universal laws1. The Law of Creation

Thought creates everything. Knowing this law, you can create everything by consciously controlling your thoughts and guiding them in the right direction. You can start creating the things you desire.

2. The Law of Implementation

Every idea has the right to be implemented. If you are pleased with your thoughts, then let them be implemented. Do not interrupt them with doubts. Everything has the right to exist!

3. The Law of Time

We have time to slow down or cancel the implementation of an idea. This is the reason of the existence of time. Due to the evolution of the universe, the length of time to cancel the implementation of an idea is reduced with each passing day.

It is very good that is a period of time before your thoughts come true. Imagine if every thought you think was implemented instantly?

So if you have bad thoughts, quickly change the way of thinking in the desired direction, as long as you have Time for this.

4. The Law of Freedom of Choice

Everyone has the right to think what he wants, and thus to create what he wants. No rules, no limits… complete freedom of choice.

Want to have your wishes fulfilled? Then do not blame the wishes of others.

If you do not allow others to wish what they want, then you automatically do not allow yourself to.

5. The Law of Permission

No idea or creation of anyone else will enter into your life without your mental permission. Everything that you experience is created or allowed only by you!

No one is to blame for what is happening in your life. It happens only with your permission.

6. The Law of Harmony

The universe treats anyone with the same way. It has neither favorites nor those she allegedly punishes.

Relax and enjoy life. There is absolutely no need to curry favor and be nice to someone.

7. The Law of Group

We all are an element of something. Nothing is solitary. Nothing is final or initial. So you are a part of a city, a country, a planet, a galaxy, a universe, etc.

Just accept this fact and realize that, for example, your body is also a part of the universe.

8. The Law of Evolution

The universe and all its elements and components are always evolving. It always was, is and will be like this. You are constantly evolving and it is a very pleasant fact. Enjoy!

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