Everyone is afraid of something, but it can be particularly difficult to overcome irrational fears and phobias.

Fear is a natural response that protects us from danger as well as other threatening circumstances we can encounter in our lives. However, sometimes this natural reaction goes a bit crazy and this can cause a certain fear to become a phobia. It’s in this kind of situation that we must do our best to overcome these irrational fears before they ruin our life.

No matter what your fear is or where it comes from, you can work on your phobias to remove them. It may not be easy, but you can see some improvements in a short while if you keep at it.

Here are some strategies to help you overcome fears and phobias, which are supported by science:

1. The Self-Exposure Therapy Strategy

This is a great option for folks who never have time (or money) for luxury therapy sessions. If you want to know how to overcome your fear, you could try self-exposure therapy, a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy. You can carry it out through books, support groups or self-help.

Basically, you want to take it in your own hands.

2. Reading On The Topic

Let’s say you are afraid of flying. By reading everything about the operation of aircraft, flight statistics, and security measures, you can better control the situation. The same applies to almost every phobia.

A little knowledge can do a lot to reduce your fears. When you get to know the subject of your phobia, it basically helps deal with and eventually overcome your fear.

3. Climb The Stairs Of Fear

The fear trapping technique works well when the other methods seem too ineffective or too much. According to an article on helpguide.org, you may have started with something that was too scary or overwhelming. Instead, start with a situation that you can handle and develop from it.

Let’s suppose that you are afraid of dogs. You can take a picture of dogs or watch a video of these dogs. You want to look at a dog through a window, stand 10 feet from a small dog, then 5 feet up and so on.

4. Learn Relaxation Techniques

One of the worst parts of phobias is physical reactions, such as superficial breathing, quickened heartbeats, etc. This can make your fear worse than it already is.

Relaxation techniques can be helpful in calming your panic. By breathing deeply from within the abdomen, you can reverse these physical sensations.

5. Do It Anyway

If you have ever given up something because you were afraid, then you know how important it is to do it anyway. Yes, planes are terrifying, heights can actually be scary and even spiders are terrifying, however, that does not truly mean you will never encounter them or that you can run away from them forever.

Let the fear come and do everything to keep going. This is believed to be the best way to overcome fears.

6. Try To Desensitize

If you really feel overwhelmed in addressing your phobia, the desensitization technique may be right for you. The idea is to gradually expose yourself to the dreaded situation (ie spiders, crowded streets, heights) until the tipping point when your anxiety becomes too great.

Next time press a little further. And so on, until the fear (hopefully) completely disappears.

7. Give Biofeedback A Try

Biofeedback is a great spatial way to observe your stress reactions. During a session, a doctor places electrodes on your skin. See a monitor nearby for things like respiratory rate, heart rate, and muscle activity.

As an expert said, “Biofeedback gives anxious people the opportunity to see their physiological responses to stress.”

It is hoped that this awareness can lead to better relaxation techniques.

8. Go To The Flood Technique

Think of a claustrophobic person who steps in and out of an elevator all day, or a germaphobe who smears their hands on dirty door knobs. This technique is just as it sounds, repeatedly (or flooded) a situation until you feel less frightened. This is how you learn to overcome fears.

The amygdala is expected to be trained that nothing bad is going to happen as well as stop discharging stress hormones. Although this technique is hard to do, it’s worth it in the end.

9. The Association Method

If you are in a situation that scares you, for example in a mall full of people, think about asking for a friend’s company. If you are afraid to walk alone among the crowd, you want to walk with your friend a certain distance. Your friend must walk ahead a little bit and then wait until you catch up.

After you caught up, the person continues before you catch up again. Gradually, you will find yourself walking long distances alone. This is a simple and excellent technique to remove this type of anxiety.

10. Join A Support Group

Self-help groups help you realize you’re never alone. They can be fun and crazy (in a good way). If you are with like-minded people who want to improve, it greatly increases your chances of recovery. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can also try online chat and work together with an online friend on your problems.

Lastly, regardless of the source of fear, it blocks too many people and prevents them from achieving what they want and can do. There is no surer way to fail than to never try. Don’t let fear ruin your life before you do something about it.


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