7 Unexplained Mysteries of Daily Life, Finally Explained

unexplained mysteries of daily life

There are many mysteries that have stumped scientists for years. These include questions about dark matter, why humans need to sleep, the migrating patterns of animals, and the origin or human life (not a creationism vs. evolution question). These are matters that are fascinating, but best left … READ MORE

Your Ancestors Didn’t Have Anxiety and Depression – Why Do You?

ancestors anxiety and depression

It is only natural that the human body occasionally experiences anxiety and depression, even hundreds of years ago our ancestors struggled with the conditions. However, why is it that the rate of people being diagnosed with anxiety and depression is constantly rising and is an everyday occurrence … READ MORE

Having Insecurities May Mean You’re a Creative Genius, Neuroscientist Says

insecurities creative geniuis

Some of the greatest performers and creative geniuses of our time are so successful because they have insecurities. In general, having low self-esteem and insecurities in one’s abilities can spur people on to become more creative than their secure counterparts, research investigations have recently found. In her … READ MORE

What Is Directed Meditation and How It Can Alter Your Personality

directed meditation

We all know that meditation has a calming effect, but can it really change someone as a person? Let’s talk about directed meditation and its personality-altering effects. In the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, volume 27, pages 100 to 108, you will find the “…From Jerusalem to Jericho” section … READ MORE

Anxious People Possess a Unique Life-Saving Sixth Sense, Study Finds

anxious people sixth sense

According to a new study, anxious people have a huge advantage over others as their brains have a different reaction to danger, which, in fact, could be life-saving. An anxious personality can be viewed as a negative characteristic. I know that’s what I’ve always encountered, being diagnosed, … READ MORE