Heart pain symptoms are common in anxiety sufferers where no heart failure exists. This is a clear demonstration of mind over matter.

When it comes to the human mind, there is a great deal we are yet to learn. This holds true for physical health as well, with myriad discoveries being made every year that help to improve our health and our lives.

However, the connection between the mental condition and the physical one are still mystifying to the medical community. One example of such a connection could be anxiety causing heart pain symptoms.

This is not true of many older countries and cultures, however, who have spent centuries watching the effects that the mind is able to have on the body. This has led to the strong beliefs in self-healing, chakra healing, and more, and each area of healing have gained a heavy following over the years.

The history of each practice is interesting and worth reading about, as there seems to be one resounding belief, which is that healing is a case of mind over matter.

Mind over Matter is a belief many cultures hold to be true

In many older cultures, the belief that the mind can strongly affect the body is one that has been held up for a very long time. In fact, several cultures believe that it is possible to entirely stop any process in the body through mental willpower.

They claim that this is evidenced by the passing of spouses who’ve spent years with their partner and wish to join them after the partner passes on. We call it dying of a broken heart, but is it possible that they have willed themselves to simply stop living?

If that is the case, then perhaps there are strong connections between mental health and physical health that we’re yet to discover or accept. Considering a large number of studies being done on the human brain, these beliefs are given a bit more credence. After all, if we’re studying it, there must be a reason, correct?

For example, many anxiety sufferers also report heart pain symptoms where no heart failure exists. They often consult cardiologists in the hope that they can find a solution to the issue.

Could dangerous and invasive procedures be avoided?

Procedures such as beating heart surgery may have a chance of being avoided if the connection between anxiety and heart pain symptoms could be solved. What we do know is that anxiety attacks speed up the heart rate, often to dangerous levels, which would account for the heart pain that is felt by the patient.

However, the solution is not exactly simple. Medication for the physical ailment often does not help. In fact, many times these medications bring along with them more side effects than the list of ailments the patient may currently possess, causing doctors to question the benefit of prescribing the medications.

For patients that suffer from Atrial Fibrillation, there are medications that can be taken to keep the heart from beating too fast. However, anxiety sufferers do not face this condition and heart pain symptoms every day, making such medications virtually useless to them.

In order for them to find a solution, they must find a solution for their anxiety, making the issue one of mental health, rather than physical treatment.

 Mental health and physical health connections are worth researching

With so many common cases where a person’s mental health is paired with physical health issues, it simply makes sense that we would take the time to study these connections and try to find a reasonable method of treating both.

After all, if the mind has so much power over the body, then perhaps we can find alternative methods for curing a variety of illnesses as well.

Other cultures have had this belief for hundreds of years and successfully documented cases of healing through meditation mixed with medication and a change of lifestyle.

If they can believe in these practices, which they’ve already proven successful, then perhaps we can as well, leading to a better life for thousands of people in the future.

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