Things That Cause Your Heart Chakra to Block and How to Open It

///Things That Cause Your Heart Chakra to Block and How to Open It

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Heart Chakra (or known as anahata=unstruck) is the 4th element of the 7 Chakras which contribute to a harmonious development of our wellbeing.

Anahata holds the sacred spark of divinity and intuition, being the integration point for the other chakras.

The Heart Chakra is all about love, free spirit, joy and forgiveness. Any suppressed emotions, grudges or negative emotions you accumulated over time will result in an unhealthy Heart Chakra, which can lead to health issues: shortness of breath, high blood pressure, back tensions or heart diseases.

In order to have a healthy Heart Chakra, you need to identify and change what makes you unhappy or causes you these negative feelings.

Is it an old unresolved issue?

Express yourself! Whether by writing your thoughts on a paper, yelling, undergoing a therapy or simply by clarifying the situation with the other person. Although it is hard forgetting certain periods of your life, although you cannot easily heal from an emotional pain, you need to look ahead with trust towards your future. Each obstacle has been a lesson to help you become better, so the best thing to do is identify what your lesson was and make peace with your past. Leave it behind and free yourself of it.

Is it the current situation stressing you?

Frustration and desire of control can block your Heart Chakra. Channel your energy and mind on activities that help you relax. Yoga, gym, art or any form of activity which relaxes you is welcomed as long as it teaches/reminds you that things will come to you when the moment is right.

Finding difficult to progress?

Let things come to you, let them happen. You cannot fully control the events that occur in your life, therefore, allow things flow either it is about your personal life or career goals. Adopt a positive thinking; positive and constructive thoughts build, transform and shape future. And last, but not least, have faith and trust.

Above all things, learn to love: love yourself, love the people around you, love the things you do. Do not let bad situations or difficult relationships make you absorb their negative energy. Let them go and surround yourself with people and things that motivate you, love you and teach you love.

Whatever the reason or obstacle, if it causes or brings you negative emotions/thinking, try to fight it and remain positive despite the circumstances. It does not only influence your future (you get what you wish for), but it ensures a good function of your Heart Chakra and a good flow of energy in your spirit and life.

Are you experiencing a blocked Heart Chakra? Is your body giving you signs of experiencing an unhealthy Heart Chakra? Please share your story with us.

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  1. Otto Hunt November 13, 2016 at 8:41 pm - Reply

    Heart health is, of course, important, And the details above are good. But framing such in terms of a heart chakra? Perhaps first we should establish that there IS such a thing.

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Things That Cause Your Heart Chakra to Block and How to Open It