You may experience certain ascension symptoms as your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual structures transform to a higher level of consciousness.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening that moves you into a higher level of consciousness. When this happens, you may experience some ascension symptoms.

Through the process of ascension, your vibrational frequency is becoming lighter. This requires the discarding of egoic thinking and moving into a lighter realm of love and light. Through this process of Ascension, you will become aware of the interconnectedness of all things and will be able to let go of thought patterns and physical structures that cause stress and fear.

Ascension is a wonderful process that will lead to radical changes in the way you think, act, and interact with others. However, as with all spiritual changes, there may be some discomfort along the way.

You may experience some ascension symptoms as you go through this process of spiritual awakening. However, these ascension symptoms are not inevitable and are not caused by the ascension process itself.

They are actually a result of holding on to limitations and resistance to the process. By working through any Ascension symptoms you can reduce the discomfort and speed up the process of Ascension.

Here are 7 Ascension symptoms you might experience on your path to awakening

1.Heightened Sensitivity And Awareness

You may experience heightened sensitivity to the environment. You may find an increase in your sense of smell, touch, hearing, and taste.

These symptoms can sometimes be uncomfortable. You may develop food intolerances as your body purifies itself of what no longer serves you.

In addition, you may find you can no longer bear certain fabrics, artificial body care products, or chemical-based cleaners. You may also become sensitive to strong smells, loud noises, heat, and cold.

On the more positive side, you may become more present, noticing the beauty in things more than you did before. You may also get quite emotional on hearing beautiful music or looking at a wonderful sunset. As well as these symptoms you may also start to see auras and orbs or hear sounds that others cannot hear.

2. Physical Changes

You may experience physical changes in your body. This could be in the form of aches and pains. Common areas to hold tension and resistance are the neck and shoulders, throat, and jaw.

These symptoms may be because you feel like you are carrying a heavy burden or because you are afraid to voice your thoughts for fear of what others might think.

Practicing meditation, yoga, or Reiki can help these physical symptoms. You can also try spiritual cleansing, massage, chakra meditation, or a simple salt bath to help shift blocked energies. But remember they may be a call to change.

Notice how you feel after any activity. If it makes you feel lighter, more joyful, and energetic then it is obviously in line with your new awareness. If it makes you feel tired and achy or lowers your mood then see if you can reduce this activity in your life.

On a more positive note, your changes in sensitivity might have led you to choose lighter and fresher foods and to be more interested in taking care of your physical body. You may have also moved towards a more natural lifestyle and want to spend more time in nature.

These choices may have led you to feel physically fitter, healthier, and more energetic.

3. Changes in mood

Your heightened sensitivity may affect you emotionally as well as physically. As part of the ascension process, you may find that you experience rapid changes in mood. You may also experience increased empathy.

As well as being more sensitive to the emotions of others, you also find yourself dealing with emotional disturbances from the past. While this may feel uncomfortable, it is part of the process of healing and developing.

As well as these negative emotions you may also experience unaccountable moments of joy and bliss. You may find that you experience intense feelings of love for all beings. You may be overwhelmed to the point of tears by the beauty of a flower, the laughter of a child, or the tears of a loved one.

The important thing is not to deny or repress these feelings but to experience them. Allow yourself to cry or be angry if you need to.

Write a letter to someone who hurt you, or to yourself, to express these feelings. Talk to someone you trust if your feel it will be helpful. Or simply laugh, sing, cry or dance the feelings. You can also journal, paint, or express these emotions in some other creative outlet.

When strong emotions come up, breathe, face, and feel the emotion in whatever way feels appropriate, and then when you’re ready, let it go.

4. Changes in energy

You may experience drastic changes in energy. Sometimes you might wake with energy flooding through you and zest and enthusiasm for life and at other times feeling lethargic or depressed. This is all part of the process.

Try to go with your energy levels and rest when you need to. Pay attention to what might be causing these changes. Are certain people or situations leaving you drained, while others energize you? Follow these signs from your body. They are guiding you towards a more joyful and fulfilling life.

As a result of this process, you may also be more aware of where blockages in your body and energetic field are. You might notice tightness in your throat, shallow breathing, tension in the stomach, or constriction around the heart area.

It may now be possible for you to release these blockages by imagining light flowing into these areas. You can also use chakra meditation, yoga, or Reiki to help shift the blocks and allow the higher energies to flow more easily.

