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Kitezh: the Mythical Invisible City of Russia Could Have Been Real

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Kitezh is a mythical city of Russia which was once dubbed "the invisible city." New evidence suggests it could have been more than just a myth. In past months, the fans of the Tomb Raider franchise received a nice surprise in the form of the latest sequel of this action video game. In the plot [...]

  • Stone monuments of unknown origin

5 Stone Monuments of Unknown Origin That Puzzle the Scientific Community

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The reason why these five stone monuments were constructed still remains unknown. Why did people do the things they did in the past? Historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists have sought the answer to this question for decades, but often without much success. Finding proof to support a theory is perhaps the hardest part. There are countless [...]

  • Underwater cities of great beauty and history

4 Underwater Cities That Hide the Mysteries of the Past

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Did you know that there are many underwater cities of great beauty and history that are hiding deep beneath the waters of the ocean? Most people are unaware of what lies beneath the waters of the earth. Underneath the ocean and the seas lies mysteries of the past. Sunken ships, treasures and artifacts are only [...]

  • Archaeological discoveries that challenge mainstream history

3 Archaeological Discoveries That Challenge Mainstream History

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New archaeological discoveries show us that history may not be exactly as we learned in school. Rather than thinking about history as a picture, try visualizing it as a puzzle that lacks all of its pieces. For centuries, researchers have been trying to put together a consistent timeline of history, but new findings make it [...]

  • Engineering Marvels - Luxor Obelisks

5 ‘Impossible’ Engineering Marvels of the Ancient World

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Through the engineering marvels of the ancient world, we learn the most about the civilizations that existed thousands of years ago. Structures that consist only of one stone can be traced all the way back to the Neolithic era. So-called monolithic structures are what their name suggests, one large rock that can weigh hundreds of [...]

  • Dagger of King Tutankhamun

King Tutankhamun Carried a Dagger Made out of Meteorite

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Many things have been told about King Tutankhamun. Space travel, aliens, meteorites. Let's clarify it as much as we can. It’s all over the internet, “King Tut wielded a blade from space!”, or something of that nature. The headlines grasp our attention immediately, causing us to drop what we’re doing and read the full article, [...]

  • Ancient Computer Antikythera mechanism

The Mystery of the 2,000-Year-Old Ancient Computer Has Just Been Solved

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The world’s most ancient computer, Antikythera mechanism, has long been puzzling researchers. Who created it and most importantly, for what reason? It seems that after years of research, this mystery was finally solved. But first of all, let’s take a look at a brief history of the Antikythera mechanism. The World’s Most Ancient Computer The [...]

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9 Most Intriguing Underwater Discoveries of All Times

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Over time, underwater discoveries and their mysteries come to the surface. The deep blue sea, the oceans so wide and even lakes of the world - nothing compares to the allure of these great bodies of water. Seen from the coastline, their waves bring tranquility and peace. Underneath the dying sun, these great waters twinkle [...]