You may be able to brush off the frustration caused by others at first. But eventually, you must learn what to do when people get on your nerves.

As a human being, you can only take so much pressure. This includes the little things, like when someone gets on your nerves. And they will. No matter how well you get along with others, there will always be that situation or that person that can push you over the edge.

What to do when people get on your nerves?

When someone gets on your nerves, the last thing you should do is lose your cool. I know, I know, easier said than done, right? However, when you master this, you can do incredible things. Because I won’t lie, it can be difficult to keep your head when people get on your nerves.

But let me suggest a few things you can try.

1. Use visualizations

Remember the old, “count to ten” advice used to help calm anger. Yeah, that usually got halted around 6, and you lashed out anyway. Now, I’m not going to say it never works, but you need a bit more focus away from what or who is bugging you.

Try visualization instead.

Visualization is going somewhere else in your mind, but only temporarily. When people get on your nerves, take a moment and imagine your favorite or most peaceful location.

You can think about the beach, a mountain cabin, or your childhood home. But just for a moment, remove your thoughts from the present for a quick break. This helps you pace your emotions, reducing the risk of an angry outburst.

2. Be honest

If someone is getting on your nerves, just let them know. You don’t have to be harsh or say mean things to them. Try to be tactful and let them know that what they are doing or saying is starting to bother you.

Communication is so important, and it should be used in this way as well.

Keep in mind, what you say will depend on who you’re talking to. Sometimes you can just ask them to stop talking for a minute, and other times, you may need to discuss what you’re feeling with them in more detail.

3. Walk away for a moment

distancing yourself

If you’re experiencing a high level of stress from someone, sometimes it’s best to leave the location. Whether this is a professional or casual setting.

You can feel your emotions growing stronger and anger rising. When you do, and someone is getting on your nerves, you may have to walk away. The process of walking away allows you to cool off, and it also sends a message to the person that’s bothering you.

4. Concentrate on your breathing

When that intense moment comes, your heart may race. As someone’s words or actions start to increase your stress, your breathing will also change. You will probably take shallow short breaths because you’re growing angry and nervous at the same time.

When someone irritates you so bad, you can even have a panic attack. That’s why it’s important to stop and concentrate on your breathing.

When you notice the changes in your body, inhale and exhale while closing your eyes. Focus more on this than what’s going on. In a short period, your breathing and rate will level out again. This helps you continue to deal with the situation at hand.

5. Let go of hatred

bitter person signs

There comes a time when someone can get on your nerves so bad that you start feeling hatred for them. This is never a good way to feel about someone.

I do think it’s okay if you dislike what people do, but hatred is a strong word. Hatred causes bitterness and it hurts you physically too. Those negative feelings of disgust can cause headaches, insomnia, and even lower immunity.

So, practice tempering any hatred you’re beginning to feel for someone. Remember, they are human beings, and we should not hold hatred in our hearts toward another.

6. Utilize a mantra

If you’re in the midst of a stressful situation and almost at your breaking point, whisper your mantra. A mantra is a statement you speak repeatedly to soothe anxieties. You can say things like,

“I will be calm”

“Just let it go”

“I am stronger than I think”

By saying these things, you’re reminding yourself that when people get on your nerves, it will pass. Nothing is permanent and you’re strong enough to weather the storm.

7. Instead, be kind

Try being kind to the person who is getting on your nerves. Yes, you’ve probably tried this already, but keep doing it. Why? Because there is a reason why they’re bugging you so much.

There’s a root to their chaos, arguing, nagging, and unreasonable actions. Try to discover what’s going on with the other person while being kind.

Yes, you may need to implement visualizations and focus on your breathing, but understanding the root of problems has always been a good place to start.

8. Talk to someone about this

toxic co-worker signs

If you’re not actively in an argument with the person who is getting on your nerves, then talk to someone who is not. But you must be careful who you talk to, as some individuals only want to talk to gain negative information.

If you think a person is listening just to gossip or hurt someone, this is the wrong support system. Choose wisely and find a safe person to help you get things off your chest. This will refresh you before you encounter a stressful situation again.

Keep that level head

I know it’s hard sometimes to deal with some people. It’s especially difficult when constantly causing anxiety and stress by getting on your last nerve. However, everyone has a story, everyone has weaknesses, and we all are so imperfect.

So, while we’re being the best we can be, let’s try to control our emotions. When we learn to do that, we just about do anything.

Keep your cool!

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