7 Ascension Symptoms That Show You Are Awakening

///7 Ascension Symptoms That Show You Are Awakening

Ascension Symptoms

You may experience certain ascension symptoms as your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual structures transform to a higher level of consciousness.

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening that moves you into a higher level of consciousness. When this happens, you may experience some ascension symptoms.

Through the process of ascension, your vibrational frequency is becoming lighter. This requires the discarding of egoic thinking and moving into a lighter realm of love and light. Through this processes of Ascension, you will become aware of the interconnectedness of all things and will be able to let go of thought patterns and physical structures that cause stress and fear.

Ascension is a wonderful process that will lead to radical changes in the way you think, act and interact with others. However, as with all spiritual changes, there may be some discomfort along the way.

You may experience some ascension symptoms as you go through this process of spiritual awakening. However, these ascension symptoms are not inevitable and are not caused by the ascension process itself. They are actually a result of holding on to limitations and resistance to the process. By working through any Ascension symptoms you can reduce the discomfort and speed up the process of Ascension.

Here are 7 Ascension symptoms you might experience on your path to awakening

1.Heightened Sensitivity And Awareness

You may experience heightened sensitivity to the environment. You may find an increase in your sense of smell, touch, hearing and taste.

These symptoms can sometimes be uncomfortable. You may develop food intolerances as your body purifies itself of what no longer serves you. In addition, you may find you can no longer bear certain fabrics, artificial body care products or chemical based cleaners. You may also become sensitive to strong smells, loud noises, heat, and cold.

On the more positive side, you may become more present, noticing the beauty in things more than you did before. You may also get quite emotional on hearing beautiful music or looking at a wonderful sunset. As well as these symptoms you may also start to see auras and orbs or hear sounds that other cannot hear.

2. Physical Changes

You may experience physical changes in your body. This could be in the form of aches and pains. Common areas to hold tension and resistance are the neck and shoulders, throat and jaw. These symptoms may be because you feel like you are carrying a heavy burden or because you are afraid to voice your thoughts for fear of what others might think.

Practicing meditation, yoga or Reiki can help these physical symptoms. You can also try spiritual cleansing, massage, a chakra meditation or a simple salt bath to help shift blocked energies. But remember they may be a call to change. Notice how you feel after any activity. If it makes you feel lighter, more joyful and energetic then it is obviously in line with your new awareness. If it makes you feel tired and achy or lowers your mood then see if you can reduce this activity in your life.

On a more positive note, your changes in sensitivity might have led you to choose lighter and fresher foods and to be more interested in taking care of your physical body. You may have also moved towards a more natural lifestyle and want to spend more time in nature.

These choices may have led you to feeling physically fitter, healthier and more energetic.

3. Changes in mood

Your heightened sensitivity may affect you emotionally as well as physically. As part of the ascension process, you may find that you experience rapid changes in mood. You may also experience increased empathy. As well as being more sensitive to the emotions of others, you also find yourself dealing with emotional disturbances from the past. While this may feel uncomfortable, it is part of the process of healing and developing.

As well as these negative emotions you may also experience unaccountable moments of joy and bliss. You may find that you experience intense feelings of love for all beings. You may be overwhelmed to the point of tears by the beauty of a flower, the laughter or a child or the tears of a loved one.

The important thing is not to deny or repress these feelings but to experience them. Allow yourself to cry or be angry if you need to. Write a letter to someone who hurt you, or to yourself, to express these feelings. Talk to someone you trust if your feel it will be helpful. Or simply laugh, sing, cry or dance the feelings. You can also journal, paint or express these emotions in some other creative outlet.

When strong emotions come up, breathe, face and feel the emotion in whatever way feels appropriate, and then when you’re ready, let it go.

4. Changes in energy

You may experience drastic changes in energy. Sometimes you might wake with energy flooding through you and a zest and enthusiasm for life and at other times feeling lethargic or depressed. This is all part of the process. Try to go with your energy levels and rest when you need to. Pay attention to what might be causing these changes. Are certain people or situations leaving you drained, while other energize you? Follow these signs from your body. They are guiding you towards a more joyful and fulfilling life.

As a result of this process, you may also be more aware of where blockages in your body and energetic field are. You might notice tightness in your throat, shallow breathing, tension in the stomach or constriction around the heart area. It may now be possible for you to release these blockages by imagining light flowing into these areas. You can also use a chakra meditation, yoga, or Reiki to help shift the blocks and allow the higher energies to flow more easily.

As you shift your energies to a higher frequency you may feel a bit disorientated and detached from reality. Practicing a grounding technique such as walking barefoot on the earth can help to stabilize you and maintain a balance between your physical and spiritual form. Spending time in nature can also help you to remain grounded.

