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Do We Have a Magnetic Sixth Sense?

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A protein in the retina of the human eye can perceive magnetic fields. So humans seem to have a kind of magnetic 'sixth sense'. This was discovered by researchers at the Medical School of the University of Massachusetts, led by neuroscience and neurobiology professor Steven Reppert, who published their study in the journal Nature communications. First [...]

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Simple tips on how to become more sociable

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"The real unique luxury — is a luxury of human communication" Antoine de Saint-Exupery It is not a secret that any interaction between people is built on constant communication. And the effectiveness of this communication is determined by how sociable you are. Only having identified the concept of sociability, it is possible to draw any [...]

Four simple secrets to success

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Numerous success stories show that it is impossible to become a millionaire without making much effort. To succeed, you first need to work hard, mentally or physically. Nobody knows the formula for success which gives a perfect result, but still there are some simple secrets to help you improve your chances on the path to [...]

Immortal avatars will allow us to live forever

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Russian businessman claims to have found the secret of immortality. And it is not a magic potion or a mystical ritual, but a futuristic project that resembles the well-known science-fiction movie «Avatar». “Journey” to immortality in 10 years Dmitry Itskov promises the candidates for immortality to personally oversee their “passing to eternity”. And despite all [...]

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9 Questions Science Has No Answer to

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Science is expected to give answers to the important and the unimportant phenomena that take place around us, and the truth is that most of the time, it does not disappoint us. But there still remain mysteries that even the greatest scientists do not have an explanation for. Here are some of the questions science [...]

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5 Creepy Mysteries You Have Probably Never Heard about

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Creepy mysteries make life more interesting wouldn't you think? They fill us with dread but strengthens our hope for the extraordinary. Urban legends and scary stories always fascinate us, either because they make a boring evening with friends much more interesting or just because they dilute our everyday life with a mysterious sense of the unknown which [...]

The moon could have been formed after a “hit and run” accident

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According to the prevailing theory, the moon was formed from debris ejected into space when the Earth collided and merged with another celestial body of the Mars size. But now European researchers estimate that the body that crashed on our planet was even bigger and managed to “survive” after the accident. Although now it is [...]