Do you have a friend who complains all the time, or a co-worker who loses temper over the most trivial things? Maybe there is someone in your life whose presence is so daunting that you feel dull and exhausted after talking to them.

All these are examples of negative energy. It can show itself in many ways, but there are some common behaviors and traits that arise from it.

Below are a few signs of negative energy in a person that can help you recognize it in your life. But, first of all, let’s make it clear what we mean by this term.

What Is Negative Energy?

It may mean a negative mindset, outlook on life, and emotional state.

Spiritual terms such as “bad vibes” and “low-frequency vibration” are in trend today, but if we focus on the realm of rational thought, they translate into negative emotions that prevail in a person.

Such people see the worst in any given situation, dwell on problems, and easily get annoyed. The negativity that lives inside them doesn’t let them enjoy life, be grateful, and see the beauty in the world and those around them.

What Are the Signs of Negative Energy in a Person?

1. Their presence is daunting

The most telling sign of negative energy is when you feel tense and tired around a person.

For example, it can be a co-worker whose presence alone creates tension and “bad vibes” in the office. So, when he is absent from work, everyone’s mood magically improves. Or it can be an acquaintance who always has something to complain about, so when she shows up, she spoils all the “vibe” of the gathering.

There can be many examples of negative energy in a person, but one trait is common: their presence alone feels daunting and uncomfortable.

Sometimes such people can make you almost physically sick and exhausted. It is as if they take away all your energy, as well as all your joy. The way they talk and conduct themselves creates such tension and negativity in the air that it’s very tiresome to deal with and even be around them.

2. They don’t have a nice word to say about anyone and anything

Negative energy inevitably shows up in the way you speak. After all, we project onto others the way we feel inside.

If a person is full of negativity, it makes sense that they won’t have anything positive to say. Be it talking about other people, a new movie, or someone’s plans for the weekend, they will make nasty and disparaging remarks. They will always find something to criticize you for.

In essence, such people focus on the negative aspects of everything, which makes them unable to appreciate the beauty in the world around them.

3. They complain a lot and thrive on negativity

When we say “negative energy“, we don’t necessarily mean anything metaphysical. Sometimes it’s just a negative mindset and emotional state. It can be a deeply unhappy person and a chronic complainer who poisons everyone around them with their negativity.

Sometimes it seems like they thrive on it—they enjoy spoiling everyone’s mood and talking about their own or other people’s misfortune.

Why do they do that? Because negative energy is a heavy burden that needs a release, so a person who has it will try to “contaminate” everyone with it to feel better themselves.

4. They are never calm and in a good mood

toxic parent signs

Negative energy makes you overreact to minor problems and create drama out of nothing. If a person you know has it, you will hardly ever see them in a good mood and in a calm state of mind. Something or someone always seems to irritate and frustrate them.

They may blame their mood on the traffic, their noisy neighbors who won’t let them sleep, or bad weather. But the truth is that it is their inner negative energy that makes them respond this way to the most trivial situations.

5. They are bitter and ready for conflict

Bitterness can be another one of the signs of negative energy in a person. Such individual will get easily offended even when there is no reason to. They may misinterpret your words or not like the tone of your voice.

Negative energy in a person seeks a way out, so they always seem to be ready to start an argument. Confrontation helps them release their negativity and pour it onto someone else. So, they will quibble about the most trivial matters and start fights out of nothing.

It may look like a person enjoys participating in arguments, but in reality, they just seek to take some of their negative energy off their shoulders.

6. They are dream killers

Don’t share your aspirations or plans with someone who has negative energy. They are going to ruin your belief in yourself and your dreams.

It’s obvious that negative energy makes a person pessimistic. Their mind is full of fears, limiting beliefs, and gloomy pictures, so they project this perception of life onto others. That’s why they will be critical of everyone’s dreams and ambitions.

Do you have a friend who always criticizes your decisions and plans? Does s/he often say discouraging things that make you want to give up? Do you find yourself feeling small and stupid after talking to him/her? If so, then your friend may be full of negative energy.

7. They are not happy for others and try to bring them down

Negative energy doesn’t let you find joy in life because you are busy focusing on problems and disappointments. Thus, if you struggle to feel happiness for yourself, then it’s even more difficult to be happy for others.

For this reason, a person who has negative energy will try to downplay your achievements and make you feel bad about your happiness and success.

They may get passive-aggressive when you share good news with them, making you feel guilty for having accomplished something that they didn’t. It doesn’t matter what kind of news it is—it may be anything from having a baby to getting a promotion at work.

You will find that the feeling of glory and happiness is gone after talking to them. Suddenly, your achievement no longer seems so great.

That’s the effect of negative energy in action—it can be poisonous, so the person who has it will try to bring down everyone else to their level.

8. They are dull and unenthusiastic

As we said above, negativity is a heavy burden. It takes away all your energy and zest for life, leaving you unable to enjoy yourself and be passionate about things.

Therefore, one more sign of negative energy in a person is a lack of enthusiasm. These people can be dull and uninterested in anything. They take any new initiative or activity negatively, being busy criticizing other people’s ideas while offering none of their own.

You won’t see a spark in their eyes, passion for something, or genuine interest in other people. They are busy dealing with their inner negativity and confronting the gloomy reality they live in, which doesn’t leave them much energy for anything else. Hence the lack of enthusiasm.

9. They are stuck in a rut

fear of uncertainty

Negative energy blocks your growth. That’s why a person who has it will find it difficult to move forward in life. Instead of trying new things and stepping out of their comfort zone, they will be stuck in familiar activities and routines.

Since such people dwell on negativity, they will also struggle to overcome challenges and move on. They will be more focused on complaining about their misfortune than looking for a solution. With a mindset like this, it’s almost impossible to progress in life.

10. They love gossip

Love for gossip can be among the signs of negative energy in a person.

As we said above, such people unconsciously pull towards misfortune, so they love to discuss other people’s failed marriages, family disputes, and poor decisions. They will relish the nasty details of others’ lives and not forget to condemn them.

When you have negative energy, it stops you from saying (and even thinking) nice things about others. You will look for annoying behaviors, negative traits, and faults in those around you, which will also make you speak ill of others.

In this case, gossip is a perfect way-out for all the negativity that lives inside you.

In all, depending on your relationship with a person who has negative energy, you can either choose to tolerate it or stay away from them.

Sometimes you can’t cut ties because it’s your parents or siblings who happen to give off ‘bad vibes’. However, if it’s just an acquaintance or a co-worker, think twice before keeping such a person too close.

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  1. Henry

    All true- we’ve ALL had these negative catalysts in our lives- In work environments, family situations, circles of friends, casual acquaintances. The only answer is avoidance. Such influences are poisonous and one wants nothing to do with them because they interfere with clear thinking and darken one’s local world. Repel and discard. Such influences have no place in a wholesome life. They are so deeply ensconced in their own misery that they are of no use to anyone, not even themselves. Find something to be grateful for, something to rejoice in. Get as far from negative energy people as you can, they only prove toxic and will do only damage.

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