You have probably long suspected that some media personalities might be narcissists. Here is a list of famous narcissists of the past and present.

To be at the top of your game, in whatever field that might be, takes an enormous amount of self-confidence and belief in your abilities. But when does this self-confidence spill over into narcissism and how does this all-consuming condition affect the person afflicted by it?

Some famous narcissists in the political arena believe that they can conquer the world, and set out to do so with devastating effects. Others in the music and film industry can become so self-obsessed that they think they are more important than Jesus.

Here are the top ten famous narcissists of the past and present.

1. Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great exhibited all the characteristics of a raging narcissist. He assembled a huge army for one reason, to realise his own personal ambitions. He believed that you were either with him or against him and he took his faithful soldiers on endless battles, much to their expense, solely for his own glory and personal conquests. He showed no emotion for the bloodshed of his generals or soldiers but believed in his grandiose visions.

2. Henry VIII

Henry the Eighth was considered to be both charismatic and handsome, but he was also one of the cruelest and most egotistical leaders in our history. Famed for having six wives, two of which he had beheaded, he was also famous for his vain quest to have a son and heir to the throne for political reasons and vanity. He was known to show narcissistic traits such as a lack of empathy and being overly concerned with his appearance.

3. Napoleon Bonaparte

The term ‘Napoleon Complex’ comes from Napoleon Bonaparte’s behaviour, which was to act in an overly aggressive manner to make up for feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem. Napoleon was considered a tyrant by everyone that knew him, who had grandiose thoughts and believed he was special. In fact, in his book entitled ‘Thoughts’, he wrote:

“It was precisely that evening in Lodi that I came to believe in myself as an unusual person and became consumed with the ambition to do the great things that until then had been but a fantasy.”

4. Adolph Hitler

Adolf Hitler, undoubtedly one of the cruellest leaders of the 20th century, led a campaign that saw the death of millions of innocent people. His actions also incited one of the largest wars in our generation, all due to his unwavering beliefs that he, and all other white Germans, were a superior race to everyone else.

His actions are typical of a self-obsessed narcissist in that he showed no empathy for the suffering of others, he spread his false propaganda about superiority in order to further his campaign and he demanded total acquiesce.

5. Madonna

Madonna has admitted herself that she craves being the centre of attention and one look at her outrageous stage outfits is a clue to her narcissistic tendencies. She has also admitted that part of her amazing success is down to her narcissistic personality disorder, and her love of exhibitionism keeps her in the spotlight.

6. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was once loved by teenagers across the globe, but nowadays you are more likely to see her semi-clothed, gyrating in some lewd video to her latest single. Her decision to shock and display odd behaviour after her success with Disney shows a narcissistic side to her, as she craves maximum attention and will obviously do whatever it takes to get it.

7. Kim Kardashian

This lady was made famous by the leaking of a sex tape, probably by herself, and this proves that she will do anything to get famous and stay at the top of the celebrity list. Kim is totally obsessed with herself as the numerous selfies prove, she even published a book of selfies called ‘Selfish’, I wonder if she saw the irony. She has now amassed a million-dollar business, all based on herself, what more could a narcissist want?

8. Kanye West

Talking of what could Kim want, Kanye West, a bigger narcissist than her is probably the answer. Kanye has staked his narcissist claim by saying that he is the next ‘Saviour’ or ‘Messiah’ and even called himself ‘Yeezus’. He was highly criticized at one of his concerts when he demanded that everyone stood up to applaud him, and castigated one member of the audience who remained seated. He went over to the person and saw they were in a wheelchair but did not offer an apology. Sounds like a toxic narcissist, doesn’t it?

9. Mariah Carey

Known in the music industry as the biggest diva in show business, Mariah Carey epitomises narcissism in ways Kanye West can only dream of. She travels with an entourage that could fill a jumbo jet, her demands when she performs are unbelievable, and she even travels with her own lighting. And these are just a couple of examples of the singer’s narcissistic behavior.