As you shift your energies to a higher frequency you may feel a bit disorientated and detached from reality. Practicing a grounding technique such as walking barefoot on the earth can help to stabilize you and maintain a balance between your physical and spiritual form.

Spending time in nature can also help you to remain grounded.

5. Changes In Sleep Patterns

Ascension can affect your sleep patterns causing you to need more or less sleep. A great deal of spiritual work, such as releasing old energies, healing, and integration, happens while you sleep. This can mean you experience vivid dreams or keep waking up during the night.

You might like to spend some time journaling or drawing if you wake up after a dream to help you integrate the dream knowledge. If you find it difficult to sleep try meditation or any spiritual practice that feels right for you.

6. Changing Relationships

Spiritual Ascension can affect your relationships. This is one of the things that often holds us back, as we are scared to lose the ones we love. However, those who are meant to be in our lives will embrace the new version of ourselves and we will find new friends and soul mates coming into our lives as we change.

It can be hard to let go of people, but some people were only meant to be with us for a certain season of our lives.

7. You have a sense of longing

Sometimes, as part of your Ascension, you may have an experience of loss, longing, or nostalgia. There may be a sense of something you want or need but you just can’t grasp what it is. There may also be a feeling of longing for home, but with no idea of what home is.

The process of Ascension can lead us to feel disorientated. Journaling about these feelings often leads to more clarity. Make some quiet time to spend with yourself every day so you can learn more about who you really are, what your purpose might be, and what home means to you.

As you progress through the process you will find your spiritual home and you will find yourself.

How to deal with these symptoms

As far as possible stay open to the experience of all these Ascension symptoms. Blocking or resisting them will slow down the ascension process. Let go and allow the changes of Ascension to flow through your life.

Get help and support when you need it. If you have no one in your life that understands what you are going through then you can find a supportive community online or join a local group with a spiritual orientation. In this way, you will find people who will understand what you are going through and provide you with support and guidance.

If you’re having physical or mental symptoms, it might be wise to seek professional help to rule out physical causes.

There are always positive steps you can take to help you through Ascension symptoms. I recommend you develop a practice such as yoga, meditation, or journaling to help you integrate your new awareness.

Your practice can actually be whatever you find supports you, whether that is spending time in nature, art music, Wicca, angel meditation, or any other practice you find supportive. The key is to be consistent and make time to focus on your spiritual health and wellbeing every day.

Have you experienced symptoms of spiritual ascension? We’d love to hear about them in the comments. Your experience may help someone who is going through a similar process.

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This Post Has 44 Comments

  1. Cecily A. Cline

    Most definitely am experiencing this. I am grappling with alot of these issues. It’s a time for letting go and letting God for me, and it’s exciting and disorienting at the same time. Working on #6 as that is proving a bit more difficult for me. Growing pains I suppose! This is a great site btw! Thanks!

  2. maria

    m going through this right now, but hopefully this write up will be of help to me to overcome the symptoms that comes with ascension

  3. priya

    thank you for beautifully explaining this process… for at least few months i am in this stage. i simple couldn’t figure out why i was undergoing all these things in life… now i totally understand… thank you so much for this write up. Could you please tell how long this stage lasts..

  4. Carla Miller

    I was told that heart palpitations were also a symptom and I am going through this right now.
    I only sleep 5-6 hours a night where I used to need 8-10 just a few years ago and sometimes
    the heart palpitations wake me up from my sleep. This is most disturbing because I don’t know
    how I got this way, but suspect some over-activity and dehydration back in February sent me
    to the hospital with an uncontrolled heart rhythm. Now my heart has been weakened on top
    of the fact that I can feel Kundalini rising in my spine and it feels “crunchy”, like it’s trying to
    make its way through my heart chakra but it’s stuck— either because I had a past injury there,
    OR…I have issues with forgiveness and moving forward. I wish someone could help me get
    through this because it is very PAINFUL…!!

  5. Susie P

    Thank-you for detailing it so perfectly, I am embracing all these changes and feel so good for doing so, including seeing all my beautiful orbs/spirit angels – although yesterday was my first difficult day. I saw a homeless person on the street- and I immediately felt and connected with his hardship and pain (I felt a oneness with his soul) deep, deep sad emotion came over me. My first reaction was to go to his aid as in a call for help, so I reached into my purse only to find two coins amounting $2, I thought what is this going to do to help provide for him> and then I heard a voice, say very clearly…. (buy him breakfast). I went over to this stranger asked him can I buy you breakfast, he replied yes and he gave me his detailed request. I gave him breakfast and told him that he was loved, very much loved and I told him that love is the only thing in this life that really matters. When I walked away – tears starting streaming down my face as I felt a sadness within me that stayed a good part of the day. My feelings are so deep

  6. Ellen

    I too am experiencing most all of these symptoms. As a Pilates and yoga instructor, I was thinking that this body pain had come from teaching but with so much stretching and self care, it makes more sense that this is energetic.

