The 9 Types of Intelligence: Which Do You Have?

types of intelligence

We’ve all heard the term “intelligence”, but few people actually know that there are several types of intelligence that describe personalities and the ways in which our brains work. Psychologist Howard Gardner of Harvard University created the Multiple Intelligences Theory which explains the nine ways in which … READ MORE

Here Is How Reading Harry Potter Makes You a Better and Wiser Person

reading harry potter

Do you want to put an end to bigotry, ultra-nationalism, and racism? It might be easier than you think. Try reading Harry Potter. No, it’s not magic. According to the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, there’s more to the wildly successful series than just a good story. … READ MORE

5 Scientific Explanations for Weird Human Behaviors

weird human behaviors

Have you ever looked at somebody around you and thought their behavior was a bit weird? Well, if you really think about it, quite many of our human behaviors are weird and seem unexplainable, but we all do the same things so there must be a scientific … READ MORE

How to Use Your Depression to Your Advantage

your depression to your advantage

Unfortunately, I’ve always suffered from clinical depression. Even during good periods, I can feel as though I’m right on the edge of feeling that crushing, debilitating pain that there is no escape from. Whilst a lot of people who have never experienced depression can struggle to understand … READ MORE

Comic Captures What the World Is Like for Socially Anxious People

socially anxious people

Like most mental disorders, social anxiety can alter your perception of reality, yourself and others. As a result, social situations make you feel extremely uncomfortable and sometimes even panicked. Whatever involves the interaction with other people, from making a phone call to saying ‘hi’ to your neighbors, … READ MORE