If you’re a parent or plan to become one in the future, there are some things you have to keep in mind and teach your children from a young age.

Why? Because if you raise a child who cares about society, perhaps this world will become a better place to live in. Teach your children real values to make sure they don’t spend their lives pursuing superficial and fake things.

Here are some life lessons you have to teach your children today in order to help build a better society tomorrow.

1. Never take a good and honest person for granted. Like ever!

Good and honest people aren’t stupid or weak. In fact, they are smarter and stronger than people who lie and prove their power by doing horrible things.

It’s easy to be bad. But it takes a lot of courage and strength to do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Teach your children this simple truth.

2. Having a partner in your life doesn’t complete you

It’s not enough to have somebody to love just to have somebody to love. You know what I mean? And in order to keep a person you love and who loves you back, you have to complete yourself first. How?

Accept yourself for who you are, but constantly improve. And learn how to love yourself before you love or demand love from someone else. Also, staying in an abusive or toxic relationship isn’t acceptable for any reason. If you’re not happy, leave.

3. Show understanding and treat everyone with respect

No matter where a person comes from, or what they look like, or what they do for a living, or what they do/don’t believe in, ALWAYS treat everyone with equal respect. The same goes for animals and nature. Have compassion for everything that’s alive on this planet.

Also, show understanding when it comes to dealing with other people, but don’t expect people to understand you. Not everyone has a heart like yours. And not everyone is a decent human being that will treat you with respect. Nonetheless, treat EVERYONE with respect.

4. Never stop asking questions and always doubt everything

The day you stop learning is the day you die. It’s what Einstein said. And if he said it, who are we to question it, right? Wrong! Question everything. Doubt everything. And never stop asking questions. Never stop learning new things. Don’t become comfortable with ignorance. Curiosity will keep your spirit alive, your mind open, and your focus sharp.

5. Never regret mistakes and don’t fear to make new ones

What’s the point in regretting something you cannot change? Don’t fear to make new mistakes and to learn from your own experience. A mistake doesn’t equal failure. Giving up is the definition of failure. And you’re not born to give up easily but to pave your own path to success by using your own mistakes. Accept your past, learn from it and let it go.

6. Honesty is crucial

Tell your children about honesty because it’s crucial to stay true to yourself. Teach your children how to be honest with themselves first. And with others too. Honesty is the key when it comes to success, staying a good person with a pure heart and being content with yourself. Teach your children to always prefer the painful truth over comfy lies. The truth hurts, but lies kill.

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7. It’s okay to be emotional

Teach your children that it’s okay to cry and express emotions. It’s okay to be vulnerable. We’re all humans after all. We are not robots but emotional living beings. Also, teach your children to stand up for themselves whenever it is necessary and when showing emotions is not an option anymore.

8. Good grades don’t guarantee success or prove smartness

Teach your children that grades are important. However, developing your talent and certain skills or having a passion for something is more important than learning something you probably are never going to use anyway.

Teach your children to follow their passion and be a good person. Not all kids who have good grades end up happy and successful in life. It takes more than just good grades to become really good at something. It takes hard work, persistence, and passion.

9. It’s okay to apologize when you are wrong

Teach your children how to say “thank you”, “forgive me” and “please” before life makes them learn this the hard way. There’s nothing shameful in apologizing when you are wrong or saying “please” if you ask someone for a favor or are simply ordering a cup of coffee. The world doesn’t need more rude people. On the contrary, what it needs is someone who will teach young people how to be kind to others.

10. Social justice for a better society

If you want your child to contribute to building a better society one day, teach them social justice. Teach your children NOT to discriminate against other people because of their religion, gender, income level or race.

Bring up questions that will boost their awareness, critical thinking and sense of justice. Teach your children how to keep an eye on fairness in life before the world teaches them that today’s society is built on injustice. And NO social justice today means NO improvement in society tomorrow.

11. Responsibility is crucial

Without learning the value of responsibility, your child won’t be able to contribute to society or succeed in life. Teach your children how to commit to something and how to take responsibility for their own actions. It’s how people stay true to themselves and become a valuable member of society. It’s how people become successful and learn commitment and determination. And as a result, it’s how a better society is built.

12. The importance of sharing knowledge with others

Teach your children to boost their awareness and share their knowledge with others. Selfishness represents a self-destructive trait and won’t bring value to society or to your child’s personal growth and development while teaching other people how to improve and accomplish things in life definitely will.

What other things should we teach our children today to make the world a better place tomorrow? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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