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How Solving Puzzle Games Can Help You Develop

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Chess, sudoku, strategic computer games, social puzzle games – how can they contribute to our well-being? You must know that puzzle games haven’t been created just for fun. They are focused on abilities which all human beings possess, but not everyone takes advantage of them. Here you will find some useful tips not only for [...]

4 Interesting Riddles for Advanced Solvers

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Riddle 1: Shopping (**) A married couple returns from shopping at the supermarket laden with bags. The man begins complaining to his wife that the bags are very heavy. “Why are you complaining?” She says. “If you give me one of your bags, I would have twice as many as you do, and if I [...]

3 Mind-Blowing Lateral Thinking Puzzles

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Have you ever wondered if your mind is normal (i.e. average) or somehow different? Here are 3 lateral thinking tests. The answers are published below, but do not go immediately to read them! Think up your own answers first. Tests TEST 1 Here is the story of a young girl. At her mother’s funeral, she [...]

5 Clever Riddles: Can You Find the Answer?

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Read these 5 clever riddles and try to solve them. They are not very difficult, so I believe you will easily find the answers! Riddle 1. “Smart measure” Someone has a flask of wine and wants to give 1 liter to his friend. How can he measure it without wasting any wine, if he has [...]