What if I told you that there was social anxiety therapy that could make your fear of social interaction go away in just 1 day? Well, there is.

With the monstrous statistics of this mental disorder, it makes sense why more and more people are looking for social anxiety therapy that really works.

It is estimated that in the US only, 15 million adults (or 6.8% of the population) are affected. Some researchers say that the real numbers are even higher as many of the socially anxious individuals never seek professional help. Social anxiety disorder is also the third most common mental condition.

Knowing these disturbing facts, it is difficult to believe that there is an instant cure for social phobia. When it comes to combatting one’s fears, we tend to think that it takes years of efforts and hard work. And it usually does, unless if these fears come from an unexpected source. The truth is that it all depends on the nature of your social anxiety.

My Struggle with Social Anxiety and the Real Cause of It

I’ve struggled with social anxiety for many years. With different periods of intensity, it has been an integral part of my life since my teenage years. At some points, it seemed to go away and then, it came back with such power that I was afraid to leave my house. No matter how strong it was, it was always there.

Till recently, I used to think that I was so deeply flawed that I couldn’t handle such a simple and natural human thing as social interaction. Talking to or even passing by strangers would be a source of stress that made me feel anxious and uneasy. Sometimes even going to the store to buy some food would be a great challenge as I constantly felt threatened by the people around me. I was angry with myself for being such a freak and was sure that something was very wrong with me.

It took me years of self-analysis to find the real cause of my social anxiety. The truth was that I was simply too sensitive to the energies around me. So I was used to seeing other human beings as a source of my uncomfortable anxious feelings and thus feared and avoided them.

The brain of an empath, or a person who is particularly susceptible to energies, works like a highly sensitive receiver. So it takes in too many stimuli from the environment, which is not easy to handle. As a result, the brain starts to exhibit abnormal reactions of fear to the things that are not of a threat at all. With time, it grows into social anxiety disorder. So the great gift of empathic sensitivity to energies turns into a curse.

So what is this miraculous social anxiety therapy I was talking about in the beginning?

The Social Anxiety Therapy That Cured Me in 1 Day

One day, a friend shared with me her experience of energy healing. It actually helped her get rid of severe social anxiety years ago. I was really enthusiastic and excited about it. I wondered how I hadn’t considered this option before since I was aware of the energy nature of my social anxiety.

When the day came and I had a session of reiki healing, the difference it made was striking. After the session, I felt so lightweight, free and calm like if a burden had been taken off my shoulders. I felt happy and cheerful for no reason, which doesn’t happen often.

It’s amazing that the healer said that most of the blockage was around my shoulder and chest area. This part of the body is associated with the heart chakra. In fact, this particular chakra is responsible for openness, communication and the expression of love.

My Miraculous Healing

Next day, when I went out, I realized that my perception of the outside world was different. There were people in the street, just like always. But I was not afraid of them anymore. They were just random strangers rushing to their jobs or taking a walk. In other words, their presence and proximity didn’t affect me at all.

Moreover, I noticed that even my gait and posture had changed. Before, I would walk in a fast and nervous manner with my head bent down and my shoulders hunched. Now, I was walking with calmness and confidence and was keeping my head up and my shoulders back. I was looking straight ahead without hiding my eyes and face.

To further test my social anxiety, I went to a couple of local stores to ask about some stuff I wanted to buy. Once again, I felt completely calm and safe. A social situation that would make me nervous and uncomfortable before left me completely indifferent now.

It was such a new and freeing feeling to be able to interact with other human beings without being numbed by anxiety.

Final Thoughts and Warnings

If you suffer from social anxiety disorder, give energy healing a try. You may be healed in just one session, just like I was. However, before you rush to look for a healer, I would like to give you two important tips:

1. Explore the nature of your social anxiety

Social anxiety comes in different forms and stems from different causes. You need to analyze yourself and examine your reactions to different situations and people in order to find the root of your fears. If your social anxiety is a purely psychiatric condition, energy healing may not be as effective as in case of energy sensitivity. But I believe that it’s still worth a try.

Do you suspect that you are an energy sensitive empath suffering from anxiety? Read this article about the signs of social phobia which indicate that you are sensitive to people’s energy to know for sure.

2. Make sure to find an authentic energy healer

Even in our age of information, there are many examples of frauds who claim to be healers and psychics. In reality, they just deceive people to take their money.

So if you decide to try reiki healing, make sure to research the options in your area and carefully read reviews so that you don’t fall for a fraud. Only an authentic healer can make your social anxiety go away.

I really hope that this article helps you get rid of your social phobia and find inner peace. Energy healing may sound like a weird social anxiety therapy, but it does work. Be well and free from fears!

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