Self-hypnosis is a process or a result of hypnosis which is self-induced. It relies on making use of self-suggestion. Self-hypnosis can make a person more suggestive than usual.

The successful use of self-hypnosis can be a powerful tool for one’s personal development.

Self-hypnosis is extensively being used in hypnotherapy. It may help in pain management and treating depression, sleep disorders, anxiety and asthma-related issues. 

Once mastered, concentration can be enhanced, memories can be recalled, problem-solving improved and headaches alleviated. Emotional control is also one of the notable benefits of a proper practice.
Read on to find out how to use self-hypnosis to your best advantage easily and safely.

Tip No.1: Make sure you are comfortable

Achieving a relaxed state is a must from the very start. Help yourself get comfortable and put on clothes that will make you feel comfy and pleasant in them. Also, ensure that the place you are in is comfortable and warm enough for you.

Tip No.2: Ensure a peaceful and disturbance-free time for yourself

Distraction-free time is also a must for every successful session. Isolate yourself by turning off devices like cell phones, TVs, telephones and anything else that may interfere with your peacefulness. Set the desired time and the duration of sessions that suits you the most.

Tip No.3: Set the goals you strive for and want to achieve. The purpose is very important

Want to improve yourself? Having your mind set on changing specific things in your life?

Perhaps you want to rid yourself of bad habits. Set them as your goal, work and practice with dedication and you shall soon reap the fruit of success.

Tip No.4: Breathe in deep and at a slow rhythm

Breathing properly is very important. At first, breathe in and breathe out in 3-second-duration intervals. Keep the count for the first few minutes. After that time, you will feel relaxed and stress-free. Thoughts will also wash away from your mind. You will be prepared to slowly enter a state of self-hypnosis.

Tip No.5: Keep repeating your goals and aims in your mind

When you’ve achieved a relaxed state and emptiness of your mind, slowly start to resurface your thoughts with the goals you want to achieve. Visualize what you want to change and, even better, visualize yourself with the change already achieved.

Tip No.6: End the session gently before awakening and exiting the self-hypnosis state

As with all descents from a place of great height – gently come back to your everyday state of mind.

Create a visual marker that will trigger your return. Passing through a gate or a door can be a good visual marker for the return back. This will help you return to your normal conscious state with great ease. As with all things, practice to perfection until it becomes an almost automatic process.

Use this guide for self-improvement as self-hypnosis is a powerful tool always readily available to you.

When it comes to becoming a better person or ridding yourself of negative thoughts, there is no better way to do so than the way described in the text above. It will have a positive effect on every aspect of your daily life.

With time, you will get better at it. You will experience the change not only from the inside but will also see that other people around you will notice this change. Your new found energy will shine and attract everyone’s attention. Share your new experience to help others in the same way you used this knowledge to help yourself.



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  1. Joshua

    Great article, but you left out some important things that will help people go into hypnosis! What’s offered is more like meditation, which may or may not cause hypnosis. I like to use a modified Elman induction for my own self hypnosis. Close eyes. Relax eyelids completely–so completely that it’s hard to open then. Then spread relaxation. Tell yourself that you’re going to open and close your eyes which will double the relaxation. Open, close. Enjoy. Open, close, enjoy (do 2-5 times). Then, begin doing the things you want in hypnosis (usually, just some auto-suggestion).

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