INTJ personality type is one of the rarest in the Myers-Briggs classification. These contradictory traits may explain why this type is so misunderstood.

The Myers-Briggs personality test is among the most popular methods of personality assessment where you find out what kind of characteristics you have depending on different preferences. There are 16 different types. One of the rarest is INTJ personality type, with INTJs forming just 2% of the population. Even rarer are women in this group, who make up only 0.8%.

INTJ stands for introverted intuitive thinking judging. The main qualities of INTJ personality are:

At the heart of the INTJ personality type, however, is a set of contradictions, which is why this type is so rare. Here are five of them:

1. INTJs are natural leaders but are intensely private

Taking the role at the top is natural for an INTJ, as they are effective leaders and are capable of inspiring others. They can see a big picture and perceive a situation in an objective manner. INTJs work out the best way to tackle it, not being afraid of changing tactics if necessary. They love to strategize and are always looking at new ideas and concepts to see whether they can benefit them.

However, because they live their lives internally and rely on intuition, this makes them very private individuals and they find it hard to express themselves. An INTJ is always thinking and developing a great deal of highly internalized ideas and concepts. For this reason, they find it difficult to translate these into an external form that others can understand.

2. INTJs are open-minded but appear aloof

As INTJs are typically private people they can often appear to be aloof. But this could not be further than the truth.

It can be said that they are not overly demonstrative in their affections or go over the top when it comes to displays of affection. But the truth is that INTJs do feel intense emotions for those they care about. They just don’t see the point in declaring it in a public fashion.

Another misconception about INTJ personality is that they are rigid and prone to being close-minded to new ways of thinking. This is also incorrect, as INTJs are renowned for being curious and are most amenable to changing their way of doing things.

3. INTJs are imaginative yet decisive

INTJs are one of the most curious of all the Myers-Briggs personalities, they are committed to questioning and gathering knowledge. They live mostly in their heads, in their own imagination and find it hard to express these ideas to others.

However, once they have settled on a course of action, they are surprisingly decisive. INTJs take a long time to come to this decision, but once they do, there is no turning back.

4. INTJs are intelligent people but useless at social interaction

INTJs love exploring theories and are renowned for gathering information. They are knowledgeable and intelligent, especially in fields where they have an interest. They can solve any complex problem. At the same time, they are, however, quite poor when it comes to interacting socially.

This is down to the fact that they find small talk tedious and prefer one-on-one conversations where they can get deep and meaningful. They have high standards when it comes to social interaction and personal relationships and won’t waste their time on meaningless connections. INTJs shine when they are in smaller groups who share their interests but definitely out of the spotlight.

5. INTJs are confident and logical except when it comes to relationships

Among the key personality traits of INTJs is that they are supremely confident beings and are defined by their logic and sensible decisions. They do have a tendency to over-analyze, however. And this is this that keeps them from forming close relationships. They can seem to be judgemental and aloof. But it is their failure to deal with any emotional feelings that lets them down.

INTJs are good at finding solutions to complex problems. Thus, they approach feelings of the heart in the same way as they do any other decision or problem. They analyze and calculate their way to the best solution.

This does not work with emotions and when an INTJ fails using this method, they become irritable. They might turn their back on a meaningful relationship because they cannot deal with their feelings.

Closing thoughts

People with INTJ personality are renowned for logical thinking and intellectual decision-making. In areas of emotion and feelings, however, they are not as confident. An INTJ who wants to manage their emotions in a better way should try not to use logical thinking but think with the heart and not the head.

They already have great qualities where it comes to intelligence and strategic thinking. But working on their weaker characteristics, such as developing their feelings, will give them a much more rounded personality.



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This Post Has 37 Comments

  1. Vivian Lee

    We are all born original, unique, the system trains us to follow the masses, don’t die a copy. Rare doesn’t make you special or smart either, you are just being yourself.

    1. Stephen Perry

      Any person who has to interact with other people should care about this stuff. Carry on.

    2. Go Paolo

      There’s a pretty dedicated community online who are personality geeks

    3. Pamela McCarthy Crosby

      Deep thinkers. People who engage in self reflection. People interested in behavioral psychology. Lots of people.

    4. Alexandre Da Silva

      narcissists that want to feel good about themselves. “wow I am so unique. I am very cool. I am special. I am a genius. I feel superior to many people”. but in reality they are just normal people like the majority.

      1. Ben

        This is a very old comment and I can almost guarantee that this person won’t see this reply but oh well. I disagree completely. I came to this site in hopes that I wouldn’t be among the very small minority. In my eyes this doesn’t make me feel good about myself. It terrifies me. I have always had a very hard time trying to understand why I just don’t click with anyone or why very few people genuinely interest me. It is a constant struggle to try to fit in while in the back of your mind you feel your mind slowly degrading from lack of stimulation. While I know that I am not doomed, I know that I have many things I need to work on to be able to use these characteristics as tools rather than seeing them as character flaws. Maybe consider that some people need some help understanding themselves instead of thinking you have everyone figured out and deciding to see the negative in everything you consume. Thanks for coming to my internet therapy session everyone lol, godspeed.