    I even have had my skin breaking out around my jaw, slightly above and onto the sides of my neck, neck pain and a tightness right in the center of my back.

    I have been able to see orbs and people’s auras and have developed many food allergies that before didn’t bother me at all, especially in dairy and sugar.

    I have felt absolutely energetically exhausted after certain personal training and completely exhilarated, focused and energized after giving reiki treatments.

    My friend brought this to my attention today and I found this article that is precisely what I am experiencing. I knew it but definitely needed a reminder so this article summed it up perfectly.

    Thank you for sharing!

  7. Sara

    I am so grateful I came across this article. I have been feeling a little lost lately and this explains so much. This was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  8. Olivia Sanchez

    When I wake in the night, I’m experiencing layers of colors over my “normal” eyesight. Beams of lights radiating off my walls doorways and house hold objects…rainbow like gleams out of the corner of my eye. It’s quite beautiful. Also people are approaching me in public, to either vent or engage…their aware of something I carry now I maybe something I’ve released? Butterfly’s, dragonfly’s, caterpillars crickets squirells all seem to get a bit closer and I’m more aware of their preseence. I had a dream about a chakra it was red, I think it was healed in my dream but I woke with the new awareness of it and so I’m beginning to listen to 396 hz beat music to heal me on a cellular level and worky way up to other beats. Thank u for this article.

  9. Lauren Lewis

    I have been going through my own process rather intensely. One very important part of this for me has been being taught to remove these energy blockages that are causing these symptoms I’m reading about for some in the comments. In order to understand them they had to send me deep into all the different states that are araising and it was not easy. If anyone needs help I am always willing to be at service. I can remotely work on anyone in the universe from my home.
    This is my very first time publicly stating my abilities. I know that you can feel like you are losing everything at times but I promise a little energy work and letting go of your mind works wonders. I believe starting to help others is the key to my next level. So no more holding back precious gifts.
    Lauren Lewis

  10. Bernadette

    Hi, thank you for describing the process. It has been helpful. I suffer from sleeplessness, needed to quit dairy and sugar, have lots of mind-boggling muscle cramps and stuff and also guides communicating sometimes. Can anyone tell me, where does this lead to? Is there an end to this process? What happens next? Thank you.

  11. Nat

    I have just recently started this process at least I think I have I no medical problems but I relate to all of these steps in the ascension process the overwhelming feeling of joy and sense of love is very powerful as are the undesirable feelings of saddess that bring the tears for no apparent reason I’ve gone of certain foods meat is no longer appealing to me as it once used to I’m finding it very helpful that there are other people out there going through this process. Thank you

  12. jason

    Moodiness/Irritability for sure! Letting go of that ego can be hard…

  13. Tracy Lowe

    I don’t know if this is Ascension but I go really light headed and get tingles and numbness I could be doing something and it just happens at first it freaked me out…

  14. Dawn

    Thank God, I’m not crazy. I have all these feelings and others. The lack of taste just sent me over the edge. It’s been happening for a long time but I never could identify it. Can any one speak to how long this process may take. Weeks, years, months? So glad there are others out here. I’ve felt pretty isolated in my own home.

  15. Cath

    This may be my third year into the process of ascension. I read the comments and was relieved to k ow others feel these things too.
    Id be interested to know when you first realized it was happening. Mine began with the most vivid, sensory, dream and i will never forget it! I knew something unusual happened….i relived, solved, and even experienced a tyoe of nirvana that was so extraordinary…i couldnt rationalize it and stopped trying. This was real!!! Since that time..many changes. Some so frustrating i would break down in tears. Too much to mention right now..

  16. DArcy

    I have a question I’m reading all these negative effects but what is the positive effects that everyone and how did this all start through meditation?

