If you want to find your calling and don’t know where to start, here are five practical recommendations to help you out.

Many are the times when we are usually confused about our preferences, potential and passion in life. Your calling in life may be that fundamental thing that you know since you were born, or simply something that you discover over time.

Somebody who has wished to be a doctor or an engineer since their childhood years and ends up being so can be considered fortunate enough to discover their passion at such tender age carrying it all the way with them.

Still, the majority of people don’t know what their calling is. It might take a lifetime for them to discover this. In the movie 3 idiots, Farhan Qureshi is forced by his father to do engineering yet his passion is photography. His friend advises him to follow his passion and excellence will automatically follow him. Your passion is the most important thing in your life, especially when choosing your career.

The following are five ways that will help you to find your calling and detect your potential in life:

1. Trace What Your Childhood Dreams Were

Lupita Nyong’o said that our dreams are valid. It may seem like a joke but our childhood dreams are valid in discovering our passion and potential. You have heard children talking about what they want to be in the future.

Personally, I had a childhood dream of becoming a mathematician which I have followed passionately. This December, I will be crowned an economics and statistics degree in Kenya. Your current job or circumstance cannot prevent you from achieving your childhood goals.

If you really had a passion in a certain field, you can look for all alternatives to ensure that your dreams come true. Ask yourself if you still have that ambition of becoming the person you ever wished to become and take a step of faith in believing that it’s not too late to achieve it. If you still find it worth, go for it.

2. Ask Yourself Whether You Are Happy in The First Place

Most people are usually unhappy in their places of work and passionately hate their jobs. Lack of otherwise makes them do the job anyway to earn themselves a living. If somebody comes up with a better alternative, you are sure never to find them in their place of work.

It is, therefore, critical to understanding the reason why you are unhappy about your job and take an appropriate step of looking for another alternative. You must understand the specific things that you don’t like in your current situation such as work position, salary schedule, and workmates among other factors.

Ask yourself questions like if this better, ‘would I find happiness in this job? If I had this, would it be too difficult for me to accomplish this task?’ Such questions will help you find your calling and know where to look for alternatives.

3. Find Out What You Usually Do at Ease and Perfectly

When you are in the right place, you will always find it easier to accomplish certain tasks comfortably without forcing yourself. To find your calling, you must gauge the activities that you are usually involved in and which you find easy doing.

You can easily understand this by weighing the results of your work and listening to what other people say about your work. Their comments and compliments about your perfection in a certain field will aid you to discover what you can achieve if you specialize in that particular field. For instance, Bogdan Alin Ota is one of the best pianists in the world.

At a very tender age, he could watch other pianists playing piano and had that passion since he was a young boy. He started practicing and found out that he could play the piano at ease. Even his parents were surprised at how well he could play the piano. He followed his calling, and today, he is one of the most successful pianists of this century.

4. Ask Yourself What You Would Do If You Won Millions of Money in A Game

If for instance, you win 100 million dollars today, would still continue with your current occupation? What would be the first thing to come to your mind on how to spend the money? Would you achieve what you ever wished to achieve with that money?

Those are some of the questions you should ask yourself to establish what you really have a passion for doing. Most people think that just because they don’t have enough money, their dreams cannot be realized.

This perception is the greatest enemy of progress in your life. If a certain idea pops into your mind on what to do if you had enough capital, that might be the area of your calling and you should think about how to achieve it.

If you really have a passion for achieving something, money cannot be a setback as there are a thousand and one ways to raise it. Many organizations are established to help those with ideas to realize their dreams.

5. Weigh Your Most Successful Fields

Obviously, everybody excels in certain areas than others. What you had earlier done that brought you great success might be what you solely need to find your calling and realize your potential.

Gauge each and every activity that you have ever engaged in and write down the areas where you excelled most. If you are employed in an organization, ask yourself, in which department you were most productive. List down the rewards that you got in each and every activity you were earlier engaged in and select the ones where you feel attracted to most.

These experiences are some of the indicators of your potential and pinpoint the things you should be doing every now and then for living a happy and dream oriented life.

It should be clearly understood that nobody should ever choose your passion for you. It’s only you who can identify your passion and what you enjoy doing most. The above tips are some of the few guidelines that you should consider to help you find your calling and potential and with that, the sky will be the lower limit.

Follow your calling and excellence will automatically follow you.

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