Before you are motivated to complete a deed, you must harness your power of intention. This power is the driving force behind attaining your dreams.

What’s stopping you from doing the things you want to do? Is it a person? Is it a situation? Well, some of you may say there are many reasons, while some may simply say they don’t know. However, if you use the power of intention to guide you, you can fulfill your dreams.

Steps to getting exactly what you want

Now, since I’ve said you can get what you want, let’s learn how to do that. There aren’t ways to do this, but rather steps that will take you through a process to reach the goal. One step at a time helps you stay focused on the end result. So, let’s get started.

1. Awareness

The intent is born in awareness. Before any action can occur, you must know exactly what you want out of life. Many times, this realization comes from meditation and other initial awakening journeys. Basically, you realize a portion of your purpose and why you’re here in the first place.

When reaching this pure consciousness, you can let go of outside influences which sometimes govern your abilities. Are you able to move ahead? Do you have the ability to reach your goals and dreams? Well, not without clarity of mind. This clarity comes at the beginning before any other steps can be completed.

2. Center

After clarity, you may feel like you’re floating and still unattached to a center. Finding this center will be the next step toward your intentions. The power of intention is activated from this center. It’s a place where you recognize and understand who you are and not characterized by the labels placed by others.

The center is where you decide. You commit to your goals and set important priorities accordingly. Your most coveted dream will be the main aspiration that you work with first. Set this goal, and then move toward the next step…affirmation.

3. Affirmations

Now, it’s time to speak your intentions. What steps will you take this day to move closer to the goal you’ve set for yourself? When you realize what that is, then you can speak life into that destination. Mantras can be used as affirmations and a positive model for your day to day life.

The key is to start as soon as you awaken. Before you get out of bed, speak your desires and needs into the universe. The power of intention works to pull your dreams to the realm of your reality. This power is real and can surprise you when you start to see your spoken word take life.

But first, you must also see your dreams in your mind’s eye.

4. Visualization

Creating an image shows faith in the power of intention. It’s important to see yourself enjoying your dreams and fulfilling your goals. This feeds your intentions and paves a way for details and spiritual promises to manifest.

And details are key because you want to visualize exactly what you want from life. Personally, my spiritual upbringing always taught me to dream big, to never hold back on what I wanted as a blessing. So, why not dream big like that and practice faith for manifestation.

5. Manifestations

Here’s when the excitement comes. You have become aware of what you want. You have centered yourself, you have spoken life into your dreams, and you have even visualized these dreams coming true. Now, you are starting to see the manifestation of that work.

Yes! Manifestation is when exact goals are met in partnership with determination and work. After all, you must do your material work in making these things come to pass as well. You are given gifts of spiritual abilities, but also gifts of intellect and strength.

As you see these manifestations, you will begin to enter the last stage of the power of intention.

6. Fulfillment

As all things are followed and completed according to the power of intention, you will be fulfilled. There is no room here for doubt because fulfillment comes from believing your process and having the patience to follow through.

Fulfillment is also knowing that you worked hard for what you want and didn’t give up during the process. You will be fulfilled physically, mentally, and most definitely spiritually. Just think!

You started off in the awareness that something was missing and that something was your goal. You realize that you’ve stopped taking one step forward and one step back…and now, you only move slowly, patiently and with intent, into your future.

The power of intention is for everyone!

You don’t have to be a spiritual leader to have what you desire through faith and the power of intention. No, not at all. There’s only a small portion of your mind that you must unlock to do this and find results.

I hope you have the nerve and the desire to take the steps toward your dreams, and the faith to utilize the power of intention.



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