There are many truths about life that smart people know, but there are good reasons why they prefer to keep it hidden from everyone else. Why don’t they always share their knowledge with others? There are really only two possible answers to this question. 1. “I don’t know”, or 2. “I’m not telling!”

However, by studying how smart people behave, I have come up with a few hidden truths that smart people don’t talk about.

1. Smart people won’t tell you when they know someone is lying

Clever people will always know if someone is lying. However, they won’t always tell them. If they did, the person would be more careful to conceal their lies in the future.

So, why would a smart person make it harder for themselves? This doesn’t mean that clever people don’t use this knowledge to their benefit in other ways, though.

2. Clever folk won’t always point out what others are doing wrong

The smartest people know that much learning comes through making mistakes. They will not, therefore, necessarily tell others that they are making a mistake. This is because that would prevent the other person from learning by it.

However, if they see someone making a disastrous mistake that will have a damaging effect on their lives, then they will speak out.

3. Smart people won’t bother to contradict someone who is set in their ways

Clever people know that trying to convince someone of something if they are set against it is a waste of everyone’s time. So they won’t even bother.

4. The smartest people won’t tell you the secrets of their success

Clever folk know that finding success isn’t a matter of just following instructions. Others could do exactly the same things as a smart person and still not achieve their success. This is because there is more to success than following a schedule or list of tasks.

Smart people won’t waste their time trying to explain the unexplainable. They also avoid sharing the hidden truths that have helped them get where they are. After all, they don’t want everyone doing it!

Having said that, smart people do share their guidance about having a good attitude and mindset, as these are things that can truly help others.

5. Smart people won’t tell you the rules they have broken

Smart people are not usually good at following society’s rules. However, they may keep the hidden truth of the rules they have broken to themselves. There are always people out there that would love to get on over on a successful person so they don’t want to offer any ammunition that would help.

6. Smart people won’t tell you who to listen to

Smart people know that everyone has insights to offer. So, while they might point others in the direction of good advice, they won’t tell others whose advice they should or shouldn’t listen to.

7. Smart people won’t tell you that you are wrong

Clever people rarely tell others that they are wrong. This is because one of the characteristics of smart people is that they know how much they don’t know. Understanding that they don’t know everything means they are usually slow to judge others.

8. Smart people will use criticism carefully

Smart people know that a thoughtless use of criticism can damage other people’s self-esteem and confidence. For this reason, they will only use criticism when absolutely necessary and then in a constructive way.

So you can bet that people who go around criticizing others all the time are actually not that smart.

9. Smart people won’t talk about things they have no experience or knowledge of

One of the best characteristics of smart people is that when they don’t know something, they will say so. They will never try to bluff their way in a subject or pretend to understand something they don’t.

10. Smart people spend less time talking and more time doing

In general, smart people won’t spend too much time talking about their ideas and methods at all. That’s because smart people know that actions speak louder than words. While it is necessary to discuss certain things, smart people know that talking about something forever will not make it any closer to becoming a reality.

Closing thoughts

Every smart person is different and they know a variety of hidden truths about life. However, you can be pretty sure that they don’t spend much time boasting about how clever, successful or rich they are. Smart people have better things to do with their time.

However, many smart people are happy to give guidance when it is asked for by people who will use it wisely.

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  1. Jessica E Bruveris

    LOVE this. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Camille

    Sounds like these are overlapping skills, techniques, and passive aggressive behaviors of Narcissists….

    1. Kevin

      If these don’t make sense to you, then maybe you aren’t that smart.

  3. Shaunak Agastya Vyas (tinu)

    For me, I have 0 out 10 hidden truths listed here, hence I am not at all smart. If this article stands true for smart people’s identification, then thank you, Kirstie. I would like to stay away from such people. I am blunt and looking forward to being with blunt people only no matter they are successful or not. Trust and truth are only I seek.

  4. Mohamed Adam

    This article shows, how smart peoples are doing good things according there attitudes even though they done ant social rules. So, I would like to say do good things and what you done badly to again the best.

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