Depression Can Change Your DNA, Study Claims

Depression has always been seen as a mood disorder to those who haven’t experienced it and sometimes, even those who have don’t understand the science behind the way depression affects your brain. New research has come to light showing that depression can change your DNA and change … READ MORE

How Our Subconscious Perception of Others Is Influenced by Society

The projection of ourselves through our actions is a strong mandating factor in the preconceived notions of those around us. The expectations which this creates contribute to their understanding of your image, the persona they have associated with you. Therefore, image is the most powerful tool we … READ MORE

Social Anxiety May Be Associated with High IQ and Empathetic Ability

Over the last few years, studies have been published against the notion of spirituality and the people who practice it. Various studies have also expanded on this, in a positive light, and delved more into social anxiety and the way it affects people’s emotional intelligence, empathetic ability … READ MORE

The 6 Most Fascinating Studies on Consciousness [Infographic]

studies on consciousness

Consciousness is an area scientists and psychologists struggle to understand and with the topic being so hard to measure, it has always been one area of science that people constantly question. There are six main studies that have begun to pave the way to understanding consciousness, but … READ MORE

5 Things about Introverts Other People Just Can’t Understand

Sometimes, being the pensive introvert and preferring to spend time alone over spending time with others may mean other people just don’t understand certain things about your personality. Paying close attention to one’s own thoughts, emotions and being selectively social may seem alien to others who aren’t … READ MORE

Music Therapy: This Is How Music Heals Your Body and Enhances Your Mind

I recently met someone who has made a life out of selling instruments, teaching music theory, and practicing a method of healing through music. A lot of how music helps is in sharpening a person’s mind and coordination, which is an important part of music therapy. Studies … READ MORE