Music Therapy: This Is How Music Heals Your Body and Enhances Your Mind

I recently met someone who has made a life out of selling instruments, teaching music theory, and practicing a method of healing through music. A lot of how music helps is in sharpening a person’s mind and coordination, which is an important part of music therapy. Studies … READ MORE

New Study Finds a Connection Between Exercise and a Healthier Brain

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Mental Health Issues Faced by Teenagers

Teens are just as vulnerable to developing mental health disorders as adults. In fact, some mental illnesses develop in the teen years. Other conditions, considered to be “disorders” rather than mental illnesses, such as oppositional defiant disorder, may exist in the teen alongside such illnesses such as … READ MORE

5 Ways Meditation Affects Your Brain

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UK Scientists Are Exploring the Health Benefits of Psychedelic Drugs

We’ve always been warned about the psychological and physical side effects of using psychoactive drugs, but UK scientists are now conducting studies with these drugs to explore their abilities in helping cure various mental health problems. Scientists have reported that cannabis has shown positive potential for helping … READ MORE