There are many reasons why you may feel unique. Could you or someone you know be part of the Indigo generations?

The following article will answer some of the questions you may have about indigo children and will help you find the “miracle children” in your close circle. One of the New Age theorists is Ms. Nancy Ann Tappe, who worked on the Indigo generations in an almost scientific manner and divided them into five categories according to the date of birth of these children.

Here are the five Indigo generations, according to Tappe:

Alpha Generation

The first generation, which was called Alpha, includes children born in the period between 1958 and 1968. According to Tappe, the period of the awakening of the Alpha generation was from 1986 until 1996. Their aura was seen as dark blue and green with purple shades.

The aura was also under the influence of the metallic beige hue, protecting them from external attacks and excessively early showing of indigo potential. Since early childhood, the Alpha had a feeling of being different, as if they did not belong to their home, country, or parents. The reasons for these differences were always vague and never provided a satisfactory explanation.

Beta Generation

They are people born in the period between 1968 and 1978. The period of their awakening coincides, roughly, with the period between 1996 and 2006. The colors of their aura are blue – green – purple, but no longer the color of the metal shield.

A typical feature of both generations, Alpha and Beta, is that they look much younger than they actually are, Tappe says.

Gamma Generation

The Gamma is the third generation of Indigo children, born between 1978 and 1988. The period of the intellectual awakening of these children coincides with the period between 2006 and 2016. This is the first generation with the minimum protective shield. It is usually purple with markings of ocher or a crystal color.

Delta Generation

These children are born between 1988 and 1998. One of the characteristics of the fourth generation is the pure indigo color of the aura. The period of maturation and spiritual awakening of the delta generation coincides with the period from 2016 until 2026.

This generation is too sensitive and needs plenty of help. These people are overactive and quite extroverted. They like to show the world who they really are and often do this with great self-confidence. In their environment, they want blue and purple colors and enjoy slow music. They avoid crowded places and anything that causes nervousness.

The Delta generation usually has difficult teenage years. Many of these kids think that something is wrong with them, they may dabble with drugs or have suicidal tendencies. The best remedy for them is Nature.

Omega Generation

Children born between 1998 and 2008 belong to the so-called Omega indigo generation. Supposedly this is the last “pure” indigo generation. According to Tappe, this generation will experience the “Dark Night of the Soulfrom 2026 until 2036.

Children born in the Delta and Omega period, are also called Crystal Children because of a particularly bright, crystal color in their aura.

These children are particularly vulnerable to various dermatology problems, allergies, and diseases (especially to those of the upper respiratory tract due to high environmental pollution). Also, a large proportion of them are characterized as autistic or suffers from Asperger syndrome. Tappe claims that autism in children is a way of self-protection from the attack and neurosis of the outside world.

The Awakening of Indigo

For each of the indigo generations, the process of awakening begins around the age of 28-29 years and lasts about 7.5 years. The “Dark Night of the Soul” is a period that can be particularly difficult because it is the final return of an indigo person to their mission in this life. This period is full of different problems and various difficult challenges.

In the mature age (37 – 39), the recovery of psychic abilities begins, Tappe claims. Until then, this person had enough time to finally learn to trust their psychic powers without being startled or trying to share their experiences with others.

Tappe claims that these internal experiences may include: having a clear insight, direction, and possible internal communication with the spirit world; the ability to read thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others; understanding the parallel levels of reality; a true insight into the nature of time.

While there is no evidence to support the claim that Indigo children are real, many people believe that they are. So let’s keep our mind open, shall we? If you are a spiritual person, maybe believing that you are an indigo child or adult could help you realize your potential. You may not have realized the awakening as it was happening. Maybe you just know someone who is part of the Indigo generations.

Whatever the case, this may be the real reason you or someone you love feels different. After all, the indigos are said to possess unique qualities, so maybe it’s just a metaphor for being a gifted, sensitive, and highly creative individual.

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  1. Daniela Danan

    I´m Alpha Indigo born 1960, Scandinavia, Europe. I’ve got to grow in hard conditions and it has made me a diamond-hard Indigo. However, without forgetting love. To learn to love was the hardest lesson. To love myself and others in a right way. When I realized its importance my spiritual growth was easier. Only The Right Love can change this planet into a better place to live. Every day I do something with love — caring people and animals. On a large scale and in a small things. Lovingly “Butterfly Effect” will change things better, sooner or later. The Greatest Light and Power of The Universe is Love. Even if it sounds naive or stupid. And how often do we face hatred, pride, selfishness, and cruelty. The creator of the universe is light and love, and I follow his example. Without any religious traditions.

  2. Chameleon

    I am an Alpha, but my awakening did not occur until after after age 40.

