What is happiness? Why do some people seem to be always happy while others struggle to get any satisfaction from life? This article provides some simple but effective ideas that can help you cultivate happiness and live a wonderful life.

6 Keys to a Happy Life

1. Rely on your heart

If we live only by reason, we consider each situation with our critical, judgmental mind, and as a consequence, we find an infinite number of flaws in the world and other people. While we constantly criticize others, we can find no peace or happiness. However, if we rely more on our hearts, we become more tolerant and accepting of others.

Children easily find happiness in simple everyday things because they rely more on their hearts. Sometimes, we need to move away from our critical mind and learn from children’s outlook on life. They may not know much about the world, but paradoxically, they are the ones who know exactly how to live a happy life.

2. Control your thoughts

When we fall helpless victims to the flow of our negative thoughts, how can we hope for happiness? For our happiness, we should develop a positive way of thinking by replacing our negative thoughts with positive and motivational ones.

Staying away from negative thoughts is a matter of practice. Meditation and concentration exercises can help you develop control of both your body and mind. But remember that often, the most effective and simple way to get rid of negative thoughts is to focus on something positive. Be very careful with what occupies your mind.

3. Simplicity

The path to happiness is not difficult. Happiness does not depend on attaining a certain amount of wealth or fitting in with social expectations.

Happiness exists in the moment, not in an imaginary perfect future. We need to master the art of being happy with our current circumstances. Our present life may be far from ideal, but if we can move away from negative aspects of it and value the dignity of simplicity, we can achieve happiness much easier.

4. Gratitude

If we do not express our gratitude to other people and life in general, we form a selfish outlook. We are too focused on our own thoughts and ego. When we express our gratitude for little things in life, our consciousness and self-awareness are expanding.

Gratitude has a huge positive effect. If it is upright and sincere, it changes our outlook on life dramatically. Gratitude allows you to express a sincerely positive attitude towards life.

5. Activeness

Activeness does not mean filling our lives with all the kinds of irrelevant activities. This can only lead to more stress because of taking on too many things at once. But if we devote ourselves to a particular activity we enjoy, we begin to feel a purpose in life. This intention and satisfaction from our actions can help us develop a sense of fulfillment and live a happy life.

6. Physical exercise

If you start working out on a regular basis, you will notice many positive results. First, when we exercise every day, we become less prone to illnesses. When we build our physical strength, we obtain the ever-increasing self-esteem. Thus, exercise gives us the opportunity to actively develop ourselves on so many levels.

Maintaining a good physical shape has a positive impact on our mental attitude. Exercise also gets rid the brain of a variety of useless thoughts. However, remember that maintaining physical fitness does not mean torturing yourself. You can always find a kind of exercise that will be fun and will provide a good pastime.

As you can see, living a happy life is not difficult. Keep in mind these simple tips and start a journey to your best possible life!

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