There are phrases fake people use to charm you. These words can sound incredibly genuine, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of those statements for your own protection.

I know there are fake people worldwide, but I live in the Southern U.S., where people are especially good at charming others. The phrases fake people use here are so charismatic that you’d swear Southerners in the United States are the nicest people. And yeah, there are some nice ones, but maybe not the ones you think.

And, like I said, there are fake people everywhere, people who use all sorts of phrases to get what they want.

A few phrases fake people use

Here’s the trick. You must listen carefully to the words that come out of people’s mouths. Watch their body language and their smile. Over time, you’ll be able to distinguish the real person from the façade. The phrases that fake people use come in many forms, so here are a few examples:

1. “Bless your heart”

I’m just going to go ahead and knock this one out. “Bless your heart”, especially when coming out of a U. S. Southerner’s mouth, is coated in sarcasm. Now, some really are trying to give you warm blessings, but most of them…meh, it’s questionable.

Sometimes this phrase is used to cover up the resentment and deep disgust the fake person is feeling. I know that’s a little harsh, but trust me, I’ve been on the receiving end of this phrase one too many times. It feels like they’re patronizing you.

2. “I like the way you think”

And I think this is hilarious. The truth of the matter is that there’s a good chance that they DO NOT like the way you think. They’re being passive-aggressive, honestly. Because most people who actually like the way your mind works wouldn’t say it like that. It’s just a vague statement that leaves you feeling confused.

3. “I hate drama”

Usually, when someone states that they hate drama, they are the first ones to cause drama. And they know this. They know they are probably the reason for whatever dramatic event is happening, and they’re just trying to clear themselves of the responsibility.

You will see a clear connection between their role in certain events and their impulsive use of this phrase.

4. “I was just joking”

I encountered the fake usage of this phrase many years ago. Yes, we can all joke around with friends and poke fun at them. But here’s the thing: fake people also use this phrase to smooth over their previous offensive statements.

For example, let’s say your “friend” insults you. Well, as soon as they see that they’ve offended you, they will start proclaiming that it was a joke. Guess what? It was not a joke, and they meant every word of it.

5. “I strive to put others before myself”

If you have to just say that to someone, then you’re probably not really putting others before yourself. In fact, you’re proclaiming that you do this “good deed”, and it’s probably for attention.

So, in truth, you’re actually striving to put yourself first by talking so much about how you help people and do selfless acts. It reminds me of those people who help others and take photographs every time they do it. Does this sound familiar?

6. “Wow! That’s interesting”

People can use this statement genuinely, and it can be utilized by fake people as well. It’s normal to find other people interesting, I get that. But, many times when someone says, “That’s interesting” when you’re talking, they just want you to shut up.

They may not find what you’re talking about all that interesting and may not ask any follow-up questions either. Maybe they’re trying to be nice, but they have no interest in the conversation. Either way, they’re being fake.

7. “It’s great to see you”

At first, this seems like such a genuinely nice thing to say, right? Some phrases fake people use can be identical to what a caring person would say. So, it’s always important to look at the phrase in context with the rest of the conversation or situation.

A fake person will say this but fail to continue with a pleasant conversation. In this case, they aren’t glad to see you. They couldn’t care less. It’s almost as if they’re a robot who’s programmed to give you a generic greeting.

8. “We should hang out sometime”

If you see someone you know in public and they say this, just know it might not be genuine. It’s another one of the typical phrases fake people use.

Fake people will act like they want to spend time with you, but in truth, they’re putting on a show for everyone else. Chances are, and those chances are good, they’ll never get back in touch with you until you see them in public again.

Beware of fake people

I know some of these seem hurtful and presumptuous of me, but like I said, examine them in context. Some people are genuinely happy to see you and will find your conversation interesting.

But to be able to tell the difference between fake and genuine people, you will need discernment and experience. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to go through being hurt before you learn.

So, my wish for you today is that you can see the truth without experiencing the pain. And again, pay attention to how they act and their body language as well as what they say.

I hope this helps you filter out the fake ones.

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