Learning how to deal with seasonal depression has been an ongoing experience, filled with many ways of coping in the darkest times.

There are so many books about dealing with depression and anxiety, including seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or seasonal depression. And it makes sense why. I mean, haven’t you noticed how much darker winter is, and how your moods seem to go from bad to worse? I know I sound negative, but I’m just telling the truth. Seasonal depression can be one of the toughest things to get through.

Seasonal depression and how spirituality can help you deal with it

So, with all the books written, television shows created and doctors trying to provide tips and medications for the winter months, there’s something even more useful for this depressive season.

Consider spirituality. I don’t mean religion, I mean getting in touch with your inner self, making contact with the divine, and leaving your mind behind for a while. There are many ways that help you deal with seasonal depression.

Spiritual solutions for SAD:

1. The one

Remember, you are part of the whole of the universe. Throughout your depression, you may start to feel separated from everything around you, and feel alienated from others. Although your first instinct may be to hide away under blankets and drown in the darkness, it’s not the best option.

Instead of that, try getting out, forcing yourself out into the other part of you, the world…the one of everything. Make a point to talk with at least one person per day and even go visit them. It helps keep the spirit in each of us connected.

2. Let go of shame and other bad vibes

Do not ever be ashamed of seasonal depression. Many people go through this every year. In order to put shame to rest, try cleansing your home by way of smudging.

Sometimes spirits come in the guise of shame to torment us and make us feel guilty. That guilt will only exacerbate our depression. Along with cleansing your home, you can speak mantras over your home as well, re-establishing your self-worth.

3. Stay grounded

Now, I know it’s cold outside, and the last thing you want to do is go out barefoot. But, in order to connect with the earth in a proper manner, we must touch our flesh to the ground, it’s called “grounding”. Grounding helps us align our vibrations with the earth’s vibrations and removes many negative forces from within us.

If it’s too cold to go out barefoot, place one hand on the earth for as long as you can and let the energies pass into the rest of your body. Also, touch the trees, leaves, and other natural things to further drive away your depression. It might not be a cure-all, but it is definitely a spiritual medication.

4. Meditation

The practice of meditation takes our mind from the present state of chaos or depression. Meditation helps us deal with seasonal depression by helping us empty our minds and go into a deeper consciousness. Here, in this calm place, we become everything and nothing, all in one instant. Within this state, even SAD cannot reach us.

While meditation may be difficult for us to attain initially, when you reach the center, you will invoke amazing healing properties. You can use essential oils during this process as well, to help create the right mood.

5. Prayer

No matter what you believe, prayer can be a soothing solution for dealing with the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. Prayer is seen by some people as a form of mantra, except you are praying to a divine entity instead of speaking things into being, which, I might add, you can also do through some special prayers in groups. Seasonal depression can be greatly reduced with prayer, so give it a shot.

6. Divine power

If you are one to believe in a higher power, this can lift you from the symptoms of SAD simply by giving you someone or something for support. This spiritual feeling can keep you from falling too far into the depths of despair simply by understanding that you’re not alone and can be protected according to divine intervention. If it works for you, it works. Don’t knock it.

Seasonal depression can be a monster

No doubt, dealing with seasonal changes and depression makes it harder to get excited about what the holidays bring. Many people really enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and all the festivities and decorations involved, but seasonal depression can put a damper on all those positive plans and hopes.

So, yes, try the books, visit your doctor and counselor regularly, and take your medications like you’re supposed to, but remember the option of spiritual intervention.

Dealing with seasonal depression with spirituality just might be the thing that pulls you through this year. If you’re like me, you’ve already been whining about how this next one is going to be worse than the last. We just speak negatively like that when we don’t think first.

So, instead of naysaying and pouting about it, let’s get a head start on this year’s depressive episodes. Let’s utilize and try new spiritual techniques to ward off the terror of seasonal affective disorder. Hey, I’m fighting right here beside you, so you never have to feel alone. Be blessed.


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