Narcissistic Personality Disorder can stand in the way of a person’s growth.

Everyone understands the effects of feeling too superior. But having Narcissistic Personality Disorder isn’t all bad. Though you should always keep your ego in check, it can help you in some cases.

So what is the bright side of having NPD, if there’s any? Besides these, you’ll have to understand its signs and features.

What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is one in which a person has great feelings of superiority. He or she often spends time thinking of gaining power or success.

Those who have this condition have a great need for admiration. Narcissists often try to control the people around them. NPD begins in adulthood. It is a feature of romantic relationships when one partner tries to exercise control over the other. You may also meet people with NPD at the workplace.

How would you know if someone has Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

You may have prideful people around you, but you’re not sure if they’re narcissists. Perhaps they haven’t received a diagnosis, but they’re likely to have Narcissistic Personality Disorder if they have the following traits.

First of all, they would have an overdeveloped ego. These people would think of themselves as being better off than others. They believe that they should connect with people of high social standing, and have the right to do so.

Also, you probably know a few workaholics. You’ll probably find a narcissist or two among them. These people are too focused on power and success. If they have manipulated you at some point, they are probably narcissists.

Finally, those with NPD are rude, sometimes to the extreme. They are arrogant and show no consideration for the feelings of others.

You Understand the Negative Effects of NPD

Like others, you may perceive NPD in a negative light. That comes as no surprise, owing to its undesired consequences.

First of all, narcissists may have suicidal tendencies which come about because they fail to reach their goals. They may become anxious or depressed.

Furthermore, those with NPD may have difficulty dealing with criticism. They lack social skills and struggle with their relationships as a result. Consequently, they may withdraw from their loved ones. Meaningful connections are, at times, missing from their lives.

Does Narcissistic Personality Disorder have a bright side?

So, is there any merit to NPD? Having an ego can help you in some ways, provided you don’t leave it unchecked. How is healthy narcissism helpful?

1. NPD helps people progress in their careers

First of all, being narcissistic is handy when it comes to career development. Bart Wille et al. from Ghent University studied how personality types affected financial success. They used the Five-Factor Personality Theory, or Neo Pi R, on college students and tracked them for 15 years. They found that those with narcissistic personalities advanced further in their careers than others.

2. Narcissists make good leaders

Also, it’s easy for narcissists to become leaders. Palouse explored how leadership worked in groups. He discovered that narcissists became leaders quickly. However, they were also high-handed, according to their teammates. So with social and ethical skills, narcissists can lead.

3. Develops Adults

Furthermore, healthy narcissism helps adults. A study shows that it helps them become more independent and able to handle failure.

4. You’ll take better care of yourself

Moreover, some concern about yourself doesn’t hurt. A study reveals that narcissists had less social anxiety. Besides having a reduced risk of depression, it will prompt you to present a healthy self-image.

5. Builds relationship

Yes, NPD can destroy relationships. But that’s narcissism at an unhealthy level.

A wholesome degree of narcissism, with the right amount of self-esteem, will help you form connections. A healthy relationship is one in which you do not always have to ask for pats on the back.

How would you develop healthy narcissism, not Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

You would want narcissism without letting it get out of hand. How would you nurture it and keep it in check?

First of all, build up your self-confidence. Love yourself without being too preoccupied with you. Dress well without being too fussy about your appearance. Keep to a regular diet and exercise routine.

Also, if you’re in a leadership position at work, find a balance between narcissism and assertiveness. Don’t disregard others’ opinions and learn when to let go of your control.

Finally, put yourself in others’ shoes. Bear their feelings in mind. Remind yourself to consider their needs.

In all, narcissism, without the disorder, can be helpful in certain aspects of life.

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Dannie Jane Benlota

    I just realized this day and time that i am narcissist. But i felt it. I always ask myself why i am so dependent and i hate dependent people. I am having a hard time expressing my feelings,, i suppress it but if its too much it will explode violently. I always say i dont want to be the center of attention but i always want positive criticism with my projects or achievements. I could cut my friends in my life immediately when they hurt me without thinking of what they would feel. I always feel superior and no one deserves to have me and its their loss if they dont have me.. I thought I am just self confident or contented with myself. But still it feels wrong for me in being too much self centered.. 🙁

  2. Dannie Jane Benlota

    But thank you for this article i felt good again.. It really hurts to realize that i am narcissist and im thinking now of how many people that ive hurt already because of this behavior.. And im so doom.. I just need to figure out how could i balance it.. I know i couldnt rid of it and i have no intentions of getting rid of it.. I just need to figure out how to not hurt people anymore with this personality.

    1. Michelle L.

      Hi, Danni,

      Thanks for your frank sharing. It took a lot of courage. I think you’ve already taken the first step by not wanting to hurt people with narcissism. And As I said, it can help when kept in check.

  3. Toots

    Narcissistic behaviour is never good

  4. Sioux

    I never heard of a narcisstic until abt 2 1/2 years ago… Finding out my so call boyfriend is one n boy was i n am i floored.. Its now been 3 years with him n as of today i no i now need to n hve to leave ths relationship.. If not it is going to succeed at ending my life .. I never in my life ever saw such hate in a relationship towards me n verbal abuse towards me… N than to be told how much i mean to him n how much he loves me…no nobody treats the person they love so much the way he treats me… Good bye Bob & good ridden….

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