  3. Melina

    Hi everybody, I am an Indigo Gamma (I guess) and I had my awakening two years and a half ago at 28 years old.
    I still learning about it all, but I have nobody I can talk about it… anybody knows a group, or support, people can share their experiences and teach one another? Thanks!

    1. Saleh

      One of the main character of Indigos, is that they can’t stand in a group, mainly they seeks everything in their inside, as you are already doing so, in case you need indication life it self bring it to you, almost everyday 😉

    2. Koop da Gynx

      hi. I understand you. I feel alien to this plane of existence. I’ve been to amenti purgatory. but I made it back n brought something with me

  4. Maggie

    I’m a Beta and I knew as a child but lost it until recently. I am 43 and now understand my mission here at long last!

  5. Vanna

    As with any of this stuff, not having a real primer to go by, time lines may be off and individual journeys may be affected by three-dimensional life. I seem to have indigo qualities but was born five years before the Alpha wave. It has taken me most of my life to understand my strange powers: empathic, apparently somewhat psychic, and an intuitive healer. I didn’t recognize that I had one and three until much later in life. My aura reader always sees my energy as dark green and blue, almost indigo, which makes sense, as that is teaching & healing and peaceful energy. Finally, two years ago, she said “You can do no more.’ Six months later, some indigo and aqua had crept in. She showed m the reading that she sees normally (for 35 years), and said , “You see? I never see THISI”. I had deja vu experiences as a child and was extremely close to nature. I would sneak out of the house, lie in the grass and pore over the stars. I am studying metaphysics now and became an R.M.T. There is a lot more to my story, but I am working on reconstructing my life right now, as the tower has fallen for me. It was necessary so could move up vibrationally; like everyone else, I am sent here to help others. If it seems like bragging, it is not; I sat on my knowledge for almost twenty years because I thought it wasn’t true. It was difficult to move ahead because I was raised strictly and religiously, and had no support in my ideas as an adult . I keep a low profile because I will not try to get rich from these abilities, and do not rally want to be “known”. I am a writer, a Reiki practitioner, and strangers often ask me for spiritual help. I get sudden knowledge about many subjects, it’s developed and it is not anything that I had knowledge of previously! To sum it up, if strange things happen to you, and you feel that you are on a spiritual path, and moreover, that you feel that you are on a mission to help others, it is most likely exactly what it seems to be. Namaste.

    1. Sandra Lindgren

      I can’t believe how much your story relates to mine. I’m called weird by my family. & some friends, people have been jealous & want to know how I know so much about so many different things, even ones I knew nothing about until I spoke or did them. Today I’m finding out I am an Alpha. I’m so excited to finally know why I’m different. I’m an Empathetic, a healer, & now a alpha. I’m not sure how I can use my gifts to help, but I guess I’ve always helped people to the point where I get used. I have no real friends, cuz they use me. Family thinks I’m strange, keep telling me , I always have been. Thank you for letting me know why! Finally!

  6. Roxy

    I am a Beta and this totally matches me.

  7. n/aa

    hello im a omega indigo child.

    I had a sort of awakening at a young age when i realized one day that maybe I wasn’t suppose to fit into this world and its rules,that maybe i was born and designed for something better and greater than me or anyone else’s understanding or that something will happen and i will be included when that thing would happen and the world will slowly shape back to what it use to be or something like that.

    i have indeed have seen ghost,heard ghost and felt them off and on in my life.

    I’m very sensitive to energy around me especially in places like people’s homes where its extremely compact and would affect me a lot.

    I’ve always been told I’m much wiser beyond my years and that i possibly have a much older soul.

    I hope that one day peoples minds open up for what i have to say and everyone else has to say to.

  8. John Doe

    im born in the Delta generation. All that makes sense to me now. I have always been so sensitive with different food and especially candy, cakes, potatochips which has made my stomach hurt alot. Throughout my youth from about 21-22 I started smoking hasch due to being very depressed and having suicidal thoughts. This continued until about one year ago when I felt myself getting more sick and tired. I had a strong feeling I was about to die in 2-3 years if I did not stop. What I did was read alot about the immunity and what to do to increase it so I came across a couple of things and have since then coughed up so much pleghm and mucus which has helped my root chakra become stronger and more stable. (Had a knee injure when I was around 21-22. During this year alot of tears has come out. Things started to make sense for me, this was not suited for me. It is as my conscious has opened up with the phlegm leaving my body. My mind and soul feel so much more centered and I have alot less stress than I had before and it is quite scary now because as I get more conscious I start to realise more of the pain in peoples heart/soul. I am also born in the zodiac Gemini. Lately I have felt that this world is something different than I would live in due to so much pollution, hatred and evilness in it. Hopefully more and more people wake up and realise that we need to heal eachother through love and compassion. To realise the wrongdoings in this world. Peace be with you all.

