Do you have the architect personality type? If you are searching for the best INTJ careers, here are some suggestions for you.

Did you know that just 2% of the population have the INTJ personality type? This makes INTJs one of the rarest types in the Myers-Briggs Test. INTJ stands for Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Judgement.

You’ll find that INTJs prefer logic and reason and are natural leaders and inventive thinkers. They are more likely to succeed in careers that involve creativity and innovation, and enjoy working alone but alongside intellectually competent people.

What are the best INTJ careers?

INTJs thrive in careers that involve:

  • Working on their own (Introversion)
  • Using ideas and information (Intuition)
  • Being flexible in their thought process (Thinking)
  • Following a logical path (Judgment)

INTJs in the workplace

INTJs are better suited for work positions where they can operate independently and with autonomy. They thrive when they are allowed to just get on with the job with minor interference from others. They do not get involved in office politics and are independent thinkers.

People with INTJ personality are creative thinkers who are perfectionists and work best in non-social roles where they have to think theoretically.

Famous INTJs include Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and C.S. Lewis.

What should INTJs avoid when looking for a job?

INTJs should avoid anything that involves working in a team or where they have to be extroverted. They find it especially difficult to work in mundane jobs that involve a lot of repetition and few challenges. If they are not required to think or focus on a goal, they soon become bored.

The best INTJ careers include:

  1. Architect

INTJs are called the architects of the world and for good reason. This is probably the perfect job for an INTJ as they are often working alone until the very end of the project. They have to be able to think logically and there is also a creative side to the job.

INTJs will also love the process they go through from the first ideas and drawings to the completed project. It gives them an enormous sense of satisfaction.

  1. Quantity Surveyor

Any job where there is a long-term goal at the end of it is a great match for an INTJ. Quantity surveying tick a lot of boxes for the INTJ, as they have to be able to manage, develop plans, direct employees, estimate costs, budget for materials, and much more.

Often working alone, they do have to communicate with contractors, builders, and architects. But their role is the one that sees the project through from the very start to the finish.

  1. Financial Adviser

INTJs work well in the finance sector as they do really great with analyzing figures and facts such as looking at financial histories, evaluating loan applications and working out the best financial products.

This is a role that requires a person to work on their own and deal with different challenges, which makes it a perfect job for the INTJ.

  1. Project Managers

INTJs are natural leaders who are able to think creatively using logical thought processes. This makes them ideal candidates for the role of a project manager.

Project managers have to manage all kinds of things from budgets, timelines, allocating tasks, making plans and ensuring the project is completed. You have to be able to strategize and lead your employees and not only see the project through but keep an eye on the large and smaller details.

  1. Content Writer

Anyone who prefers to work on their own would do particularly well as a content writer. For INTJs, who love learning about new things and soak up information like a sponge, content writing is more like a great hobby that happens to pay as well.

Content writers are often freelance and are able to work to their own schedule. For this reason, it’s a job INTJs will find really appealing. Their excellent spelling and grammar are well-suited to this kind of work.

  1. Civil Engineer

INTJs are logical thinkers and enjoy problem-solving and vision. Civil Engineers have to have excellent problem-solving skills and have to be able to design and implement plans. They have to be precise and accurate and are responsible for many things such as transportation, buildings, water systems and waste management.

This is the ideal job for someone who loves working on their own and solving difficult problems. Thus, a civil engineer job is one of the best careers for INTJ personality type.

  1. Illustrator

INTJs are creative and driven and as we already know, love working on their own. Their original way of thinking makes them ideal candidates for this type of work and being left to just get on with things is another plus point for them.

INTJs are also able to work with many mediums so they can use traditional methods such as watercolors or oils. They are able to embrace new technology such as digital imaging using illustration and editing software.

Knowing which job is best suited to your skills can help you make smart choices and help you find the ideal career for your personality type.

If you are an INTJ, is your job on our list of INTJ careers? Are there other professions that suit this personality type and are not on this list? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



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