  17. Claudia

    I definitely am experiencing many of these symptoms. Currently I’m strugling with my neck and TMJ on my jaw. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 25 years so that area of my life is taken care of, with organic food, and plenty of veggies and fruits and grains. I do sometimes give in to temptation and eat cookies and chocolate and to my dismay, I’ve notice a few years ago that chocolate gives me a lot of congestion in my throat immediately after eating it. I feel that is the worst symptom of all, NO CHOCOLATE!!!!! :(((. My emotions are so up and down and I basically sometimes feel that I carry in my back the entire weight of the world! I’ve been an emphatic person all my life, but these last years is getting stronger and stronger, to the point that sometimes I have to avoid certain situations or I get too immerse in the pain or sorrow or feeling of the other person or people. I also am seeing a lot of lights, and orbs and strange dark little things flying that I catch with the corner of my eye. At least 2 or 3 times a day. Constantly see numbers like 234, 1111, 444 etc and I am getting extremely telepathic. A lot of pains and aches all over my body, all my joints hurt sometimes. And I now wake up in the middle of the night almost everyday. Ohh well I hope I can make it in one piece through this Ascension process.

  18. Pat

    Well…just knowing I’m not alone in this makes me feel much better.

  19. Jericho 11:11

    Knowing that others are suffering just as much or even more makes me feel better about my situation. Ascension is a real fun journey. Before I was a people person. Now I have a long list of painful ascension symptoms that keep me isolated from humanity and I want nothing to do with the people of this planet. I’m just waiting to watch the apocalypse. Get ready folks.

  20. Beth

    I only saw 3 symptons!

  21. Anna-Maria

    Oh yes, definitely going through the ascension process. All symptoms are present!
    It is a shaking experience (or journey as it extends in time!) but beautiful! I have never felt so much joy and love in my life as now. My priorities have completely shifted. I laugh a lot more with my three kids and play with them in a different way, more spontaneous and intuitive.
    Since I accepted the fact that all the “negative” experience are all part of the process to release old karma and help me let go of all the heavy energy and that I need to go through them in order to be able to let go of it forever, I have completely changed my acceptance and do not resist this process. I just think “Ok, this does not feel good, what is it triggering in me? I will understand why this is happening with time! I accept and open myself to understanding”.
    And it flows a lot easier! The negative doesn’t last long, most of the time! 😂
    Thank you for this article! It was very interesting (read through it for some spelling mistakes to really make it perfect!).
    All the best to you all going through this ascension process! ❤️😍❤️😍❤️

    1. Catherine

      Hi Anna, I just went through the shacking part for the first time tonight, while I slept. I opened my eyes and saw a kolidascope of colors and they were beautiful, but I felt like I was literally an helicopter and I was shaking and sweating so bad, I had to wake up. I wanted to go, but it was just too much. Wow! It was scary. My heart was pounding and my brain was insane. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. Light and love to you.

  22. Ashley

    I’m still confused I’m going sleep nag for the ride idk what this is…. I knew something was diffferent it was confirmed… help

  23. Denis S Ramsey

    my ascension is very close now have had so many messages numbers feelings emotions i have passed many messages to others sometimes i get tired with all my activity there are many more reasons and paths i am on now to many to exp just know its very close my diary has the date i think it will occur other dates i have put in this year have been realised just to say i am humble and lucky to have been given this gift thanks for listening love peace and healing to all

  24. Damien Yetman

    I’m having all 7 Symptoms; since 3 days ago I’ve been experiencing “tightness in throat, shallow breathing, tension in the stomach and constriction around the heart area”; I’ve also been feeling disoriented and feeling alot of discomfort. I think I really need to seek a professional or someone who’s been through this because I go to the hospital and they always say that I’m alright. It’s making me really confused and alone since I dont know what to do. I hope I hear from someone soon.



  26. Sharon Thomas

    When it first started I felt it in my head like something happened but it was ok somehow i automatically knew the process was happening. I do have a new love for all thing’s living. More compassion for ppl. How beautiful the earth is around me. Somethings Im so tired..but most days I have the energy even if I wake up 2 times at night for nothing.
    Im very emotional. Just out of a break up. Trying my hardest to see the good even in that. When I sleep meditate I sleep during the nite. But I’m not remembering my dreams Im concerned I won’t get the full benefit. Will the light help? Or my spirit guided/source/god help me. I have other gifts. Will they enhance?


    I can’t understand the high pitched ringing. How do I learn to understand what is being said?

