Awaken your superconscious mind with the power of mantras.

Mantra is a Buddhist/Hindus classical spiritual technique of personal development which consists of positive thoughts, words or syllables.

Through loud or silent repetition, they can produce beneficial effects in your being on all three levels: physical (healing), mental (harmonization) and spiritual (enlightenment). Mantras could be anything from favorite quotes to songs and sounds that motivate you, inspire you to relax and think better about yourself or a situation.

You must have come across the saying “Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Words; Watch Your Words, They Become Actions”. Whatever we do or happens to us, begins with a thought.

Although in the first instance, thoughts are nothing but conceptual formations, they also carry a spiritual energy, they synchronize the vibration of your soul to the object of meditation (i.e better lifestyle, a better relationship with the people around, etc.).

With every thought you have, you create your present and your future. Therefore, your words can create the most beautiful dream and reality, but they can also destroy everything that exists around you.

When to use mantras to influence your life

When you face a difficult situation or you feel down, avoid using negative words. Try instead to relax and repeat the mantras which best define you.

The repetition of mantra begins with an intention, the vibratory wave expands, connects with the object of desire and it increases the chances to align your dream/goal/plan with the source. By doing so, your object of desire starts flowing towards you.

Moreover, the role of mantras is to get the obstacles out of your mind, eliminate suffering and lead you to the awakening of the superconscious mind.

Examples of mantras:

Life is love and harmony.

I am the purity of God.

I am strong and I am able.

I’m sure.

I’m here now.

What are the benefits of mantras?

– You can reduce your levels of anxiety and depression

– You will find peace and quiet during and after reciting mantras

– Frees your mind of the daily chaos and clarify your thoughts

– You get to live calmer and quiet

– Your immune system will be stimulated and strengthened

– Will increase your levels of intuition

If you have discovered which mantra works for you, please share your journey and experience with us!

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  1. john

    These mantras are working for me becase these mantras works really and also if you say a mantra within this word ı guess your eyes are shining and you can be free and can be calm down.Your intiution is increasing know what can do.It ıs wonderful.

  2. David

    The more i focus in on the positive the more great things happen to me. And the opposite is true. I used to think that I was the most lucky person in the world and now I can see that it because of my attitude

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