  9. Rei

    So my mother’s friend can see people’s auras and she said that I have protected aura… I don’t know is that the thing of indigo children (I would be Omega generation) but I would like to know more about it

  10. Andrew

    I am an Alpha Indigo born in 1965 (Double Gemini/ Double Snake/ 7 life path).
    We have always been here in small numbers as required. The Alpha’s were sent here to set the energy and provide and foundation for our kindred to build on, we are in effect the elders of this group and often operate behind the scene’s. The reason we are here in force goes beyond the aid of Gaia, she is more than capable of looking after herself and we are but a fraction of her children but of course we are the most troublesome currently. Yes we are here to counter balance the current state which is dominated by souls who are still developing there desire bodies, meaning they are ruled by there emotions and desires, they are yet to be awakened spiritually.
    This wave of souls we call humanity has reached a an impasse which is the result of the potential difference between the most advanced of us and the least evolved. This wave will soon be split in order that all can be afforded the right space suitable for there evolution. This pending split has seen vast numbers of souls incarnating recently as souls scramble to speed up there lessons in order not be left behind.
    We are here to shine, to inspire and project our your love without limit or judgement and to ALL souls.
    Please don’t be sidetracked on what sort of Indigo you are as in the end we all come here with different talents that we have developed along the way. Your mission is written in your hearts and not your mind and I wish only love to you all as it has taken much courage for you to come here and you have done so for the betterment of your brothers and sisters who have yet to understand what you do.
    Blessings to all………

    1. Kiera

      Good words

  11. Bob

    I am one of one, If you are truly of the path please show these children the way. This is a very special place. If you can recall the lengths we had to go just to find this place then you know why it’s close to my heart. Greed and the dark are very hard to fight, this is why you have the light in and around you. Things can and will be better but not until they see what hell can be like. I am starting the need to be carried and can no longer pull as I did in my younger years. This was already thought on and we have left many lights please light the way for the rest, they are young and are so like children.

    1. Tray

      You too are the Light you wrote about.. I’m an adult indigo, end of second wave. I first read about indigo’s probably a decade ago and it helped me realize why I always felt the way I did and is helping me grow into who I really am… which is an ongoing process I’m still learning. Loving ourselves is the answer. The compassion you feel for others, when directed inward will ignite the Light. That’s what I’ve started doing lately and it’s more beautiful than I ever imagined. Best of everything, always and all ways. Thanks for posting, this is the first time I’ve ever posted something on this topic. I never felt comfortable doing so, but I read your post and felt compelled to write you.

  12. John

    I was born in Dec.of 1953. A confirmed Indigo.
    Wondering how rare this is. Feel free to interview me if you like.
    It was great a few years ago when I first heard the term “Indigo”. There are only a couple of characteristics which aren’t direct 100% “hits”.
    I mention this to very few and they don’t seem very interested. How “woo woo” or accepted as dependable is this now considered would you say?

    1. Simeon Daly

      I Was Born In 2004. And I’m An Indigo Too, I Don’t Feel Like This Is The Right Body For Me Because My Spirit And Soul Is So Ancient. I’m Only 15 And Know More Than My Teachers And Peers.

      1. Hennie

        It’s like they can’t teach you the “life”

    2. Robert

      Hi John, I was born September 1948. Only in 2010 did a woman tell me that I might be an early Indigo. Like you, the description of the Indigo qualities fits me almost exactly. My entire life I have wondered why I never fit in, no matter where I went. I always knew I was somehow different, but never knew why. Now I am understanding I need to embrace who and what I am, instead of continuing to wonder if there is something wrong with me. People usually guess my age 15 years younger than my actual age. I am just now beginning to make a conscious effort to try to discover how to live in the world. Good luck to us both!

  13. Lela

  14. Vale

    I am beta, all the things I did read here arr right. I am in the realizing phase. Now so much things happened are clear for me. There are some place where I can speak with expert indigo? In the meanwhile, I wish you all an infinity of colorful light. ❤️

  15. Mandy

    I just learned of indigo children today, and from the few articles I’ve read so far, I definitely feel it’s possible that I am one. I would really love some guidance or recommendations of where to go, what to read, who to contact, any helpful information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    1. Colin Bartram

      Hi. I can certainly do that for you no problem at all.

      You’re welcome to email me.if it shows and I will help you figure out why you are feeling this way.

