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Sometimes when my ego gets ahead of me, I refer to it as your I-ness. I love the fact that everyone is equally lost in a world that everyone is a part of equally. I also love music, and how the drums are similar to the crashing of the waves, and the guitar is a lion's roar in the deep jungles of our earth. I think re-incarnation is jazz, and nirvana is only yours to achieve and yours to deceive. For nirvana is like fine wine, everyone's got their preferences - but its still old grape juice.
  • make meditation fun

Too Lazy to Meditate? This Technique Will Help You Make Meditation Fun

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I was often asked this question early on by my peers that were peering into meditation as an alternative science to their stress and anxiety. As soon as I would start to talk about ZaZen or TM, or any other form of Rishi-Muni meditation, it would put them to sleep. This was because, I wasn't [...]

  • Quitting Addiction

Changing Your Mindset and Quitting Addiction

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Can you change your response to triggers in your environment? You can consider the number of times you've felt anxious, nervous, aroused, or fearful for no apparent reason, but just by looking a sight or smelling a smell, or even thinking about a future scenario in your mind. It is the flow of chemicals inside [...]

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Electrical Brain Stimulation: Shocking Ourselves into Greatness

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I heard an interesting podcast episode the other day from Radio Labs. It was called 9 volt Nirvana, and the guest Sally Adee spoke about a simulation training exercise used by DARPA. She was asked to aim, shoot, reload and continue on as a sniper for 20 minutes in this simulation game. She performed quite [...]

  • cognitive polyphasia definition

Cognitive Polyphasia or Why We Contradict Ourselves

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Serge Moscovici, a French social psychologist, coined the term Cognitive Polyphasia in the 80s. Same guy behind the social representation theory (another interesting read). This seemingly innocent frame of mind is all about having contradicting thoughts and multiple frames of references to explain an event either to themselves or to other people. In other words, or [...]

  • We Live in a Matrix and Reality Is a Computer Program

Is Life Simply a Computer Simulation?

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John Conway (Ph.D. Mathematician from Princeton) in the '70s developed a simple game based on a checkerboard. The rules were as follows: A single checker piece with less than two other checker pieces dies due to a lack of tribe. A single checker piece with two or three checker pieces lives on to the next generation [...]