This may sound strange, but it’s good to make mistakes. In fact, there are certain mistakes you should make in life to become stronger.

People tend to look back on situations and think,

“I should have made a different decision.”

And, of course, we do this all the time, you know that saying, “hindsight is 20/20.” Well, it’s unfortunate sometimes that we made those mistakes.

Mistakes we should make

However, in a way, we learned so much about life when we messed up. We learned things we may have never known if we hadn’t made that wrong decision.

In fact, there are a few mistakes we should make in life that will help us grow stronger. Here are a few of them.

1. No plan B

Unbelievably, there are many people who do not use a “plan B” in case their original plans don’t work. It’s true. They plan with no safety net and run full-steam ahead in their plan. When it fails, they cannot fall back on anything to make the failure less painful.

Now, while I do advocate for “plan Bs,” it would make you stronger if you tried doing a few things without a safety net, just at first, to understand why you need a backup solution.

When you’ve put all your eggs in “Plan A’s basket” and it doesn’t work out, you’ll understand the security of having that backup plan.

2. Thinking you know it all

Of course, none of us know everything. It’s impossible. However, there are some who cannot stand to take advice. They find it insulting.

But the positive thing about this mindset is that those who think they know everything will usually learn the hard way – that they do not.

This is a mistake that some individuals need to make to cement the fact in their heads that they aren’t as smart as they think they are.

The truth is, we learn from the moment we are born until the moment we die. And even adults can learn from children. So, go ahead and think you know it all for a little while and learn some harsh life lessons you will never forget.

3. Saying “yes” all the time

There are those who are afraid to say “no.” Either that or they simply want to please everyone by saying yes to everything. Either way, saying yes to everything is a mistake you need to make in the realization that it is a mistake.

Saying “yes” to everyone’s requests will quickly drain your energy. When you’re helping them get their priorities done, yours are getting behind.

So, keep saying “yes” as long as you can, and see what happens. Don’t let it go too far and cause long-lasting damage. Just learn what it means when you never say “no”.

Then practice saying “no” more often and notice how your life gets easier and becomes more productive.

4. Bad relationships

You know, I hate to advise you to have a troubled relationship, but if you do, you’ll learn so much.

Toxic or dysfunctional relationships are like crash courses in psychology. While I’m not telling you to put yourself in danger, I’m just saying, if you must get involved with someone and you’ve already seen the red flags, you’re about to get schooled, dear.

And when you make it out, you will be stronger, and hopefully not too bitter about everything. The best outcome in these situations is to learn from your mistakes.

Understand why this person was a wrong choice, examine why you may have been blinded in the beginning, and keep everything you’ve learned close by, so you never make those same mistakes.

5. Hiding in your comfort zone

Okay, I don’t want you to stay in this place forever, but for a little while, hide in your comfort zone. It feels good, doesn’t it? Well, after a while, this good comfy place will start to feel strange, stale, and almost like a trap.

This is because you aren’t stepping out and taking any risks. Because after you’ve been there for so long, you’ll notice others accomplishing huge achievements while you’re still the same.

The objective is to grow. You cannot grow if you stay in one comfortable place too long. Making the mistake of living in your comfort zone will show you exactly what you’re missing as life passes you by. As friends call and give you news of promotions, you’ll realize,

“That could have been me!”

6. Too much talk, not enough listening

I am going to go ahead and aim this one right at me.

So, for years of my life, I’ve babbled on and on when I see my friends, and gradually, they’ve dwindled away. I learned that I was talking over them and not really listening. It was so embarrassing. And honestly, I still struggle with this.

One mistake that you may make in life is talking too much about yourself and not listening to the concerns and dreams of others. This is hurtful and it can cost you relationships and friendships.

If you make this mistake and you learn from it, you’ve learned quite a bit. The best part is, when you see the truth about yourself, you can become better.

Learning matters

Go ahead, make mistakes, but don’t stay trapped in them. If you’re worried about a friend or loved one that’s clearly making a mistake, just give them some space, and maybe they can figure it out.

However, you can keep in contact in case they need help. And you may need to make important decisions on whether you bail them out of their trouble or let them figure it out on their own. This will be up to you.

The point is that no one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. It’s what we do afterward that truly matters. Do we learn, or do we keep making the same mistakes over again? Only time will tell.

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This Post Has One Comment

  1. Eddie

    I am guilty of all 6!
    *plan Bs are some times hard to deal with because of “Positive Mind Set” that we try to use when planning; but once it becomes habitual it becomes routine. I now regret not having one, everytime I failed.
    *”Knowing it all” is a bad habit that is rooted in not having teachers and mentors, we trust! When you trust no one to teach you, you only trust yourself, which is very sad!
    *You might keep on saying “Yes” till you are so depleted that the only choice you have is to say “NO” because there is nothing left to give!
    *Toxic relationships are toxic to you and everyone around you! They keep on getting worse till you have to extract them like a bad tooth! Eventually you learn to run when you spot a psychopath coming, before even there is a relationship. Avoiding sociopaths who are already in your circle takes practice and guts!
    *”Hiding in your comfort zone” is what I have made a sad habit of, for ever! At some point the comfort zone turns into “Ground Zero” and you have no choice but to leave or get evicted!!
    *”Too much talk, not enough listening” is what I am doing this second! Like the “Know it all” it is rooted in not being lucky enough to have mentors you trust and like. If you are lucky enough to come across people who are experts in a subject, you are forced to shut up listen and learn!

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