• places of power

7 Places of Power around the World Where You Can Access the Energy of Nature

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There are many stunning places in the world, but there are a few places of power that can tap into your mind and soul, giving you energy beyond anything you have ever felt before. Many people seek their spirituality in nature. All across this beautiful planet, there are some places of power that have [...]

  • Home Automation

How Home Automation Will Change the Way Our Houses Will Look in the Future

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Home automation has been around for a while now, but every homeowner knows that they need to plan for the future. While the initial methods of home automation are most likely still going to be in use, the new and improved technology will likely include some wild and wonderful ideas. Let's explore how this technology [...]

  • Underwater cities of great beauty and history

4 Underwater Cities That Hide the Mysteries of the Past

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Did you know that there are many underwater cities of great beauty and history that are hiding deep beneath the waters of the ocean? Most people are unaware of what lies beneath the waters of the earth. Underneath the ocean and the seas lies mysteries of the past. Sunken ships, treasures and artifacts are only [...]

  • What is Fibonacci Sequence

What Is the Fibonacci Sequence and How It Unites Nature, Art & Science

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What is the Fibonacci sequence and where does it derive from? Why do we find the Fibonacci sequence everywhere around us, from nature to art? Despite the popular belief that mathematics isn't related to religion, there is plenty of evidence throughout the history that suggests otherwise. If you don't believe me, just take a look [...]

  • Kailasa Temple

1200-Year-Old Kailasa Temple Is Carved Entirely from a Single Rock

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Not far from Aurangabad District of Maharashtra state in western India lies one of the most majestic Ancient Hindu Temples, the Kailasa temple. Part of the Ellora Caves, which consists of a set of 34 in total monasteries and temples, this exceptional architectural structure stands tall for 12 centuries. This grandiose temple of 7 meters height [...]

  • prehistoric sites The Wheel of Giants

5 Mysterious Prehistoric Sites That Puzzle Researchers to This Day

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Monumental constructions of past eras, such as prehistoric sites and cities, have always been intriguing archaeologists who struggle to reveal their secrets. Here are five prehistoric sites that keep puzzling scientists all over the world, and no one has still managed to solve their mysteries and decode the way of life of past civilizations. 1. [...]