brain efficiency mechanismFor working efficiently, the brain must be trained, just like muscles. If you don’t strain your brain, you lose the capacity for learning and thinking. Tips proposed in this article are the classic ways to keep your brain “toned” and to increase your intelligence.

1. Limit your time watching television

Scientists have proved that when watching television the resources of the brain are not used, however it is under tension. The energy is wasted without any benefit. For confirmation of this thesis remember your feelings after much time of watching television. In some cases, it is difficult even to focus the sight, and concentration on any complex problem is absolutely impossible. In order to relax it is better to read a book, to listen to music or just to talk with friends.

2. Do some physical exercise

All kinds of physical exercise have extremely positive influence on the productivity of mental activity. Physical training improves blood flow to the brain, makes the mind clear, gives intellectual energy and increases the ability to concentrate.

3. Read thought-provoking books

Popular novels, flooded the book market don’t stimulate mental activity. In order not only to enjoy reading but also to train the brain, it is better to opt for the classic literary works. Classics teaches to express thoughts in beautiful literary language and gives much interesting information. For most people who have discovered the classic literature, popular fiction is simply uninteresting.

4. Sleep at least eight hours a day

Lack of sleep has the worst effect on the thinking quality. For efficient work of the brain a person must sleep at least 8 hours. In addition, the regime has great importance. If you wake up too late and stay awake till late at night, you will surely experience confusion throughout during the whole day. If you feel tired during the day, it is advisable to sleep for 10-20 minutes (not longer). Short sleep refreshes and relieves stress.

5. Take time to think

Often life becomes so restless and fussy, that a man has no time even to realize it. The result is a confusion of thoughts and a poor concentration. To prevent this, it is recommended to find a few moments a day to quietly reflect, to fix ideas and to set priorities for your actions. It allows you to distinguish the most important tasks and goals and not to waste your life energy on unimportant things.


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