Why It Is Important to Spend Time Alone

Sometimes people need to spend time alone in order to recharge – these people are often named introverts. Others can’t stand spending time alone and need the presence of other people in order to determine their self-worth and feel comforted. Either way, it’s completely fine but taking … READ MORE

How the Concept of the Akashic Records Demonstrates That Everything Is Connected

Many people preach interconnectivity, spiritual leaders and common people making their way through life, who acknowledge that everything which exists is unified. Whether this unification is perceived as based on energy or based on experiences and common ground (psychologically speaking). Looking from the perspective of everything being connected … READ MORE

Why Are Introverts More Likely to Be Spiritual?

Outgoing and extroverted personalities commonly view introverts with negative connotations, as if the disinterest of interaction with others is a sign of disability.  However, ironically, it is “common knowledge” that the quiet person is typically the deep thinker – that the one who stands by and observes … READ MORE

Powerful Visualization Technique – DNA Tree of Flow

During meditation, we usually concentrate our attention within and try to do our best in silencing vanity thoughts. There are many different meditation techniques and ways to improve the quality of your meditation experience. Even though meditation has been considered a religious or spiritual practice for centuries, … READ MORE