Describing someone as having suffered through emotional neglect invokes the image of someone who is weak, a victim.

Yet in reality, those who have suffered from emotional neglect have a few surprising talents and strengths hidden up their sleeve that many don’t expect. It is the slight silver lining that comes from dealing with and overcoming strife.

1. Positivity

Although it may seem strange, those who have lived through struggles in their past tend to have a much more positive outlook. It has to do with the fact that they have been in situations that encouraged them to develop a more optimistic outlook on life. They tend to value the little things a lot more and continue to search for the silver lining in a bad situation.

2. Compassion

Many believe that difficult experiences can lead a person to become bitter and cold towards others. In reality, however, many people tend to go in the other direction. They know how difficult it is when life is rough and they don’t want others to suffer in the same way. Those who have suffered become much more tuned into the feelings of others and do their best to help.

3. Flexibility

Those who have been emotionally neglected have developed an incredible skill to adapt to different situations and be more relaxed and accepting about outcomes that do not go their way.  They can simply go with the flow of things, which is very useful in job opportunities and in family life when they are building their own lives later on.

4. Independence

Learning to rely on yourself is one of the best traits that those who are emotionally neglected are able to develop. Instead of seeking help from others, they are much more likely to take a task on by themselves, as they know that they are able to work for themselves, as well as take care of themselves without the help of others.

5. Great Advice

Those who have struggled through the tough times are much more knowledgeable at helping others through their rough times, making them the best people to go to for advice when you are struggling.

6. A Supportive Nature

As well as a higher level of compassion, those who have been emotionally neglected have developed a warm and supportive nature that is capable of helping others through their rough times. They are much more generous and giving, and will give you all that they have in order to help you during times of trouble.

Having to suffer through emotional neglect is a terrible strife for any person to go through, but it can develop us into much stronger people in the long run. The talents that we learn from our hardships help us to grow as stronger people, and they are a small silver lining to the negative aspects of our lives.

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