Have you ever had dreams about being pregnant? Did you wonder what this kind of dreams could possibly mean? Let’s find out.

We’ve all had dreams that are fairly easy to interpret. You know the ones I mean, where you turn up naked at some important event? Or someone is chasing you and your feet are stuck. It doesn’t take a psychologist to work any of those dreams out.

But dreams about being pregnant? Well, that’s a whole new ball game. What does it mean to suddenly discover that you are pregnant? Can a man dream of being pregnant? What does it signify if I keep dreaming about being pregnant?

What do dreams of being pregnant mean?

In essence, a dream about pregnancy is going to point towards the creation of something new. You should not take dreams about being pregnant literally but rather look towards a symbolic meaning.

Pregnancy is all about creating a new life, and dreaming about being pregnant could be the mind’s way of sending a powerful message to you that you need to be creative in some aspect of your life. This could be anything from a house renovation, a project at work or working on your degree.

Conversely, it could also signify something in your life where you feel unfulfilled or stifled. Something that is holding you back creatively or if you are struggling over a big responsibility or decision, a dream about being pregnant could be your mind’s way of letting you know about the issue.

What can I learn from dreams about being pregnant?

If you are trying to get to the bottom of a pregnancy dream, the best place to start is by asking yourself, ‘Am I doing something that satisfies me creatively at this moment in time?’ If you are not, then it’s possible your dream could be alerting you to the fact you need to channel your energies elsewhere. However, if you were happy in the dream where you were pregnant, the dream could be telling you that you are on the right track and whatever you are doing is the right path for you.

Pregnancy dreams are also about bringing something to fruition, this is represented by the foetus. People that often dream of being pregnant have, in the past, missed opportunities or unfulfilled goals that they have buried deep in their psyche.

We all have to put aside our own ambitions sometimes, but when it happens over and over again, it can be frustrating to the point where we need a sign from our subconscious.

I’m having recurring dreams about being pregnant, what does this mean?

If you are having the same pregnancy dream again and again, then your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something. Typically, this sort of recurring dream would suggest that the dreamer should focus on their unresolved goals and ambitions, or at least honestly look at them to see whether they are achievable.

It can be extremely daunting to make changes in your life, but your subconscious is telling you that you are not happy with you current situation. These are messages from yourself to yourself, so there’s no point in ignoring them. Best to listen to what they are trying to tell you.

Were you happy or worried in the dream?

Dreams about being pregnant are more common than you might think, and yes, even men can dream that they are pregnant too. If you are still confused about what your specific pregnancy dream means, then look also at other factors in the dream. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Were you happy and content in the dream or worried and anxious about being pregnant?
  • If you are actually pregnant, does the dream mirror your current concerns about pregnancy or was this dream completely out of the blue?
  • If you are not pregnant, can you relate the pregnancy to a creative project you are undertaking at present? Perhaps you are worrying unduly that you’ll never finish it in time, or that you won’t be happy with it once it is finished.
  • If there’s no current project, is there anything creative you were hoping to do in the future that you didn’t get around to?

If you are worried and anxious in your dream and you are working on a project, whether it be personal or professional, the pregnancy dream might indicate problems you feel will surface in the real world.

If you were happy and contented in your dream about being pregnant, then that would signify that all is well with your creative side and nothing needs to be changed.

Other meanings behind dreams about being pregnant

Dreams about being pregnant are mainly associated with creativity and the birth of new ideas. If you did not realise you were pregnant, however, this implies that you are in denial about something important. If you do not want to get pregnant but have this dream, this signifies a fear of new responsibilities.

However, if you do want to get pregnant, then this dream represents your wishes coming true.

The important thing to remember about a dream in which you are pregnant is to look at your creative side and see whether it is being fulfilled.


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  1. Michael

    As a biological male who identifies as genderfluid, to have a dream of being pregnant (whether I’m male or female in the dream) represents an urge to express ones’ self as a woman at times, and my dreams exhibited a soul who has a female identity. I had many dreams of being pregnant with the large protruding belly, to feel an unborn child I long for to move rapidly and strongly, and to have family and friends gathered around me to feel my belly to wish me and the baby best of luck. The most recent one I’ve had back in October is I was 46 weeks pregnant with a 15 pound baby girl, I looked down on my bare belly and noticed the belly button resembled a handle, so I opened the belly like it was an oven and there! a beautiful baby daughter! It was strange but a feel-good dream.

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