How to Find out the Meaning of Dreams

How to Find out the Meaning of Dreams

Everybody dreams, but certain dreams linger in our minds more than others, making us wonder if perhaps they have a meaning and we can learn something from their content. Dreams and their possible interpretations are a rather complex subject. Not everything we remember from the previous night’s … READ MORE

Are You the Oldest, Youngest or Middle Sibling? See How It Affects Your Personality

Oldest Youngest or Middle Sibling

Whether you’re an only child or the oldest sibling, there are personality traits that are stereotypical to your birth order. Children without any siblings are typically said to be spoiled and constantly crave attention, whereas firstborn children are found to perform well in leadership positions in their … READ MORE

Depression Can Change Your DNA, Study Claims

Depression has always been seen as a mood disorder to those who haven’t experienced it and sometimes, even those who have don’t understand the science behind the way depression affects your brain. New research has come to light showing that depression can change your DNA and change … READ MORE

How Our Subconscious Perception of Others Is Influenced by Society

The projection of ourselves through our actions is a strong mandating factor in the preconceived notions of those around us. The expectations which this creates contribute to their understanding of your image, the persona they have associated with you. Therefore, image is the most powerful tool we … READ MORE