Old Souls can be defined in many ways, mainly that they are wise beyond their years and like spending time alone.

They also like doing things that generally elderly people enjoy, no matter their actual age.

If you’ve experienced any of these common problems, you’re probably an old soul too:

1. Not fitting in with those your own age

Growing up as an old soul can often mean your peers don’t understand you. Their interests and hobbies can be widely different to your own, meaning you spend a lot of time alone or seek companionship in those older than you.

2. You take criticism and betrayal in your stride

Old souls are wise beyond their years, with a depth of knowledge and understanding behind them. Meaning when problems arise, old souls are able to look past the initial problem and seek the reasons behind it, in order to forgive. This can mean people may take advantage of you as they assume you’re going to let everything go, no matter what they do.

3. You tend to use your gut feeling over logic

Some people believe all decisions should be made using our heads, whereas old souls tend to prefer to go with their gut reactions. If a situation, person or conversation is bad, they can feel it deep within themselves and tend to trust that feeling.

That doesn’t mean, however, that old souls don’t spend a lot of time contemplating issues and problems. It simply means they go with their instinct a lot more often than others.

4. You never really feel at home

Old souls tend to never really feel comfortable ‘at home’, as they can’t seem to discover what that means. Some old souls travel to try to seek some comfort and belonging in their surroundings, but can’t seem to feel settled.

Whether you’ve lived in a variety of different countries or have only lived in one place your whole life – you never really feel as though you fit in, almost as though you should be from a different era.

5. Your desire for solitude can impact many areas of your life

Mainly your social life. Old souls tend to like a lot of time alone, which can mean other areas of their life can suffer because of this. Old souls draw their energy from being alone so when an old soul is constantly around others, they feel drained and need to get away. This can cause problems when other people don’t quite understand this feeling.

6. People trust you

Whether it’s a well-known friend or a complete stranger, people often turn to you as a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. Being an old soul, you may give off a comforting vibe that just draws people in, giving them the impression you’re there to listen to them, which can be hard when you don’t know how to disengage conversations or leave situations.

If any of these problems sound like you, then chances are you’re an old soul. There are many defining traits of an ‘old soul’ that go above and beyond this list, so take it in your stride and embrace the old soul in you.

Let us know in the comments if you would define yourself as an old soul – I want to know how many people are like me!

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  1. Amanda Baxter

    Can you only be an Old Soul if you are on your last incarnation?

  2. Catalin


    So what really means an old soul ? Maybe i am an old soul , but what is the purpose ?
    Except an old soul is very bored , what are the benefits for being an old soul ?

    1. Tara

      I thin that because an old soul has basically seen it all, they’re more peaceful and less concerned about the little things. Also a souls purpose is to experience everything in order to be complete. The older your soul, the more content you become. Because our world is constantly changing and we’re finding new “earth-like ” planets, I’m not sure if or when a soul ever dissappears , so to speak.

  3. Adam "potentially lucifer" vale

    Are you hitting on me?

  4. Matthew

    Yes I am one
    But what is the future of an old soul

  5. Anon

    Definitely an old soul here lol.

    I believe all souls are eternal but an old soul is someone who fought to keep their wisdom with them in this life.

    The reason why we experience less amnesia than others is because we’re here to help guide people back to their origins. Origin of self I mean.

    The future of each soul of course depends on their mission. The future of old souls in terms of overall aim? They say that the ascended masters were once humans who built up such a level of knowledge and benevolence for mankind that they were given positions of spiritual influence in the ether world.

    Just one theory of many ;P

  6. udaya kumar

    I’m also the one..i can’t live like this…its so hurting…the home is really not my home like feeling…every person around me r fake…I can’t all my like alone..give me the some solution

  7. Maddy

    Its understandable to feel cursed by going through this life with what we call an old soul. The best thing to do is accept it and see the positive side to it. Most of my life I always had a different mind set then everyone else close to my age. At a very young age I had more interest in watching films from the 50s than watching cartoons or listening to oldies than whatever was popular at the time. I have always been uninterested in being part of this era. I feel no one cares about being unique or different these days. Everyone has forgotten about the passion and love. No one ever knew what I was talking about especially when I tried to express my opinions about what really matted in the world which was loving and, caring for others no matter what.I always wanted to do the right thing even if it went against everyone else. I never felt any joy in putting others down to build myself up the way everyone around me did. I’ve always been a quiet shy person and yes, I’ve lost my ways a couple times but i always found the strength to forgive myself, which is key in getting able to move forward in life. I always find ab way to get back on track and learned I have been given this gift. That’s what having an old soul is, a gift. Don’t hide it is what makes you, you.

  8. Dylan

    That’s me 100%. I’ve never felt like I was part of this word and just don’t get what it’s all about.

  9. Laurel

    I often read that people trust old souls, but I have seen precious little evidence of it! The general public gets spooked by loners and “weirdos” who don’t follow the mainstream ways of thought. When I was in college, a girl two rooms down the dorm hall stated a rumor that I was witch! No “feel of comforting vibe” there! And as an adult, once in a while someone may tell me they know I won’t gossip, but no one rushes to spill their guts to me either.

    I also don’t think being an Old Soul has anything to do with a past life. It is a personality type and temperament that is “in tune” with mysticism and spirituality, so there is a propensity for an Old Soul personality to be deceived into thinking he/she was reincarnated when that is not the case. If you think you have “memories” of a former life, it is likely that a malevolent spiritual entity is toying with you because you have a susceptible temperament.

  10. ly

    I dont find the above list to be negative or problematic to myself. On the contrary its fun and cute if I come across anyone who find these traits of mine to be a negative for them.
    Often people will use this list to demand me to change. A gentle stay-away or laughs would make everthing great again for me.

  11. JC

    That gut feeling over logic is just wishful thinking and the source of 10 thousand problems.

  12. Kk


  13. Frankie

    Iv been called a old soul b4 and I even have salt and pepper hair it started in late teens not so vived as today but still.. wonder if that is connected to being a old soul¿ I enjoyed reading your list by the way

  14. Christy Deering

    The destiny of man pertains too the evolution of awareness spent in countless lifetimes of reincarnation after reincarnation, until you are filled with the highest of love too be (Agape) , love ,forgiveness, compassion, empathy, are your tools too use or abuse, which you’ll choose determining your fate for that lifetime or your Destiny too eternal light .Christy Deering

  15. Mark Bond

    I don’t know where this particular quote came from, I just found it humorous and thoughtful at the same time. An Old Soul is looked on as someone who has learning and wisdom beyond their years. When they get Old do they become just a Soul that recognises that learning never ends and wisdom will always need adjustment and improvement and are mostly happy with that arrangement?

  16. Peter

    I had gone to college, and the most valued thing I learned there is to develop my intuitive sensitivities. The conversations of just about everyone through my whole life are either just superficial drama, or ideas or concepts that have been taught to them through books or institutions. For them, there is no perceived value or even an understanding what it means to “go within”. I’m not interested in trying to break through their hard-set belief systems or mental barriers. Only if openness is apparent in conversation. Otherwise, my spiritual treasures and understanding stay locked up within me. For me, the greatest truth I learned is: it’s inside, not outside.

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