can you remember when the dream ended? I don’t mean the dream you had while sleeping. Rather, I mean the life you lived that you thought was perfect.

There is nothing worse than having everything you want and then realizing that all or a portion of that lifestyle was a lie. Maybe the life is over and there were things that weren’t as they seemed. It’s one of the worst places to start when rebuilding your life. The good news is, every time this happens, you grow wiser.

“Some people are going to leave, but that’s not the end of your story. That’s the end of your part in their story.”

-Faraaz Kazi

Life hasn’t ended when someone leaves, it’s only changed. Don’t let heartbreak or grief decide that there isn’t anything interesting left in your story. Life has much more for you than a small selection of friends and loved ones.

Not to sound cold, but your life is about your dreams and accomplishments. You were born alone and you will die that way as well. Did someone leave? Then it’s time to write another chapter.

“For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, “It might have been.”

-John Greenleaf Whittier

Nothing makes a lonely winter night quite as dismal as the thought of what might have been. Regrets these are your worst enemies. You may wish you had asked a certain person out in high school, you may wish you had forgiven a friend, or you may simply wish you had been more financially successful.

But you know what, regrets are pointless, and they are the saddest musings of the human mind.

“I felt like this was never going to end. The world wasn’t going to stop crashing down until there was nothing left of me but dust.”

-Keary Taylor

Those moments when everything seems to go wrong are the times you feel like giving up. It seems impossible that so many negative things could be happening all at once.

But the thing is, it can, and it’s not so strange. You’re just noticing these things a bit more than on other days. In all actuality, there’s a fair amount of trouble almost every day.

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”


I’ve never liked the criticism of those who don’t understand things like depression or anxiety. These disorders are so difficult to deal with that it’s no wonder some people barely get anything done.

Did you know that living really is one of the most difficult things to do, much less getting everything done every day? I speak from experience.

“That is all I want in life: for this pain to feel purposeful.”

-Elizabeth Wurtzel

If life must hurt so much, then please let it be for a greater purpose, you know. We all hope that our suffering and hard work will have a reason and provide help for someone else, thus making their lives easier. This is what we hope, and it’s a positive way to look at the dark days.

“I want to be happy, but something inside me screams that I do not deserve it”


There are some people who feel so horrible that they cannot even accept being happy. Maybe they have done something so bad that they won’t allow happiness to dwell in their lives. They really do feel as though they do not deserve any better than what they have.

The truth is, we all deserve to be happy, no matter how we see ourselves.

“People don’t die from suicide, they die from sadness.”


When someone chooses to end their life, that choice is not what kills them. It’s the sadness that dwells within that has taken control. Depression, for instance, is an illness which takes away the willpower to live.

So when you get ready to judge someone for suicide or attempted suicide, please reconsider your stance on the topic.

There really is a light at the end of the tunnel

Before you fall into a slump this afternoon, let me elaborate a bit on why I included these particular quotes. Yes, these are quotes about feeling sad, lonely and pessimistic, but they are also quotes that reach out to comfort you and quell your loneliness.

Although your life may be shrouded in darkness, there is a twinkling light of hope. Never give up, no matter how bad it may get. Many of us have been in the same melancholy trap, and yet, we still keep trying.

I send my love and hope to you all.



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  1. Don

    Perhaps mostly, a person who is used to sadness can truly appreciate what you have written. Uplifting quotes are feel good candy, these are truths of deep feeling which validate real life in times of need. There is a quote saying happiness cannot be realized without having known sadness, these sayings help to understand sadness is also a journey and can give a lesson in understanding where we have been. A beautiful article, really – another one I will keep.

    1. Sherrie

      Thank you for reading, Don.

      I always appreciate the time you take to leave a few words here. Be blessed.

  2. Chris

    I sometimes feel like a wounded, fantasy beast; roaring desperately as I flail down into the achy black oblivion. Another is feeling like I’m just unable to grab the tendrils of ‘normal’ life.

    I know those might sound a bit weird, but I’m being abstract.

    I often feel like a pillar of salt forming and collapsing over and over again.

    There’s a macabre remark (well, it’s not macabre to me) I read a little while ago that went something like: “The truth of the world is death”.

    But yeah – just putting my thoughts out there. Apologies if that last one is too dark, or something.

    1. Sherrie


      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s quite alright to feel dark and be in touch with that side of yourself. The last four or five days, I have been drowning in darkness. I have barely left my bed, only to use the restroom or get something to drink. My only motivation has been writing or watching a sitcom that I love. However, I do know that it will get better. I have been through these cycles on many occasions and I have learned how to survive.

      Basically, I thank you for reading and I hope that something you read can help you and give you strength to find your light in the darkness.

      1. Chris

        Thank you, Sherrie, for being so lovely and generous. And thank you for being so talented at describing all the emotions we feel.

  3. Zahid

    Nice post, thanks for sharing

    1. Sherrie

      And thank you for reading. I hope these help. 🙂

  4. ononymous

    Thank you for putting these quotes out there for people to see. It helps people to realize that there is a way out of the darkness. It pulls them out and into the light to see that there still is good in this world.

    1. Sherrie

      Yes, there still is light in the world and good. Thank you for reading.

  5. Moazzam Ali

    thanks Sherrie

    This is the quotes which represent my heart feeling.

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