  16. Alexa

    Ive always felt “different” and just alone in the world but I recently found out I was a starseed and indigo to be exact its just no one takes me seriously, mostly because Im really young and my parents and family members just think im talking crazy, Im 12 years old, almost 13 (my zodiac sign is cancer) and this website is really helpful so thank you <3

    1. Kate Ackerman

      Dearest Alexa, always be sure of your intuitions. If you feel a certain way honor it as you would for your best friend. One of the longest lessons I’ve had in this life is to believe in myself and to never give another power over you simply because you feel they know the deal better than you. Noone knows your deal better than YOU…of that you can be sure. Dont waste your breath trying to explain yourself or your feelings. Very few will get it anyway. Every so often though, you will find another who seems to get you without explanation. To those individuals, you will effortlessly be known. In these encounters you will come to know and understand yourself more deeply. Your challenge is to let your years catch up to you. Things should get a little easier. I wish you much love and light in your time here.

  17. Frances MacPhee

    Not sure,just heard about Indigo children recently.I am empathetic beyond what is normal,can’t even watch posts on the suffering of others,I get depressed by the pain around me!I tend to discuss issues that expose the dark side of people and try to enlighten them,I am some what of a troll hunter,shutting down most very quickly as I won’t back down cause good will prevail as I see it!I am a gifted writer,poetry comes easily to me,as does most writing but always too impatient to actually do much writing unless it has a direct purpose.I have started to paint and make creatve jewelry,some for helping animal rescue and some for chindrens causes.I have no kids as I spent my life dedicated to those with behavior problems,been reffered to as a spengalli by many that knew me,I don’t see that,but I think I am kind enough to be an angel on earth.I am a giver,a defender of the down trodden,a lover of the sun,most of my paintings are sun related.I am only comfortable with people like myself and close family and friends,somewhat reclusive.I think I am different and always have been,my mom said
    I used to talk to the angels in my crib,and have encountered strange occurances,where people came into my life for brief moments,that were not supposed to be from this world,hard to explain on here,lol!My sensitivites have led to depression ,anxiety,etc,but my inner positive strength has always lifted me out of bad places,back to the light.I dream a lot about taking flight off my bed ,right to the ceiling,lol,and often have really crazy dreams that seem to take me to another dimention,which can be a lot like Alice in wonderland.I have made many predictions about fute events and people that were right,even read things out of books by sociologists that I had already written before I read tem.Not sure if Indigo,was born in Dec.1958,but I am sure I am special,and the reactions of others,especially children and animals are almost magnetic,they seem to know my heart is especially kind!Anyway just checking this out,it is really sunny and now I must go and enjoy this beautiful day!

    1. Lauren

      Could your neurotic megalomaniacal ego be ANY bigger? Really

  18. Melia

    Anna, this information is extremely beneficial. I am an Alpha, Indigo. I am a “Light Worker.” Familiar with Doreen Virtue. I hope that more people will be enlightened by this information. It is my belief that if we ban together, we possess the ability to overcome the dark forces that occasionally, surround us. I especially enjoyed the post stating that if we turn our compassion & empathy inward our “Light,” will shine. Enabling us to protect ourselves; as well as allowing others to see the, “Light.”

  19. Guy

    I was born in ‘58

    A medium told me I was an adult Indigo in 2010
    I became a lightworker .
    In Human Design I’m a 3/6
    Generator .
    The 3 energy is that of truth seeker and finder and of the Activist .
    “Hack out the old order and prepare for the Crystal generation and in turn the Rainbow 🌈 generation who come with no karma -new souls , they all
    have the sixth house vibration
    “Service to humanity “.
    Only they will
    create and maintain the new order of change .

  20. Laura

    I am a indigo beta born 1977

    1. Greg

      Hey guys, am putting something together. Please know that you are all blessed and soon enough we will all have a support system. Just know that you should always trust your intuition and everything that you face and see was just meant for you. Never ignore anything that you see , here or feel. Also always remember the golden rule LOVE LOVE LOVE! Something that helps me is meditation, that’s what I used to do when I was scared or when I was afraid but with time I have learnt to become one. Your gift is not for personal fulfillment but for all humanity. No matter what you face, where you may be misleaded you will still get back to what you were meant to do. Everything that happens is just a learning curve to get back to your way. Stay strong and know that you are always protected and most importantly you are loved! I love you guys! Keep strong

      1. Dina

        Thank you, Greg. We are here. Awake. Being and giving LOVE. Keeping the light on…

  21. Michelle

    from th indigo beta generation, empath, lightworker, clairsient so far that i hav learned and gathering more info and light for those who hav lost there way and need to steer their purppse back on track, an impotant yet necessary job, draining if you dont learn to shield or block, plant th seed, instil th knowledge we saw and heard to be truth abd wonderful, real and rare, we wouldnt be given anything tht we cant handle, go forth in love and light.

