How a Wandering Mind Makes You More Creative and Helps You Reach Your Goals

By | October 26th, 2016|Categories: Brain Power, Psychology & Health, Self-Improvement, Success Skills|Tags: , , , |

There are some pros and cons of having a wandering mind. I have stepped into the ocean. The cool waters lap against my legs and a breeze whips through my hair. I watch the white caps tumble further out in the chaotic churn and this makes me smile. I am where I want to be [...]

Existential Depression: the Disease of the Gifted and Talented

By | October 1st, 2016|Categories: Food for thought, Psychology & Health, Self-Improvement|Tags: , , , , |

Why are our teens harming themselves? I may have found one reason. Existential depression - it’s a depth the likes of which you cannot imagine. This may be one culprit that plagues the gifted and talented of the human race. Existential depression has to be addressed right now! So I’m going to make an assumption [...]

How To Deal With Intrusive Thoughts – Suppress, Repress or Accept?

By | July 16th, 2016|Categories: Psychology & Health, Self-Improvement, Self-Knowledge & Personality Tests|Tags: , , , , , , |

Everyone is subject to intrusive thoughts on a daily basis. They are ideas, or images which occur spontaneously in the person’s mind, against their will. Most of the times, these thoughts are merely annoying. However, if they are coupled with a deeper, underlying issue, such as OCD or depression, intrusive thoughts can become more of [...]

7 Unexpected Signs You Might Be a Genius (Backed by Science)

By | April 14th, 2016|Categories: Personal Development, Psychology & Health, Self-Improvement|Tags: , , , , , , |

People often throw around the term ‘genius’ when it comes to intelligence, but the way we understand this word is now always correct. There are plenty of signs you didn't realise could mean that you might actually be a genius, as proved by science. 1. If you like to stay up late Staying awake late [...]

11 Struggles Only Overthinkers Will Understand

By | December 3rd, 2015|Categories: Self-Improvement|Tags: , , , , , , |

Overthinkers face daily challenges, worrying about and over analysing even the most insignificant situations. We are spending more time alone, and being inundated with various forms of online communication has made us more introspective. Suddenly, we are more concerned in regards to how we appear to others and what others really mean when they talk [...]

Are You an Overthinking Worrier? It May Mean You’re a Creative Genius!

By | November 8th, 2015|Categories: Psychology & Health, Uncommon Science|Tags: , , |

Everybody worries, whether it is a slight worry over something small or something that takes over your mind on a daily basis. However, researchers at King’s College in London have recently linked anxious, overthinking and worrying traits to a high level of creative IQ. If you think about it, overthinking is basically another way of [...]

How to Tame Your Anxiety with These Five Steps

By | May 31st, 2015|Categories: Personal Development, Self-Improvement|Tags: , , , |

When someone talks about being anxious, we often dismiss it with jitters or overthinking a situation. There are those of us who are held back, and crippled because of our anxiety. While many people will just say “stop worrying about it” we know that we cannot just stop worrying, it is a part of who [...]

4 Ways to Stop Overthinking Every Decision and Move Forward

By | February 23rd, 2015|Categories: Personal Development, Self-Improvement|Tags: , , |

In our lives, we are given many choices, most of which we overthink. We overthink what we want for breakfast, what we are going to wear, or how much shampoo to use that morning. Why do we overthink these simple things as much as we overthink going to the doctors, setting up a savings account, [...]

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