Sometimes there comes a time to start over again in life and turn over a new leaf. If you can relate to the below signs, your life may need a change.

Feeling sad, miserable, irritable, angry and cynical, having trouble concentrating or remembering, lack of energy or fatigue, sleep problems …

Probably you have no idea what’s going on while most psychologists are unanimous that you need to start over again and leave everything behind. It is often the only remedy when you find yourself stuck in life.

It’s not an act of surrender. It doesn’t mean forgetting everything you’ve been through and giving up your past. It’s simply integrating your past and present and moving ahead.

Below, you’ll find the signs that it’s high time to turn over a new leaf and start over again.

1. Nothing can make you happy.

You find no pleasure in life or the things you like. You’ve settled into a routine which seems to be getting old. More and more often you find yourself in the Groundhound Day.

2. You don’t experience emotions strongly anymore.

Your emotional capacity is dwindling little by little. Neither movies nor any other entertainment do it for you anymore. You don’t seem to be interested in what other people do or say. Be the news good or bad – you just don’t care.

3. You discover some unusual things about yourself.

For example, after reading a book page for several times, you still find it difficult to understand the main point. Or you’ve carefully checked and sent an important e-mail, but when you reread it later, you find numerous misprints.

In fact, you have difficulty remembering or concentrating on things.

4. You don’t care a lot about your health and your good looks.

You are always pressed for time when it comes to visiting a dentist or a hairdresser or buying clothes that are the latest fashion. You think your favorite pair of jeans is definitely better than a new one. No matter it’s a bit worn out.

Your apartment is a complete mess. Dirty dishes, clothes scattered around…

5. Your body is acting different.

You lack energy and feel tired all the time. You are frequently sick and run down. Headaches and muscle pains interfere with your daily routine.

Your eating habits have changed. You have no appetite and lose your weight or eat too much and gain weight.

You have difficulty sleeping and wake up early in the morning or sleep too much.

6. You easily lose your temper and get irritated by every little thing.

You seem to hate everyone around you through no fault of their own. Even friendly conversations with close people seem to you silly and useless. Your only desire is to leave them all and stay alone.

7. You are stuck in your past or just live your dreams about the future.

Your present seems too boring, monotonous and dull. All the time you go back to “good old days”. You think back on old lovers or friends or colleagues.

Alternatively, you spend a good deal of your time dreaming about the future and picturing to yourself a bright life in a new place.

8. You need more anonymity.

Even big cities can make you feel trapped. Like when the same people say your neighbors or colleagues have been around you for the past 20-something years. You would like to be around people who don’t know your past.

9. You feel restless.

You are curious about other parts of the world or your country, or just want to see whatever is not too far from the place you’re currently in. Exploring your country makes a good start in exploring life in all its diversity.

10. You cannot do your dream job where you are now.

The place is perfect to live in, but it doesn’t offer the right career opportunities for you. Ways to get ahead in your career are numerous, but unfortunately, they don’t work where you currently are.

It may feel frustrating to have to move so that you can start over again and leave everything behind. But the longer you wait, the further you are from your dream.

11. You have difficulty remembering what places other than your own town or city look like.

You are so caught up in the comfort of brick buildings that you’ve completely forgotten about the mesmerizing beauty of other places.

For example, breath-taking skyscrapers in New York or beautiful parks and alleys in Philadelphia can help you get a breath of fresh air. Why not look for apartments for rent and get there?

12. You feel you’re ready to be out of your comfort zone.

You fully realize that if you play it safe all the time, you’ll never move ahead. To start over again in life, the first thing to do is to step out of your comfort zone. Your idea is that if you only do what you’ve always done, you’ll only get what you’ve already got.

When a challenge presents itself, you are ready to take it on. You want to change your lifestyle and adopt new traditions and practices.

Closing thoughts

If you are experiencing at least some of these symptoms, it’s time to act. This means to start over again, to leave the old behind and face the new. You have no other way out but to begin a new life with more awareness, deeper meaning and broader experience. A rebirth.

But how to go about starting over again? According to psychologists, our brain is resistant to any change although it’s the only permanent thing on earth. How to bring all that change into our lives? You may have to do some really uncomfortable things and step out of your comfort zone, but it’s worth it.

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  1. Simon

    Thanks. Needed this. While I don’t agree with some of it. It’s definitely on point enough to make people in my situation take the jump.

  2. Whatever

    Great. As if life isn’t hard enough, w/ NON-stop pain, we get to ‘start over’ with abstract ill health and apathy.

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