  22. Jeff skinner

    I am indigo as well. Love as never before and the light gets brighter. I hear my song in all music. The truth is in it. Love you all!

  23. Dora

    Hi there Everton e.
    Really intetesting information on this site.
    I am an Alpha Indigo.
    I live more at peace now with all the information I’ve had to process through the years. I feel almost free.
    There’s a lot of work to be done still.
    I wish everyone the very best in the accomplishment of their mission.

  24. Cherry Mae

    I am a delta andr recently awaken

  25. Elle

    Hello, alpha for some reason all the kids in 1976 or so heard the trumpet to join and started the very creative punk movement. Kids of this age from all around the world joined together at the same time without the internet (it wasn’t invented yet) and created a very cohesive movement. I am now 61 and look about 3o. I know an 85 year old who also looks about 35 or so. I know things. And have had the chance to prevent a very heinous crime. I go easily between heaven and earth……. I am a school teacher of 7 and eight yearolds, mostly African American and Hispanic kids who can repeat my thoughts.

  26. Elle

    I can heal, I can also easily manifest. I am also constantly happy. A light worker if it must have a name. Our highschool was extremely lenient and we often wore costumes to school. My favorite was a 16th century peasant costume. My friend and I would wear those costumes constantly to school and were ridiculed by the popular sports click and we would just laugh at them!!! We carried amethysts and rose quartz. Love to you all!!!

  27. Edward B

    Hey guys, Delta Gen here. I don’t like self-proclaiming indigo because it reminds me of part of the problem we face here today. Men and women who are experiencing their first attempt at being human and their egos are running wild, especially in these times. Self proclaiming indigo makes me feel like I’m participating in that noise (as if its to inflate my ego, but its not…I know none of you and benefit in no way), but as we all know…our intuition has only strengthened with each passing day since our current incarnation. I know who I am, I haven’t regained my memories or anything yet but I have had dreams where I was just other people in different lives and I have experienced intuition that goes beyond explanation. Always been an outcast, overly sensitive, and I’ve been struggling with addiction for about 10 years now. My wake up year was 2018, which is when I met Gaia on a psychedelic trip. Since 2019 I’ve realized my purpose of this incarnation, which is two things…helping the homeless and cleanup (litter collection) outside of regular light work, smiling and and sending love centered thought waves at these trolls around me, I’m just having a hard time getting situated rn. My meditations have become so intense at times that they scare me, the sounds that I hear and the things that flash in my minds eye are inexplicable. Trust your gut, and I know you have all experienced the wilderness call, make sure you follow them. It might be a random patch of woods near your home, school, or work calling you…go to it. When I follow it, I end up receiving data downloads there. I was stuck in my head by the bank of this river, having these thoughts as I watched the diverse group of insects all fly around this flower. It lasted about 20 mins, and then I opened my book (Sri Isopanisad) and everything I just went over in my head was on the pages, there was no need to even read. It was already received, and all I did was sit by the river staring at a plant. I thought to myself, the same way this bee receives the nectar, we too can do the same. Our nectar is found in a different flower though

