Sometimes it can be difficult to separate genuine people from fake ones. Even the nicest people can be nasty behind closed doors.

Fake people can leave you in trouble, as they will do anything to get where they want to be, it doesn’t matter what the sacrifice as no one can stand in their way. Genuine people are the ones you want to have around. They will help support you in your endeavors and are great team members in a work environment.

So, how can we know who is fake and who is genuine?

There are a small number of traits to look out for that give you some insight into someone’s true intentions, and if they have ulterior motives. To help you cull the fakes from the friends, we have collected them together to give you a secret weapon.

1. Selective respect depending on influence

Genuine people are respectful to everyone around them, ensuring that everyone feels appreciated and significant. They are equally polite and friendly to everyone at all times, and not just when it suits them or when they think it can give them an unfair opportunity.

Fake people can be deceivingly respectful, but you will notice that this respect does not go for everyone. In fact, they only really show respect to those with power or influence. Fake people try to get close to those with power and won’t give you time of day if you don’t have something they might need. If you see this trait in someone, it might be best to stay out of their way.

2. Excessive bragging

It is natural to be proud of one’s achievements and share them with those around you. Genuine people make sure to celebrate with others on the big occasions in life. They will also make sure to celebrate with others on their achievements. They know when to celebrate an achievement and when to be modest.

Fake people, on the other hand, do not. They will use even the smallest achievement to garner attention and praise. They also aren’t afraid to massage the truth a little to achieve the effect that they want. If someone is desperate for undue attention, they may be someone with an ulterior motive.

3. Nice when it suits them

Much like selecting who to respect and when, fake people are only nice when it suits them. If you can help them or you have something that they want, they will be your best friend. Yet, as soon as you have fulfilled your purpose, they will be gone without a trace. Fake people use others for their own gain, and it is a nasty trait to have.

Genuine people, however, will be there no matter what. Their friendships aren’t based on trying to achieve something. They honestly like spending time with you and are interested in you as a person.

4. Constant schmoozing

Fake people are out for themselves. They want to climb the career ladder and achieve all they can, no matter who they have to stand on in the process. They will do anything to impress the higher-ups, without shame or restraint. This is something that should be looked out for. Fake people will be the ones hovering around the boss and laughing at all of his terrible jokes.

Genuine people, on the other hand, will make their goals open and honest. They won’t hog a networking opportunity or bolster their own views and will be pleasant to talk to, no matter what your job title.

5. False promises

Genuine people don’t take promises and commitments lightly and will do their utmost to keep an appointment or meeting. Fake people aren’t as considerate. It’s not that they aren’t liberal with their promises, the problem is keeping them.

They will promise you the moon if it will give them something in return, but they will never deliver. If you know someone to be a faker, you will know they are not a person to rely on.

Closing thoughts

Genuine people are much more pleasant to be around. They are much more authentic with their thoughts and actions and are great friends and colleagues.

Unfortunately, when someone wants to look good or do well, they will do anything they can to get what they want.  They will become fake and opportunistic, and these are the people you need to look out for.

Telling the difference between a fake person and a genuine person is a great skill to have in your arsenal. It will keep you away from those who just want to take advantage of you for their own gain. We hope this will help you in the future to figure out those who aren’t all that genuine so that you can stay away from them and surround yourself with genuine people.

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  1. Narendra

    Thank you Francesca. That was in sightful. Please keep writing and feed us with the wisdom.

  2. Jessy

    Not to be mean but I think everyone is a tab bit fake. I really don’t believe anyone is truly 100% genuine all the time. I do think think this list is pretty spot on though.

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