  28. CourtyK

    Cusha … the ringing is tied to the frequencies of Earth Mother. Depending on what is happening in your Now Moment, pay attention, if seeking counseling from higher self … ASK … and FEEL your answer thru your heartspace. It does one good to study the Schumann resonances… the solar activities … everything is connected!! The best space to BE …. IN BALANCE!! We are in a frequency on the Earth plane NEVER experienced by humanity …
    I am currently experiencing instant manifestation, dna changes … crazy magical right now! On path for over 20+ years … I am so grateful and blessed to be in this space of Earth Magic!! Heart 💖 Hugs!!

  29. Stephanie Miranda

    Never knew ascension, until now everything it describes tightening of the upper shoulders, throat feeling to cry, emotions intensify much focus on beauty of things,just quiet realm in peace in tune with earth life itself, when I finally got through the pain and hurts I’m much happier than ever before letting go of the past is beautiful, because it helped me be who I am today in a sense, but today is leading me into so much more, really excited about that.

  30. Jon

    I’ve been experiencing an ache in my neck since about October of 2019. I’ve been going to chiropractors, receiving dry needling sessions, everything to get it to go away. Felt like a knot, and on days I expressed myself more I felt at ease, and the size would decrease. If I were uptight and felt negative about myself, then I would experience more neck issues. Recently everything has been getting better because I’ve realized my frequency is rising and I’ve been loosening up more to accept these changes during ascension. It’s honestly feeling good to let go and just go with it!

  31. Jen Young

    I had a vision in my meditation. My future boyfriend (twin flame) was with me; I know him, but we have been separated. I feel he is returning soon. Together, we released a white bird (it looked like a dove), to the sky. It became glittery and eventually turned into a star. And then I heard, “Ascension.” I was also shown the book, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.” I haven’t thought of that book in years. I had to Google all of these symbols. I feel like it means together we are meant to be awakened, and to fly to new spiritual heights. The book symbol tells me that our mutual love and self-love (one in the same as we are one), will help us rise up. If this is all true, I cannot wait to see him again. I have had other signs of Ascension. The need to be in nature, the love for everyone, seeing the connectedness, the emotions and the need for simplicity because I see what matters and what needs to be left behind.

  32. Renee

    I am absolutely experiencing every symptom. Physically, it is knocking me out. My sleep is disrupted the past few nights. Been having very vivid dreams as well. Feels like an out of body experience. I have a tightness in my throat. Headaches, some dizziness as well, Ringing in my ears.

  33. Olimpia

    is it possible for the process to last months? Around the start of the year I basically stopped socializing as much, started staying home and just in general kept to my self. My mental state was worse than ever and I really lost myself. I’ve struggled to feel anything like me again, but I’ve slowly gotten better. I’ve never felt like that, I was completely overwhelmed. I kept feeling like something bad was going on. That all happened out of no where. I only really felt good after the pink moon, after I realized and understood a lot of things in a weird way, almost like an enlightenment. I am now filled with love, compassion and empathy though I’m afraid my wounds haven’t fully healed

  34. Latekah Smith

    Sigh. *Tears*
    Thank you so much for this, I won’t go deep into my story, however I am so glad I can remember the experiences I had in 2015 and 2017 when I was said to have Acute Manic Disorder, that was said to be off of me smoking marijuana and being into astrology. I NEVER AGREED, because I felt so aware at the moment. Yet, I was said to be “going crazy”. 🙁
    I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

    The interesting point about this, is that during my first “episode”….on the very first day….. I randomly jumped in the car with 2 men, I told them I’m going to my mom (who is deceased by murder by my dad). In an exchange of conversation and a couple other things, before we left where I lived, they asked m if I have a computer I said yes, they said type in the word ascension.

    I was in a horrible accident in 2019, my car flipped over and I flew out of the windshield. I have no memory whatsoever. I blacked out interestingly enough that day. I survived and I am better than ever now. I had many fractures, however I only broke my left hand….. Yes… I am left handed. Lol

    I have so much to say, of course…but I will feel more comfortable talking to you personally, to be honest. This is amazing. In 2020 a few weeks ago I became alive again. I always wondered what the guy meant when he said ascension. I googled….”Define ascension” once again a few moments ago and saw spiritual ascension. …and then came across this first.

    I’m from The Bahamas and this truly opened my eyes even bigger. THANK YOU.