  28. Susie Walker

    I’m not going to claim what I am, I know I am unique and freakishly good at everything I have a go at mastering tasks in an extremely quick timing. I have always been highly intuitive with being able to see how a situational circumstances plays out. With my famous statement “people ought a listen to me more, god forbid I might know a thing or two”.
    I don’t like people touching me or grabbing me unexpectedly as I have gone into a trans like state seeing snippets of this person’s future leaving me feel exasperated and dazed. I am highly selective who I let close to me as I feel other’s energies and my body takes on their thought’s, emotions ect, and I have always valued my own alone time and get very angry when people don’t let me have that time to myself (“I’m putting myself in a time out, until I can play nicely with everyone again”) (“I need my own personal bubble right now and unplug from the world for awhile”) comments i have frequently said for years now. As a child my dad always said “there she goes again, off with the fairies” he would say as i drifted off into another world of reality as i hear a voice speaking to me or a random song play or a smell triggering some vision like movie inside my head. I was that child that bored easily and drift off into conversation with my friend and still be able to know exactly what the teacher has been waffling on about for the last 10 minutes. I was also that child that corrected teachers when they gave incorrect information on a topic to the class and proved it without a shadow of a doubt with producing factual information ect. I was also that child who knew how intellectual i am and saw how the egg heads were bullied and out cast. As I have always been free spirited and was always more then intellectual factual stuff, I was also outgoing and sporty, adventurous, social, active, i was more then books and facts. So I flew under the raider and making sure my grades were of average range with maintaining B average grades and the odd A+ on topics that really made me passionate to do extremely well and a C standard to subjects that never interested me. Most people think i am this Lil Miss Popular who wouldn’t know what a hard day struggle is because they see this extremely confident, high self esteem, that intimidating persona of owning who I am and never being apologetic for who I am. Always have high standards and set the bar extremely high in my work life, personal life, relationships every aspect of my life i set the bar high with my methodical ways of perfection in everything I do. Making the average person feel intimidated and feeling like they can never reach my level of perfection and how easy i make it look. I have a bad habit of bringing out insecurities, jealousy, envy, vindictiveness and negative behaviours in low level frequency people. I have always reacted terribly with zero sympathy to people who are being dishonest, disrespectful, fuck all integrity and full egotistical shophenistic control bullying behaviours. I can’t be nice I always react in a boss bitch sarcastic who the fuck do you think you are attitude towards them. My whole life to date has been filled with the darkest times that would break in half and probably mentally institutionalised a normal person. Some how my strong mind and will to adapt and learn to dance with the devil and his demons, endured and overcome to the most intense oppressions and adversities i never asked for and delivered to me by the very people you are meant to trust and love unconditionally. I am highly creative in everything I am passionate about and have always made changes to processes that can be made more easy to comprehend and master and making it more efficiently effective reducing the time it takes to do that task. I have always been a game changer and have always found more efficient ways to do things while training other people 8n ways that they could understand in a language they get. So if I was to gage my life, gifts, talents to the guide lines of an indigo child I fall under the intellectual generation being born on the 30th of June 1981 qt 9:46pm Southern hemisphere.
    I am who I am and I don’t fit into one social box nor can you slap a label on me, I don’t bow down to social conformity nor will I tone myself down or be less of who i am to fit into a crowd or group.
    Yes I am highly unique and a freak who defies the norm and will show you that the impossible is actually very possible and don’t tell me it can’t be done because I will show you a way that it can be done.
    You are what you attract and you become what you manifest and you rip what you sow
    By the power of 3 × 3
    As it is above, so below
    Bless it be peeps

  29. Kat

    Indigo adults where born before 1958 . You really have got that one wrong. I know myself and several like others older than me born before the dates you state.

  30. Indigo mom

    I’m a beta (69). I have a delta son (92) and an omega son (01). I’ve tried to help prepare them for their future, succeeding in some areas and failing in others, as all parents do. They both think I’m just a silly kook And I’m good with that. I’ve never told them about indigo children or gone too deep with my own beliefs.

    I’ve given them lots of information about a lot of belief systems so they can come to their own conclusions organically. I don’t agree with the concept of being instructed to think or believe a certain way, it’s controlling and contrary to the natural progression of life. I believed in sharing ideas and guiding them to find what felt right for them.

    My delta found his calling, he finished his masters Degree and will create therapy plans and work with kids on the spectrum. He’s also a talented illustrator and highly creative. He was a quirky kid with a big heart that always wanted to please. He had two false starts (art school then the military) before finding psychology. I feel he’s settled into his path.

    My omega, I fear, I may be failing. He was so brave and bold as a preschooler, but school zapped him of confidence and energy. He is very smart but never embraced the ‘game’ of school. He learned, but despised having to prove he learned. His standardized tests were always in the 95 percentile and he read extensively. I became very ill when he was about 10 or 11, I was bed ridden for the better part of two years and never bounced back to my old self. I don’t know what tasks he has in front of him but from the moment he was born I’ve felt he will Face something big, something he needs to be prepared for. I don’t know if it’s physically or mentally, or both. It’s like he’s always been in his mind preparing for battle.

    Do you have any suggestions on what an Omega might need to assist with the future?

  31. Morgan Zazow

    Based on these dates I’m a Gamma but I feel an urge to further google Delta, as well. I’m obsessed with that true indigo color- can’t get over it! I hope everyone is adjusting as easily as possible and believing in themselves. I‘m working through a ton of trauma now and have finally made enough strides to start feeling okay. If you’re like me and feel incredibly self conscious and embarrassed, don’t give up. Say what you need to say out loud if that’s what helps you figure things out because then the confusion dissipates. You are so loved 💗

  32. Michelob Williamson

    Delta Indigo, 1994 july 18. Didnt think there was actually other out there, seem to be rarity in Ohio. Im 26 my awakening started early in 2917 after an incident that life slipped away from me for 6 hours. Some void is the bit i remember. Mcdonalds parking lot, closed at midnight and I sat there after going through drive apparently parked took a bite and lights out i logically figured it was 5-6pm. Came to at 2:30 am slumped over no clue where i was or realized what happened at first. Then years later now I realize i lost my suicidal tendencies, became sorta like a martyr and made a vow

  33. Julie Schmidlen

    I am an Alpha, born in 1960, awakened in 1986 when my spirit lifted, actually pulled really hard as if held by rubber bands, and flipped around then fell back into my body. I realized that my soul had been facing inward, I think for protection from my scary father, and suddenly at age 26 I was facing outward. My journey started then and keeps going. I remember in my 30’s seeing Delta children when they were toddlers to 10 years old and being struck by the beauty of their auras and their souls.

