Being an analytical thinker is certainly a great power. But what if I told you that there are certain downsides to being one?

Are you the kind of person that has a tendency to overthink things? Have you ever been called a geek and not really minded? Or would you say that you are definitely more of a left-brain thinker? Chances are you’re an analytical thinker.

These types of people tend to be far more logical, they like structure and prefer mathematical and science subjects than the arts. Their head rules over their heart and they are down-to-earth, straight talkers who work well with computers.

They are naturally curious, have a thirst for knowledge and are usually shy and reserved. They also like to know how things work and will research a subject until they fully understand it.

There are many jobs in which analytical thinkers can thrive. For instance, any type of IT work such as computer programming or a position where their superb organisational skills are put to the test. Analytical thinkers are systematic, well-organised and flourish in situations where they have to use their logic to solve a problem.

You might think that being an analytical thinker is a gift, and those who possess it always have long careers of their own choosing and can form relationships easily.

This is not the case.

There are drawbacks associated with being an analytical thinker, and here are some of the most major ones:

1. They are always seeking knowledge

The one thing that sets analytical thinkers apart from the rest of us is that they never stop looking for answers. They soak up information like a sponge and endeavour to learn everything they can about their subject.

These types of thinkers will always read the instructional manual for a new gadget, they’ll go above and behind when it comes to revising for exams and have more books than most of us put together.

Problems can arise, however, when the pursuit of knowledge takes over the ingestion of it. There is no good in devouring lots of technical information, for example, if you then can’t then use it later on.

2. They procrastinate often

As analytical thinkers typically have more knowledge to hand than most of us, this means they can see both sides to any argument or debate.

They also have a tendency to over-research, which gives them way too much information. This can then make them nervous about the amount of work they have to do and puts them off starting it.

Even with controversial issues, the analytical thinker can think up reasons for each side. This makes it very difficult for them to get going as they cannot then concentrate on one issue only.

3. They find it hard to make a decision

The analytical thinker loves to play devil’s advocate because they have all the facts available, they are able to see both points of view. This makes them incredibly indecisive, however.

There is no way an analytical thinker will be able to make a decision before they think they have all the information they need. Otherwise, they are scared of making the wrong one.

Some people may see this as indecision, but to them, it is perfectly natural to get all your ducks in a row before you shoot them.

4. They are creatures of habit

Logical, methodical and are creatures of habit. They cannot simply ‘go with the flow’ as this is far too vague and disruptive for them.

In order to maintain their equilibrium, they have to follow a pattern and stick to their agendas. So, no surprises for these people, otherwise, it can backfire spectacularly.

5. They can come across a little geeky

That guy in the office that won’t make eye contact with you but can sort your computer out in ten seconds? He’s likely to be an analytical thinker. Whilst they excel at logical tasks that involve strategic thinking, making contact with actual people throws them into a nervous panic.

You’ll find that these people also have habits that they like to stick to, such as drinking or eating out of a particular cup or bowl or organising their desk in a certain way.

6. They have few social skills

Some people are naturally sociable and love spending time with other human beings. Not the analytical thinker. Tell them that the office is having a party for Christmas and they’ll spend the next few months worrying about it.

Because everything in their life is governed by logic, they also have no filter when it comes to addressing people. They will speak to others in a direct manner and this can come across as inappropriate.

7. They don’t take kindly to fools

You just can’t fool an analytical thinker. They already know everything there is to know about the subject you’ve just brought up. So if you try to bluff them, they will simply shrug you off and never talk to you again. They just don’t have any time for fools.

Analytical thinkers are also loners who are not afraid of spending large amounts of time on their own. They cannot stand contradictions or anything that doesn’t make sense and have a sharp intellect that is constantly questioning.

They can, however, come across as cold and aloof, rather like Mr Spock in Star Trek. But we couldn’t do without them. Imagine if the world was full of creative people who only used their intuition or imagination? The truth is, we need people who think logically just as much as we need intuitive thinkers.



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  1. xxx

    Interesting what your thoughts might be on people who are both analytical AND creative. And yes, that’s possible. Happens a lot. They’re not mutually exclusive. Analytical people innovate, and innovators are creators. So there’s a contradiction here, if you are separating the types.

  2. Carlos Fidalgo

    So what would you call someone that’s both extremely Analytical/Logical, as well as Intuitive/Creative, someone that sometimes likes and/or has no problem with being alone for long periods of time, yet also has no problem with people just showing up at his door, entertaining, socializing, joining a party, etc?!?!?!

  3. McYel

    This describes the challenges I have been battling with in life

  4. Scott Mitchell

    I’m very analytical, I make long tube amplifiers.

  5. BEr

    this text is only half true. here we are talking about people with a technical mindset and people with a creative mindset … if you think that people with a technical mindset are people with an analytical mind, then you are mistaken. for example, a person with a creative mind can be a good artist and a person with a technical mind can be a good IT specialist. and a person with an analytical mind can be a good analyst and also a creative person at the same time.

  6. Dericka

    I was recently called an analytical thinker, but I also see that I’m an intuitive thinker as well. So where is the medium?

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