  35. Christina M Seibert

    The other night May 19, 2020 I am an Aries. I was lying in bed when I felt myself my soul come forwards and release back into me almost immediately. I was conscious and awake. Not sleeping. But I’m woke to my ascension bc my readings said to rest. I’ve been sick since April with Gallbladder attacks. So I started purging coincidentally under the Scorpio moon May 7, 2020. My angels have since led me day by day. I left my home and started getting better. But since I got home the source of my anxiety my now ex bf was blocking me from receiving love from him. Why? Upon the week of the Scorpio moon that Monday I was awakened at 330 am to go find my boyfriend. I found him at another woman’s house but I thought it was his home. I left to find clarity and returned to my sickness and him. This past Tuesday evening is when I feel as if I soul shifted maybe? This is so new to me!!! But when I came back to myself I felt different immediately. But I was made to feel like it was the meds helping me feel better. But I don’t believe peppermint oil made me come out of body!!!!

  36. Random

    Every one is talking about their experiences and what they have felt it but what to do with it ?? What next ! I might go crazy soon -_-

  37. william m bailey

    the seven signs you write of, i believe i have 8. im both anxious and at ease. ive done what you may call a crash course over the last year and some, my mind is a bit frazzled with the ascension and the rona. ive read so many articles and watched so many videos that i believe im on the brink of overload. i say ive been on a crash course for a year and some but its been much longer than that. ive felt protected all my life not understanding why. i maybe the luckiest person to ever draw air, i havent deserved it but yet it continues. about 3 or so years ago i began to believe that what ever it was, was coming from within and it seemed to be growing stronger. i lost everything 6 or so years ago due to my stupidity but at my lowest point i still considered myself a lucky man. im sorry for the babbling, it does help to express some of this. any advice would be greatly appreciated. bill

  38. Joshua


  39. Jennifer Shafer

    I must be going through this too. I have had fits of anger where I want to scream but nothing comes out. I feel crazy sometimes but more afraid of what is coming through this growth. Grounding and spending a lot of time in nature is something I have done for a long time. I feel less like myself every day and more and more like that part is changing. I want to dance and sing but the words won’t come out and my body doesn’t want to move. Blockage from negative energy. I am so glad that there is an explanation for what is happening. I am also starting to remember my NDE too! Food hasn’t changed yet but soda doesn’t taste or sit right. Coffee is something that is starting to not satisfy. I am changing but I believe my husband would prefer me to be the person I was when we met. There are several things that leave me feeling down but other activities that leave me feeling free and lighter. For some reason there is negative energy trying to pull me down.

  40. Angeladomingo

    I woke up Monday morning dizzy and room spinning. Thought I had a stroke took me forever to get down the hallway. I have been told vertigo bad case. Very nauseous and on the fifth day still light headed. I really do not feel like eating. Would not go to hospital knowing I am unvaccinated and maybe they try to kill me. So worried. I love my beer but have not been able to stomach it. I am totally awake than most. Does this get worse?

  41. SeekerOfTruth

    am im seeing stuff idk y like i seen a bottle cap with a detachable cap. but now im seeing the cap with a non detachable lid

  42. Caroline

    Yep I’ve been experiencing symptoms since 2017 vibrations inside my body, NOT palpitations…vibrations, sometimes more intense when I lay down at the end of the day. Have had light headedness too but do have low blood pressure. Have seen things in the sky for 5 years now. Sometimes relaxing in the bath see forests of trees moving in the bathroom tiles, one time golden ball lights flashing. It was amazing, this was when fully relaxed almost trance like. Have had aches and pains in neck shoulders and back but put this down to past injuries that aggravate now and then. Sometimes I see flashing pictures on the bedroom ceiling, some too quick to make out, on another occasion floating biblical like pictures that floated. Don’t consider I awakened until 2016 but have experienced orb like bubbles floating towards me, have seen orbs in photos of me and have experienced presences in a room and footsteps on a wooden floor when I was on my own in the house. Last experiences were pre 2016.

  43. Dee

    Just a quick comment about a suggestion of different things to try as you navigate through some of the symptoms, and one of them was using Wicca. This word literally jumped off the screen, and hit me as NOT A GOOD THING. In order to be fair and make sure that I was understanding the true meaning of the term, I did look it up. Some of the the art that was used on some of the web videos associated with the term even hit me as something dark. Do your own homework, and listen to your gut. In our desire to seek out help and understanding, we sometimes will stumble on to something that is showing itself as LIGHT when it is truly nothing but DARK, Again, trust your gut. The more that you do, the easier it becomes.

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