third eyeThe third eye is essentially a “blind” pituitary gland (or, to put into simple words, an autonomous “tube” that has neither the beginning nor the end) which is located at the base of our brain and, according to medical science, has no reason to exist. That is to say, it is something that the science has not yet found a role for.

However, from ancient times, the mystics of every country connected it to the intuition and described it as “intuitional vision” or intuitional connection with the outside world. Hence the name.

The third eye is something that we all have. In everyday life the rational mind usually refuses to accept its significance, but there are people who “hear information from within” and prefer it as a criterion for decision making.

Thoughts like “something from the beginning did not go well“, “at first glance seemed” or “listen to your instinct” often come to confuse and ‘seduce’ our minds. Some of us get intimidated by the “voice of the soul”, some turn back and follow the path of reason. The question is: can we trust our lives in what we call “instinct”, “intuition“, “sixth sense, etc.? Can we use the third eye to get information that could be used for decision making?

Using the third eye at will and not randomly needs practice. It is not difficult, but definitely needs your concentration, your insistence and-above all-your respect. Also, you must first have learned to relax, to envision, to meditate and to feel your body.

This is a video on how to activate the “eye of the soul”.

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