Overthinkers constantly worry about how to stop worrying about everything. Whew! That was a mouthful but also the truth.

I worry about many things, just like my mother before me. I remember watching my mom constantly stress about things, even things she could not change. When I became an adult and saw these same traits within, I wanted to change. I wanted to just stop worrying about everything and have a peaceful life.

Overthinkers think too much

I think different personalities worry on different levels. I also think that trauma from childhood or even recent experiences can also cause this type of constant stress.

Honestly, there are many reasons why we worry excessively. I don’t know everything there is to know about the ways to stop this worrying, but here’s what I’ve found out so far:

1. Meditation

Yes, it’s a few words about meditation again. I know I offer this advice for so many issues in life, now don’t I? Well, the truth is, meditation is so powerful that it does help with a plethora of problems, including excessive worry. If you really want to stop worrying about everything, just sit down and meditate.

Meditation has the ability to put you in the present moment, far from the worries that plague you. So the use of meditation helps you pause your life and focus on the here and now, reducing concerns drastically. When you complete your meditation session, you will feel regenerated and better able to tackle life.

2. Adjust your “self-talk”

I think we all talk to ourselves at some point. So, the conversation that we’re having, is it negative or positive? Most of the time, with overthinkers, self-talk is negative. We criticize ourselves for not getting jobs done, or we judge ourselves for the way we do things, and it’s just an endless cycle of depreciation.

This has to stop! One solution is to adjust the way you talk to yourself. When you notice negative comments in your self-talk, start to change them to a more positive statement. Tell yourself that although the job did not get completed, you’ve learned something for the future.

3. Document your words

Pay attention to the words you say when you’re worrying. In 90% of the statements you make, there are negative words. Every time you notice that you’re speaking negatively about yourself or a situation, write it down.

Make a list and later look at what you’ve said. This will help you continue to adjust your thought life and stop worrying about everything.

4. Notice the big  picture

Will these things you’re worrying about really matter in 5 years? If not, then maybe you’re putting way too much of your concern on them. Here’s a way to test that: Step away from the situation for a day. This means refusing to think about, worry about, or put any energy toward this situation at all.

Then, the next day, look at the situation again. Sometimes your entire thought process about what’s going on will change. It’s called seeing things from a new perspective. It’s true, seeing things from another viewpoint or a fresh viewpoint can make all the difference.

When thinking about life, remember this: No amount of guilt can solve the past and no amount of anxiety can change the future.

When thinking about life, remember this:

No amount of guilt can solve the past, and no amount of anxiety can change the future.


5. Take action

Another way to stop worrying about anything and everything is to take action. If you can find a solution to your problems, or at least work on them, you will feel much better.

Worrying becomes less when you are working towards a resolution. Every step you take towards fixing the issue will release tension. You might even be able to solve more than one problem at a time. Better yet, your solutions may help someone else in the process as well.

6. Accept uncertainty

Unfortunately, times come when we can do absolutely nothing about our predicament. We can worry all day and all night, but it will still not change anything. Embracing the unknown can help you deal with the things that you cannot immediately change.

At the moment, I am looking to buy a home, but there is nothing on the market in my price range. I have worried myself sick about this. I finally realized that I should try to be happy in the process, whether I am able to buy a home anytime soon or if I must continue to rent.

7. Talk it out

Support from friends means talking through your problems and looking for a resolution together. If a resolution cannot be found, this support can still prove beneficial. Consider this, everybody has problems, and that’s why support works so well. Friends can help friends work through things they have also been through themselves.

If you lose your job and are worried about how to pay the bills, your friend’s stories of lost jobs can help you navigate the situation through their experience and advice. So, to stop worrying, you absolutely must talk about the situation in order to get somewhere.

8. Do better maintenance

I know it’s hard to fix something that’s already broken, but if you can keep up with maintenance in your life, you can avoid a certain amount of disaster.  Being pro-active in your life will help reduce worrying and stress when things fall apart.

For instance, if you keep up with automobile maintenance, then there is a decreased risk of your car having problems. If you are proficient with your dental hygiene at home, then you can avoid tooth decay or worse. Do you see what I mean? I know you cannot stop what’s already happening, but you can plan better for the future.

It’s not easy but you can decrease worry

I might be the last person that should be giving you advice, seeing as I worry too much myself. The thing is, I guess I have learned much from all this stress. There has to be another way. Over time, I have learned a few of these tricks and they have helped me. I hope they will help you too. Good luck!


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  1. SS

    True, some years back when I would be just gazing into space a family member would say ” now you worry about why worry is not worrying you”

    True, I am a born preworrier if there’s such a word in English ! but off late as I have realized that yes, there are many situations in my life where I have tried my very best not to worry, and in the end its I who is the final loser of the precious time. I could have just let it go,and indulged in something worthwhile to give my brain a rest. Now after years of constant stress that has unfortunately given me health issues I am finally letting myself slow down,I do worry but not as before, it’s futile as I can’t control situations beyond my control.

    1. Sherrie

      Yes, I am right there with you. I could be worried and stressed out of my mind right now, but I just don’t deserve it. I deserve to have peace, and I will find it in whatever crap I encounter. This is also because my health has paid the price for my stress. I endure some illnesses that a person of my age should not endure. Now, I will worry, there’s no doubt, but I hope that I remember how to take control of those thoughts and find my peace again. I have one life and i Have squandered so much of it. I want to cherish the rest.

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