    5. Fhj

      Why even bother to reply if u don’t care

  2. Kay Finlayson

    “4. INTJ’S are intelligent people but useless at social interaction”. Yes, that fits.

  3. Lion

    This is basically true, you got the jist of the INTJ personality. The part you left out is perhaps the most important part in this type. The INTJ lives inside their protective shell. Once they outgrow this shell they have the ability to shed it and become highly social. If they do not shed this protective shell they will become cut off from growth, which is especially important to us. We strive to see growth and progression both in our lives and in our environment. Great post, I enjoyed the read.

  4. Matt Friend

    This is my personality type. It’s not about being special, it’s about understanding normal.

    1. JX Faith

      Share the same sentiment. Just it so happens I’m intj minority doesn’t make me non human. Nothing special, but just always being misunderstood.

  5. Maria Maratos

    Theses types change as you progess through your career, have more life experience and mature. It is also important people don’t pigeon hole themselves or others. Some perceived strengths can actually be challenges. Overall this test is only an indicator, don’t hang your hat on it.

  6. vid

    I am an INTJ and I think I’m gonna die lonely

  7. David Pristupa

    I’m INTJ. I study read paint and compose music in a noisy world that can’t stop talking. My ideal place is a small town with a good internet connection.

  8. JX Faith

    Someone understands INTJ this much. There is much more but I think even each individual has his own unique personality. So it’s pointless to elaborate.

  9. Sherard

    But why tho? I’m an INTJ and I do not fully agree with this article or the way we are portrayed. ( My opinion only) Some points are valid but others only sets the premise of what the core personality of a introvert is and doesn’t represent our reasoning behind our decision to be confined or rather be alone than in a group. Meaning, don’t just take the core of our personality and convince us that we aren’t in tune with the world base on our reasoning not to socialize, regain energy or just being introverted. Some extrovert react the same way.

  10. Bryan

    This post only tells us why INTJs are so misunderstood, not why they are so rare. Add to that, there’s nothing mind blowing in this either. All MBTI geeks and INTJs especially are well aware of the stereotype.

  11. Franklin

    Don’t know how the author of this article can be considered “competent” when one of the words in the headline is mis-spelled. It’s skeptical, not sceptical.

    1. Anna LeMind

      It seems that you also don’t know that English has two types of spelling – American and British. “Sceptical” is British English.

  12. Jonathan

    This is quite a poor summary of the INTJ personality type. We are “rubbish at relationships and we give up on them because we cannot figure them out” – That is not true. And even if it was, there is actually still quite a lot of logic involved in human interaction anyway, it’s just that sensors and extroverts tend to see it as “their domain” and they like to call introverts social dummies. We are not.

  13. Gene

    MBTI is a preference too….but we are not just our four letters….I am an INTJ, but we are not all alike. Each letter is on a sliding scale….some of my preferences are very clear…others are less so.

    I am introvert but have learned to extrovert quite well. I naturally gather data through my intuition, but also like hard concrete information as well. I lean toward making my decisions using my logic, but my feelings play a part at times as well, I just don’t lead with them. And I do like to be organized and plan, but on any given Saturday, I may have a list of to do’s but can be spontaneous and throw it out on a whim.

    The tool is often used to put people in a box. I prefer to use it as a window to look through.

    1. Sia

      I agree with you. I have experienced exactly the same things you said. And I’m amazed at all the similarities. Despite the fact that most people have said that they suffer from loneliness, I have to say that in my opinion, our personality type has few but very close friends, and in fact, quality is much more important than quantity.

  14. Mann

    I have been taking some personality tests and the results consistently came INTJ. I am not gonna go through theories and comments, I am just eager to say that what it means to me is (LEARNING) that is the part in me that never fades for a second.

  15. Scott

    INTJ BOOM! That’s just how we roll.

  16. John foe

    I love the imediately offended intj’s. My mom is one and that’s exactly how she would react. Once she found out she was and started reading about it, bam that was it she didn’t want to hear anymore about it. I’m intp.She’s 57, i never met my father because of her, and had a step father for some years but that along with all her other relationships didn’t work. She is now alone and probably always will be. She is also very bad at showing emotions, and will drop any caring emotions if she feels she’s been wronged. To the point I thought she might be a narcissist, and still think she may be.

  17. Amira


    I have the INTJ Personality; which is hard because I am often misunderstood. What I really like is being and accepting me self. Finally, I am able to see the fact that I am “different” than others and not belong to the masses.

  18. DDO!

    INTJ and the supernatural. Is that a thing with anyone? As with particles is there “entanglement” like experiences” with people? Is time appearing as a construct? Observing the absence of a person or a thing before it appears?

  19. Caroline

    I believe the reason about percentages is that they are based upon statistics. Introverts and intuitive s have lower percentage rates in the population. While 66-2/3s of men are thinkers, only 33-1/3 of females are thinkers. So woman being lower percentage means their chance of being intj are reduced.

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