It’s no coincidence that many famous people display narcissistic traits and behaviors. People with narcissistic personality disorder will do anything to be in the spotlight, and there is no better way to do that than to get famous.



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This Post Has 19 Comments

  1. Matthew Wayne

    Most people in politics, or people with power, celebrities, ect… almost all of them are narcissistic. To feel that you are the one who needs to be in control, to be the “leader”, or to have the attention on you all the time takes a large helping of narcissism.

  2. Jonathan

    These are people I would never invite over for dinner.

  3. Mast Dolos

    Barako Hussein, Hillary and Peloci should be at the top of the list, followed by a long list of Democrats.

  4. Jeffrey Markle

    We need a better definition. Until you have been exposed to the world, and not just your little city or towns with less then 20 us states visited; and I mean visited where you went to the church or joined the community in doing events, not just drove through. then the people identified here are known as leaders and not narcissistic people. If you can lead without some of these tendencies then you are truly the one hiding yourself from the world and need restraints around your wrists. It is funny that I write this because I have some traits and your label would be anyone who comments negatively about this must be a narcissist but actually I am a good grounding us human. Our psychological world is so underdeveloped to handle these people and giving a definition and we are missing critical new development of understanding.

  5. Jemima

    I agree with everyone except Miley Cyrus. She is just an exhibitionist.

  6. Gordon

    Any list that does not include Barack Obama at the very top, loses any and all credibility with me.

    1. Preston

      This comment is kind of stupid. although I, as a slightly right-winged person, disagree with most of Obama’s policies, I don’t think it’s appropriate to attribute every single negative trait that exists to him, especially narcissism. In fact, I don’t actually think anybody thinks Obama is a narcissist. Most conservatives just think he’s stupid. Of course, Hillary Clinton is kind of a narcissist, and so is Donald Trump.

  7. K nice

    Nut and yahoo- Israel’s prime minister, did u forget!

  8. Concerned

    Nut and yahoo – Good one! However, there are two extremely dangerous narcissists currently gracing us with their appearances. I’m not sure the winner is though. It has to be either Trump or that guy from N. Korea. And the self-loathing individual, incapable of empathy that would throw granny under the bus for another nanosecond of attention is……..

  9. Wayne C. Perelman

    Even if you think Trump IS a narcissist, look at ALL he’s accomplished: Reduced taxes and federal regulations, a stronger armed forces and business community, going after REAL criminals, stronger borders for our nation, putting Emperor Gi Jing Ping on notice that we will not tolerate his espionage against us or his economic blackmail, and, going after the Deep State (the powerful, UNELECTED, scum who have lived off of and abused U.S. Citizens for too long!!!!

  10. Scott Macintyre

    Hey Wayne C. Perelman: Add “killed thousands of Americans” to your list, bud. And there’s no THINKING Trump is a narcissist at this point, it’s to what DEGREE OF NARCISSISM he possesses. He’s also a sociopath. Your comment didn’t age well, did it Wayne?

    1. Kevin

      Scott, Trump is obviously a narcissist, and a questionable leader, but he hasn’t killed thousands of people.

  11. Erin Moore

    Narcissism and Narcisistic Personality Disorder are two very different things. Because someone’s career puts them in the spotlight does not necessarily mean they have a personality disorder. By your definition everyone who posts a lot of photos of themselves on social media is a narcissist.

  12. Simple Truth

    People have gone completely overboard with this narcissism mass hysteria where everybody and their grandmother are cashing in. Perhaps that is some form of narcissism itself. Psychiatrists and their pseudoscience are some of the worst narcissists of all, and these days, everyone is a genius and knows everything while pointing the finger of narcissism at everyone else. Perhaps they’re ALL narcissists, and perhaps they could all be considered “functionally” insane.

  13. Samuel

    That wasn’t the question though, they weren’t saying that he was bad, they were saying he is a narcissist, which he most definitely is.

  14. Maya

    Am I the only one who thinks Miley isn’t a narcissist? She really just has a big self sabotage side to her, caused by disney wounds.

  15. Name

    … and Capitalism is a Narcissists-producing-System

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