  34. Aria

    I am a Omega Indigo, I was born 2006 and have seen and heard voices from a young age. I was terrified and always thought I was crazy, it wasn’t till recently l have learned I am anything but crazy. I have talked with my spirit guides and my higher self, and It was amazing. Because I refused my gift when I was younger I am trying to reconnect with it. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL THING AND YOU SOULD EMBRACE IT!

  35. TX

    I never heard of this until today when trying to figure out why the lights in my place flickered when i would walk under them, at times completely going out. I came across these articles which inspired me to read more, have had a lot of “unusual” things happen & have been told i should write a book many times. Im an introvert, empath, cancer & tough life fitting in which currentky can count my friends on one hand. I started having premonitions around 2014 (born in ‘75) & when they came true it was my awakening as to WTH? I have had good & bad contact me in my mind & i recall at times feeling so drained afterwards. I know something/someone has done some kind of scanning on my body at night while trying to sleep. Depressed at the time I cry as i type this, but i had hoped & wanted to believe whoever was doing it was of good intent to repair my previously broken bones or the constant loud ringing in my ears (tinnitus) but living w/chronic pain after multiple accidents it never went aeay, nor did the ringing but my anxiety would have killed me thinking differently, as if i was a science project of some kind. I’ve had something control my body at one time during these 3 strangest years & at one point i prayed for death. Too much to talk about here but after that so-called awakening i had a son at age 41 😳 & his dad passed while i was pregnant. Reading all of this for the first time is overwhelming as I can’t learn enough but feel so scatterbrained I can’t do anything right now. Just as i write this im all over the place. Anyways my son is almost 4 & sees auras but has a lot of health issues, right now respiratory w/all the chem trails & allergens. He was DX high functioning autistic & anti social except w/me. He asked me recently who was on the roof, catching me off guard as it was very late at night i asked (after knowing he could see colors “auras “) i asked, “what do they look like” his response “one white, one black” I know black is evil & white is good & often confused with silver, very intuitive. So trying to remain calm i just said it was probably his daddy watching over us. He tells me our neighbors are building fireworks. He always asked when first discovered I assume, why am I gold & then one day he said green but them went back to gold. I’m very lost w/all of this. A lot of strange things continue to happen. I feel so alone & have no real guidance other than my mom to talk sbout this with but she is fairly new at realizing she’s a medium herself & we both would love someone who could get us caught up, as i feel like im way behind all others on here assuming im a true indigo from beta generation. I get scared at times being alone & having had a negative “mind f###” is the only way I could describe it when it happened. If anyone can help me fast forward asap please contact me. I’ve been crying for no reason except maybe bc I’m lost w/so much going on & mind racing i cant focus just a big mess of potential. Best wishes to all!

  36. Juanita

    Born in 1948 and very definitely an Indigo child. Don’t limit this to any one or more generations, they can be from any generation that chose explore life beyond earth. Souls have been coming to earth from the beginning of earth’s creation. Scientist are now realizing the wisdom of Eistein and those before and after him. To think so narrowly shows your prejudice towards those who are not as young as you.

  37. Bente

    im born 1963, according to starseedology im originated from Orion and Andromeda. and is an indigo. problem is ,cant remeber anything, im just interested in spirituality, and conspiracies. why is that? I feel left out lol, when will i get my consciousness back. i think i have been really mindswiped for a reason. very annoying.

  38. Cee

    i think i am an omega indigo (i’m 13) and i genuinely don’t know where to start because everyone else seems to be finding this out when they are adults. like i am finding out about being an indigo child when i am STILL A CHILD 🤣 so i think i will create my own path, who knows ? maybe i might find teenagers who are experiencing the same “loneliness “ that i am
    love and peace,

  39. Mariah Deriana

    I am also an Omega Indigo! I’m 20 but I started my awakening when I was really young.

