“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” 
– Goethe

The quest for inspiration and self-improvement has evolved into an entire industry unto itself, with authors, public speakers and various celebrity profiles establishing healthy and extremely wealthy careers based on inspiring people to reach out and touch their dreams.

This is due to the fact that within the depths of each human soul, there exists an aching for a more meaningful and fulfilling existence, for a career as opposed to just a job, an exciting marriage as opposed to just a habitual relationship and a life packed full of stories in place of regrets.

What most people may not realize is that attaining such a lifestyle is based not so much on rigidly targeting a wealth of skills and experience but rather on uncovering what’s possible and true inside of them right from the very beginning.

The following tips are written with the aim of getting people to think carefully about their true calling and to consider how they might embark upon their own extraordinary path. Once one has made it there, there’ll be no looking back.

How to Find the Inspiration to Make Your Life Extraordinary

1. Follow your passion

Wear your passion to bed at night and you will never wake up unmotivated.

One of the best ways to be happy in life is to discover what it is you love and to do it with a passion. You might have found out that you have a certain affinity or flair for writing, football, dancing, public speaking, academics, drawing, or singing. Whatever it is, always do it with a passion and you will never be disappointed.

One of the worst mistakes many people make in life is to make work their slave and money their master. Because they believe that money is everything, they end up making the wrong choices and doing things that do not make them happy.

By doing what you love most at all times, you will be surprised to find out that money will come your way more easily. In addition, you will act as a role model and many people will seek to follow your example.

2. Work toward achieving your goals

Hard work becomes easy when purpose replaces routine.

Whatever it is you have chosen to do, you should never give up on it as long as it makes you happy. Whenever you feel unhappy or frustrated because of the thought of failure and disappointments, think of how you would feel when all your dreams finally come true. Always believe in yourself, be committed, and most of all, be hopeful that everything will be alright for you.

If it means asking for financial assistance, emotional support, or intellectual advice from friends, family members, well-wishers, or relatives for you to realize your dreams, then do that.

For the first half of the journey, you should be very happy to have completed your first steps successfully and keep on convincing yourself that the remaining steps are few and worth completing no matter the circumstances.

There are a number of famous people today who are successful because they never gave up on their dreams. One of the most successful people who struggled through life is Benjamin Carson, a famous American author and neurosurgeon who happened to be at the bottom of his class in the fifth grade.

Other notable personalities who overcame similar struggles include the likes of Richard Branson and JK Rowling. Get some inspiration from their biographies!

3. Set a time limit

Without a deadline, definitely starts to turn an ugly shade of maybe

Setting a time limit for yourself is one of the best ways through which you can maintain your inspiration and work toward achieving your goals as it drives you forward. It also inspires a sense of discipline and accountability such that you will always be striving to do your best at all times.

Without setting a time limit, it can be very hard for you to realize your dreams because it becomes all too easy to disregard the future right up until the moment when the future has caught up with and disregarded you and your dreams. Therefore, as you plan to do anything in life, make sure that you give yourself a clearly defined time limit.

4. Listen to your heart

Happiness is what happens when the heart starts ruling the mind

One thing you must prepare for is the backlash that your ambition will receive from certain people who just don’t want you to be successful or happy under any circumstances.

After all, it’s easier to be jealous rather than inspired, spiteful instead of kind, and disapproving instead of open-minded. Misery loves company but if you allow your head to be decorated by such negativity then you will constantly be stuck in the heavy traffic of self-doubt and restlessness.

You should never be discouraged by negative comments coming from your critics and instead, believe in yourself and learn from your mistakes as you strive to better your best. Listening to your heart will not only help you in making important decisions but also in boosting your confidence.

No-one has the final word on what you’re capable of, no-one knows the vibrancy of your dreams and no-one will ever be able to stop you if you are able to awaken the magic of inspiration from deep inside.

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  1. Lily Wendy

    Finding what you love in life and chasing it passionately is a great way to be inspired. I think the best way to find inspiration in life is through the core values for inspired living: opportunity, prosperity, respect, attitude, and happiness.

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