5. Changes In Sleep Patterns

Ascension can affect your sleep patterns causing you to need more or less sleep. A great deal of spiritual work, such as releasing old energies, healing, and integration, happens while you sleep. This can mean you experience vivid dreams or keep waking up during the night.

You might like to spend some time journaling or drawing if you wake up after a dream to help you integrate the dream knowledge. If you find it difficult to sleep try meditation or any spiritual practice that feels right for you.

6. Changing Relationships

Spiritual Ascension can affect your relationships. This is one of the things that often holds us back, as we are scared to lose the ones we love. However, those who are meant to be in our lives will embrace the new version of ourselves and we will find new friends and soul mates coming into our lives as we change. It can be hard to let go of people, but some people were only meant to be with us for a certain season of our lives.

7. You have a sense of longing

Sometimes, as part of your Ascension, you may have an experience of loss, longing or nostalgia. There may be a sense of something you want or need but you just can’t grasp what it is. There may also be a feeling of longing for home, but with no idea of what home is.

The process of Ascension can lead us to feel disorientated. Journaling about these feelings often leads to more clarity. Make some quiet time to spend with yourself every day so you can learn more about who you really are, what your purpose might be and what home means to you. As you progress through the process you will find your spiritual home and you will find yourself.

How to deal with these symptoms

As far as possible stay open to the experience of all these Ascension symptoms. Blocking or resisting them will slow down the ascension process. Let go and allow the changes of Ascension to flow through your life.

Get help and support when you need it. If you have no one in your life that understands what you are going through then you can find a supportive community online or join a local group with a spiritual orientation. In this way, you will find people who will understand what you are going through and provide you with support and guidance.

If you’re having physical or mental symptoms, it might be wise to seek professional help to rule out physical causes.

There are always positive steps you can take to help you through Ascension symptoms. I recommend you develop a practice such as yoga, meditation or journaling to help you integrate your new awareness. Your practice can actually be whatever you find supports you, whether that is spending time in nature, art music, Wicca, angel meditation or any other practice you find supportive. The key is to be consistent and make time to focus on your spiritual health and wellbeing every day.

Have you experienced symptoms of spiritual ascension? We’d love to hear about them in the comments. Your experience may help someone who is going through a similar process.

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  1. Cecily A. Cline February 18, 2017 at 12:09 am - Reply

    Most definitely am experiencing this. I am grappling with alot of these issues. It’s a time for letting go and letting God for me, and it’s exciting and disorienting at the same time. Working on #6 as that is proving a bit more difficult for me. Growing pains I suppose! This is a great site btw! Thanks!

  2. maria August 29, 2017 at 6:21 pm - Reply

    m going through this right now, but hopefully this write up will be of help to me to overcome the symptoms that comes with ascension

  3. priya September 6, 2017 at 7:07 am - Reply

    thank you for beautifully explaining this process… for at least few months i am in this stage. i simple couldn’t figure out why i was undergoing all these things in life… now i totally understand… thank you so much for this write up. Could you please tell how long this stage lasts..

  4. Carla Miller May 25, 2018 at 11:16 pm - Reply

    I was told that heart palpitations were also a symptom and I am going through this right now.
    I only sleep 5-6 hours a night where I used to need 8-10 just a few years ago and sometimes
    the heart palpitations wake me up from my sleep. This is most disturbing because I don’t know
    how I got this way, but suspect some over-activity and dehydration back in February sent me
    to the hospital with an uncontrolled heart rhythm. Now my heart has been weakened on top
    of the fact that I can feel Kundalini rising in my spine and it feels “crunchy”, like it’s trying to
    make its way through my heart chakra but it’s stuck— either because I had a past injury there,
    OR…I have issues with forgiveness and moving forward. I wish someone could help me get
    through this because it is very PAINFUL…!!

  5. Susie P June 27, 2018 at 3:19 pm - Reply

    Thank-you for detailing it so perfectly, I am embracing all these changes and feel so good for doing so, including seeing all my beautiful orbs/spirit angels – although yesterday was my first difficult day. I saw a homeless person on the street- and I immediately felt and connected with his hardship and pain (I felt a oneness with his soul) deep, deep sad emotion came over me. My first reaction was to go to his aid as in a call for help, so I reached into my purse only to find two coins amounting $2, I thought what is this going to do to help provide for him> and then I heard a voice, say very clearly…. (buy him breakfast). I went over to this stranger asked him can I buy you breakfast, he replied yes and he gave me his detailed request. I gave him breakfast and told him that he was loved, very much loved and I told him that love is the only thing in this life that really matters. When I walked away – tears starting streaming down my face as I felt a sadness within me that stayed a good part of the day. My feelings are so deep

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