Capgras syndrome: the weirdest brain disorder ever

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capgras syndromeA 21 year old student in the U.S. had a wonderful relationship with her mother. She is the last of six children and perhaps the most beloved one. Suddenly she began to believe that her mother was no longer the true mother, but her double.

Looks like science fiction but it is a real disease. Capgras syndrome makes one believe that his closest people have been replaced with doubles.

This is not a joke or science fiction, but a serious and rare brain disorder, Capgras syndrome (delusion). Patients strongly believe that

their close people have been replaced with doubles. No rational argument can convince them, for example, that there are things that only parents, siblings or spouses may know.

Most patients find it intolerable and suffer much, because their beloved ones suddenly become strangers for them.

The disorder is a kind of “gap” between what the optic nerves perceive and emotion. Suddenly the patient stops feeling like he should feel about his closest people, who become complete strangers.

Scientists do not know what exactly causes this condition. Sometimes it occurs in people who have suffered an accident and have been hit in the head. Another explanation may be schizophrenia.

Moreover, there is no cure for this disease. It is treated more easily in people who have suffered a head injury, while the rest are often required to take medication throughout life.

However, the evolution of technology is a very helpful and supportive factor. In the future, the MRI scans will be even more detailed, so scientists estimate that in 30 or 40 years it will be possible to relatively accurately find the exact location of the lesion so that it will be treated more effectively.

Even if the cure is eventually found, the reality of this brain disorder surpasses the imagination.

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  1. Jimbo Jones October 1, 2017 at 7:25 pm - Reply

    I suffer from capgras delooosion and my favorite food is egg shells and mayonaise.

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