What is a twin flame? A twin flame is an extremely intense connection with someone you may or may not know. A more accurate description would be a person’s mirrored soul, not a soul mate.

Have you had moments in your life that you can’t explain, and even though they don’t make sense, they seem to stay with you? These moments could be signs your twin flame is communicating with you.

So what should you look out for?

12 Signs Your Twin Flame Is Communicating with You

1. New interest in spiritual endeavours

You might suddenly have an interest in new spiritual paths, such as meditation, breathwork, and maybe even prayer. Perhaps just an overall calmer feeling and appreciation for the life you have and what’s in it.

This could all be in preparation for your twin flame’s arrival.

2. A feeling in your body

Emotions are strong experiences and we sometimes feel their physical effects on our bodies. Think how a holiday or a new job makes you feel, you get butterflies, you might sweat, and it’s a physical response to something or someone.

Your twin flame isn’t someone you just like a lot, it is more, you have a deep intense connection like you knew them from a past life.

One of the most common physical feelings is said to be heart palpitations and pain in the heart chakra. You could also feel dizziness because upon first meeting someone, powerful energy is created between the two of you. These feelings will go away once your relationship becomes more stable, but they can feel exciting at first.

3. A longing in your soul for them

False Twin Flame signs

A desire for your twin flame isn’t just physical, it’s magnetic and it comes from deep within your soul. Often, you’ll just feel them sending energy to you, and you absorb it like a giant sponge.

You will also unconsciously send out energy to your twin flame. This pull and desire towards your flame never lessen. It might seem strange to feel such a pull to someone who you may not even know, but you can sense, you can feel them. Try not to be afraid but to embrace it and respond to it.

4. They appear in conversations

Whilst you experience the signs your twin flame is communicating with you, curious things may happen.

Do you find yourself having conversations with your friends or family and something will come to you and the conversation direction changes?

This might be your twin flame communicating with you, making space for themselves in your new journey. Perhaps you want to take a trip somewhere, start a new job or hobby, or even just change some of your daily habits, it’s all connected.

5. Numbers come to you

Your twin flame may communicate with you in number form. Certain numbers will mean certain things, a bit like a spy leaving notes in crossword puzzles, only you can decipher the meaning.

It could be something as simple as seeing a number frequently, like 46, then when you meet your twin flame and their telephone ends in 46, it’s like they have communicated with you all along.

master number 22

6. You are called to certain places or new activities

Your twin will often communicate with you by giving you a strong calling to a new place or to try something new.

Have you ever just suddenly had a strong desire to try rock climbing or pick up a new musical instrument you have never played before? A longing for something, but you can’t explain what? It could be your twin flame speaking to you, creating new opportunities for you to grow and learn.

7. Intense life changes

One major sign that your twin flame is communicating with you is when you experience sudden and dramatic life changes. This could be a job loss, the need for a fresh start, the end of a relationship, or the beginning of a new hobby.

But what does it means if it comes out of nowhere? It might be the universe stepping in to make space in your life for your twin flame to arrive.

8. Sensing help when it’s needed

Many people turn to God and prayer in times of despair and this too happens but you finally acknowledge and turn to your twin flame.

If you feel a sense of comfort or calm amid the despair, that could b your twin letting you know they are there and sending you comfort. When you go through something very emotional, whether it’s positive or negative, they will be there, present for you.

9. You realise what was missing

Have you felt a void within you on some sort of level you can’t explain? We often don’t realise what we don’t have, until we are lucky enough to find it. This void you might feel is making space for your twin. You’ve been preparing for it all your life.

10. Twin flame dreams

Twin Flame Connection signs

We know how powerful and significant dreams are. They are laced with meaning, and often you’ll dream of your twin flame, or perhaps even have the same dream.

When you wake, you will be feeling totally mystified and deeply connected to your flame. According to the spiritual viewpoint, when you are asleep, your energetic body is freer, this could explain why your souls connect more easily.

11. You feel your values are shifting

You have good solid core values such as honesty and kindness, but things in your life are shifting. You might notice that your desire for material things lessens, you may have a strong desire to start a family.

For example, you have never wanted to perform in front of people out of fear of making a mistake, or you’ve wanted to try a skydive but have been too afraid.

Your twin flame can bring out the potential in you. They draw out a passion you’ve either been too afraid of acknowledging or not known how to wield.

12. You know what they think and feel without them saying anything

What are your thoughts on mind-reading? Do you believe it can happen? If someone is communicating with you without speaking, it’s likely it’s your twin. The official name for this is telepathy, and it might leave you feeling a little crazy, and perhaps it’s all in your head.

However, if you can look over at someone and know exactly what they are thinking, chances are you have a deep spiritual connection with this person.

When you begin to experience signs your twin flame is communicating with you, it may feel a bit confusing, or even exciting. It’s worth noting that these sorts of relationships aren’t always romantic, they can be totally platonic.

But if you aren’t sure of what you are experiencing, read the signs above to confirm. It may be difficult to answer the questions you may have about your twin flame and alleviate your doubts and worries about what is to come.

For ultimate proof, consider speaking to a gifted advisor who can give the answers you might need to move forward with this huge spiritual awakening.

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  1. candy szymanski

    I have fire in my heart chakra, well my hubby brought home neuro virus and my hot flashes were blocked! IS THAT Y #CORONAVIRUS?? TO BLOCK OUR #ASCENSION??

    1. Kirsty Leathem

      Yip. Well, i think so.

  2. Ratna

    I accept my twin flame the way he is. Problem is that he is involved with a group who are plotting scheming. Because of This i have no privacy to do my own thing..we are Both different but i take my distance. Cause im true to myself. I dont want to feel somebody else pain..you can love from distance that’s majority

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