  40. cee

    that it really cool !! do you remember what you did when you were younger in order to stay focused if you know what i mean ? 🙂

  41. Indigo

    I am a “Delta” Indigo born Jan 13th 1994 at 13:13, diagnosed at 11 with ADHD and was always being supressed in school for being too active, the medication Concertra XL destroyed me for a year until i took myself off them at 16, i had my awakening in 2017 when i called myself indigo i would hear it in my head for years before until i found out what it meant, i lost myself and rebuilt myself up many times after a lifetime of trauma, i didnt start to heal until age 26 in 2020 and since i did ive been fast tracked towards my true path as now- in the midst of a heavy spiritual karmic war i found my gift and now use it to help others get onto their path daily, when you stay true to your path and never give up you will be protected from anything and guided towards where youre meant to be

  42. Michael

    58. Dreams not dreams, spiritual time travel, KNOWING things, yeah, that was then, as a boy. Now, now it’s all back baby and I feel a roar coming

  43. Tammie LaMountain

    I am also a gamma indiego. I always knew I was different but after a NDE at age 26 , it all started coming back to me. While I was on the other side I woke up as a divine being. I also have 2 beautiful starseed children. There is so much to tell but do not know where to begin. The main thing or question I need to ask is has anyone else had repeating dreams of a tsunami? But the thing that was most peculiar I’m the dream was that after the water washed over us we were still alive.

  44. Kyle p.

    As a Delta Generation Indigo, I was educated at 19 by a man who later became my dad. He entered my life after having thee most traumatic experience. He was in multiple secret societies and he promised me to never join any. I will hold true for my word is my bond. He changed his dark ways later in life and called me his SUN because i lit up hos world. He wanted to teach me the art of chaos magic to protect myself. I didn’t realize until I hit 30 after i was in 2 car accidents and from the trauma I’m still experiencing, it has pushed me into full awareness. Its very tough.. seeing the energy and absorbing peoples pain and giving them my good energy. It just happens like a passive trait. I need to recharge alot though. Music is my saving grace. It speaks to me in a way nothing else can compare. I am also am INFJ and a double water trine. I have had alot of help with my angel Raguel. He is always here for me when i need him. im adjusting to a new way of life. I do lead by example. I’ll be 31 on March 13th and I’m told that things are only going to get even more intense. I am sooo ready to see what’s in store. I hope you are all doing well in your awakening. A little cheat code, dedicate a song to your angel and things will amplify when you play that song. Be serious about it though.

    Thank you for reading this, I appreciate you. Love ya beautiful souls!

  45. Shannon

    This body I’m using to write this was born in 1973. If I’m an Indigo, I suppose by this article, I’m mid Beta-generation. I’ve always been very different in both my abilities and understanding. My grandmother used to call me for advice when I was 16, for example. Always been considered strange, weird, odd, freak. I learned to understand it as what people call you when they don’t know how to classify you and they don’t understand you. I am what I am, and that might as well be what I embrace. When I did embrace my natural self, it was very tragic at first (the sky was falling) but over time I came to realize that all that was really just things shifting to accommodate my vibrational adjustment. Since, my life is much better and freer. I’ve had some hard time, like everyone else, but mine seem to have had such specific outcomes that I can’t bring myself to believe that they were not intentional for me to experience. They put me on the path to what I do today, which can be summed up as trying to make the world a better place and make a living while I am at it. I was 34 when my “eyes started opening” and even now at 50 I feel like I am still discovering what’s what. My live before 34, and especially in HS, I was walking around in a daze. Sometimes in HS I would literally “come to” walking down the hall and have no idea where I was, what day it was, or what class I was going to. Also went through crippling anxiety and serious depression. Got off the meds by figuring out why I was depressed and fixing it myself. No doctor ever thought of doing that, I’ll tell you! I am past 90% of my fears now and I haven’t had depression in a long time. Now I’m focused on helping others learn and being a support system for others to learn in months or less what took me decades to figure out on my own. Also try to help others to heal how I can, when I can, and if they’re willing to let me. I’m not sure if I’m an Indigo, but I am told that a lot, and the “old soul” thing too, but they say that to everyone I think. I have always strongly believed that if I can make a positive difference in the lives of others and make the world a better place, then my life will have been worth the pain and suffering humans invariably go through. It’s hard to know what to believe, so many different and conflicting sources of information. I try to keep an open mind and just continue exploring and adjusting according to what seems to make the most sense based on my experiences and understanding. If this whole Indigo thing is real, then it doesn’t matter if we believe we are Indigos or not. What matters is what we choose and do in life. One of my favorite quotes of all time, one I try to live by, is by Mahatma Ghandi: Be the change you wish to see in the world. May you who read this be blessed with success in your endeavors.

  46. Koop da Gynx

    the halls of amenti have fallen. I do not know what happened before I got there but its just a dark eternal prison now

  47. Koop da Gynx

    everyone is looking for the sky and stars but truth and answer in within

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