• your personality type

What Is the Ideal Career for Your Personality Type?

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Did you know that there’s an ideal career waiting out there for you? Regardless, of what baby boomers or other individuals against the “made for” theory would say, there’s no denying that how much you enjoy your work has a lot to do with your personality type. That’s why experts have come up with so [...]

  • liquid water on mars

NASA Finds Liquid Water on Mars: Is the Discovery of Life on the Red Planet Upon Us?

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A recent discovery by NASA has solved a mystery that has plagued scientists for years. After searching, we have discovered liquid water on Mars. Yes, it’s true, and this may be the key to discovering life as well. September 28, 2015, was the day we found water on the surface of Mars. The evidence is [...]

  • the farthest galaxy

Astronomers Found the Farthest Galaxy in the Universe

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Ever wonder what resides in the farthest reaches of space? Well, it’s safe to say that the universe is immense, expanding outward into the never-ending reaches of the imagination. Just when we think we have located the farthest point, we go even further. It seems that we will forever venture further into the unknown. Recently, [...]

  • reading fiction books

How Reading Fiction Books Can Change You in a Major Way

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Reading fiction books doesn't just give you the opportunity to visit imaginary worlds and escape the boring reality of everyday life. Reading fiction books can also stimulate your cognitive functions and helps you understand yourself and others better. Who we are, what we do and what we can do, is largely determined by how well [...]

  • fall is the best time

5 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time for Reflection and Self-Discovery

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Growing up, I used to hate fall. For me, this time of the year was associated with the end of my carefree and joyful summer holidays and the beginning of a new cycle of challenges at school, paired with the cold and rainy weather, which made this back to school depression even more intense (I [...]

  • how dreams helped me

How Dreams Helped Me Find My Path in Life

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It has been an age-old debate as to what exactly dreams are. Many questions have arisen on the topic, and dreams are filled with so much speculative history that it has become a concept of wondrous intrigue. Throughout documented time dreams have been revered, feared, judged, and interpreted. Entire careers have been created for the [...]

  • 7 Chakra System

Physics Behind the 7 Chakra System and Where Chakra Energy Comes from

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First, let’s define what physics is - it is the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. If we take the description of what chakra is, we will discover that it is one of the seven major energy centers in the body. If we combine our knowledge of physics [...]

  • productivity and happiness

Productivity or Happiness: Having It All in One Schedule

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While so many people talk about the importance of a work-life balance, few are able to provide real, actionable plans to help people achieve a happy equilibrium between their home and work lives. Articles all over the Web talk about goal-setting and monotasking, but such vague concepts rarely help busy workers form a schedule that [...]