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Powerful Visualization Technique – DNA Tree of Flow

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During meditation, we usually concentrate our attention within and try to do our best in silencing vanity thoughts. There are many different meditation techniques and ways to improve the quality of your meditation experience. Even though meditation has been considered a religious or spiritual practice for centuries, it is becoming a very popular technique to [...]

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5 Questions about Auras Answered by a Person Who Is Able to See Energy

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Every person I meet who I let know that I can see energy tends to ask similar questions. So, I presume our readers here at Learning Mind may have similar questions. The answers to these questions may astound some of you, as they completely defy conventional understandings and "preachings" from those who pretend to have [...]

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The Physics Behind Distant Energy Healing

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Most people today don’t believe in the positive benefits of energy healing, let alone distant energy healing. How can someone help another person from miles away or being on the opposite side of the world? If we look at the physics behind energy healing, we will be able to discover how distant energy healing actually [...]

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Can Anybody Learn to See Auras and Energy ?

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As long as I can remember, I've had Chronic Migraine Syndrome (clinically). I spent my elementary school years going to the nurse's office and having them call my mom to pick me up and bring me home because my head hurt so badly I could barely move or think. In high school, I missed a [...]

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Human Health Explained Through the Physics of the Human Brain Activity

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“Doctors cure diseases; health is something that you should acquire all by yourself.” - Nikolai Amosov Consumer-oriented mindset always pushes us for external solutions to our problems in life, especially when it concerns our health. Most people are still searching outside for “panacea”, “fountain of youth” or a “magic pill”. Everyone wants to be free from [...]

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From Survival to Living: How to Awaken Your Higher Self in the Age of Information

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Why are there so many people talking about raising their consciousness, energy healing, awakening, chakras, enlightenment, human aura, quantum physics and information paradigm? Why not just live like most people – get an education, find a job, get married, have kids and live a “normal life”? This kind of approach to life actually raises another [...]

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How Human Aura Energy Field Is Created and What Keeps It in Balance

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All humans have brains, but there are not so many who know how to use them effectively in order to harmoniously evolve together with Nature. There is also the human heart which carries out vital functions of the human body. The human heart has to go through the challenging process of refining the feelings and [...]

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Can the Human Mind Influence the Physical World?

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The human mind and energy field have always rumoured to have some form of effect on the surrounding of a human. These rumours have been studied in great detail in the past five decades. There have been a few researchers who have conducted experiments in this field and have drawn conclusive results; all of which [...]