lucid dreaming1. Prepare the room so that light and noise do not distract you.

2. Lie on your back with your arms at the sides and your eyes closed. This is best done when you are tired or sleepy, then the effect will be better.

3. Lie still, but try not to fall asleep. If you suddenly desire to scratch yourself, blink or something else – ignore it and all this will pass.

4. After about half an hour you will feel tightness in your chest, or even hear strange sounds, but do not be afraid, this is the so-called sleep paralysis. If during this time you open your eyes, you might see hallucinations, but you cannot move because your body has already fallen asleep.

5. If you really want to fall sleep, it is enough to close your eyes – in this case you will be able to control your visions.

6. If you want to wake up, someone else’s help would be useful to you. You can ask some of your close people to wake you up in the right time.

7. In both forms of dreaming – either lucid or normal – there is something in common: it is not a fictional thing from the “outside”, but a journey to self-knowledge, which can carry a meaning. However, remember that in order to explain the things that you have seen, you need to interpret a dream, and here it is necessary to rely on your inner knowledge, feelings and sensations, because all the symbols we see in our dreams may have a different meaning for each of us.


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