Anxiety attacks equal strength, not weakness. I used to have a beaten-down mentality about my mentality, but not anymore.

I was taught how mental illness made me weak. I was raised Christian, and not only did the bible say I was the weaker vessel, being a female, but I was also weak-minded due to panic attacks, depression, and moodiness. I was taught so many detrimental things about who I was, that it framed a huge portion of my adult life. But I won’t accept these things anymore.

There is no room in my head for old-fashioned views of women, neither are there any corners for mental stigma. I know the truth. I know exactly what it means to have a mental disability, especially anxiety. I have the facts, the experience, and the self-esteem to prove that anxiety is not due to weakness.

There are so many ways to prove that anxiety happens to strong people, and women are more than 60% more likely to suffer from anxiety, meaning…. you got it, women are freaking strong! Just sharing a fact. Here are more facts to chew on.

Anxiety victims are intellectual

Want to talk about strength, then check this out. Those who suffer from anxiety are not weak minded. In fact, they are some of the smarter people in society. They are CEOs of large companies, Engineers, Computer programmers, scientists, pastors, entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians.

Those who don’t suffer from anxiety or other forms of mental illness are more likely to have lower-level jobs, not always, but on average. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Anxiety victims are survivors

One definition of strength is endurance. Survivors of various forms of abuse, such as physical, sexual and emotional abuse, can perform above average in many ways. The raw determination which is present within the mind of the former victim can overcome almost any obstacle.

This can also prove true for those who grieve. The death of a loved one can cause damage that, in time, makes you stronger.

With this strength, often hampered slightly by panic disorders, this individual can rise above the odds and gain knowledge from the experience. If this isn’t real strength, then there is no such thing.

Anxiety victims are multitaskers

Most people who experience panic attacks due to anxiety are those who normally juggle multiple responsibilities at one time. For the most part, they are successful in completing these responsibilities. Sometimes, however, they can take on more than they realize and experience a temporary breakdown.

The positive aspect of this proves they can bounce back quickly, and continuing their journeys of self-affirmation and enlightenment. Panic attacks can reveal cracks in the otherwise seamless construction of their life plan.

Anxiety victims are creative

Not only are victims of anxiety smart and resilient, they are also creative. They are artists, musicians, and writers and they are also parents, teachers, and students. Creative people can find imaginative solutions to anxious episodes.

They can channel negative overloads into deep rich colors on a canvas, haunting melodies in a song and words that reach the darkest soul. They can teach in unorthodox methods to reach the unreachable and complete projects that overshadow the mundane work of those who don’t have the depth.

Do I continue, or do you get the idea?

Anxiety attacks are horrendous. They devastate nerves, leaving the victim hopeless for hours at a time. The body also suffers from anxiety attacks, elevating the blood pressure and causing migraine headaches.

Yes, there are many negative aspects to having an anxiety attack. But strength can overcome.

We are strong, those who suffer every single day of our lives, we have a mission to overcome this debilitating monster, but until then, we shall grow stronger for other reasons.

Our anxiety is molding us into something more, a race of people who will lead humankind into an elevated form of existence…

Yeah, maybe I’m exaggerating, but must admit. It is a nice thought, isn’t it?

Anxiety attacks equal strength, not weakness. Never underestimate the power of an intellectual survivor with the creative flare to overcome not one, but many obstacles in life.

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    Thank you ,I feel stronger after reading ur articles. I now can easily fight my panic attack .our mind ihas always been the strongest weapons in thus universe. God bless

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    Be stronger than your anxiety. Be brave to face each day.

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